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Beermoney opportunities for Redditors worldwide

In this subreddit we gather and focus on all the opportunities that exist around the world to earn some money online. The largest subreddit is /beermoney and is great if you are an American redditor. It is however hard to find good stuff if you are from outside the US. Therefore this sub is your go to place to find what works for the non-US citizens of this world! If this is your first visit make sure to check out the top recommended methods below!

CrowdFlower Work

Talk about working with CrowdFlower tasks: mini jobs, minimal pay, minimal time.

.onion Sites To Visit To Kill Time

Waiting on your BTC to go through? Vendor taking their sweet time getting back to your PM?
Here's a list of working (as of 26/01/2014) .onion links you can visit while you wait. Most are not illegal, although none are CP.
A 4chan type site for TOR
An interactive storyboard site, requires javascript
Not quite sure, but many creepypasta pictures, although none appear to be CP or Snuff.
Death prediction lottery.....what more should I say?
Another 4chan for TOR
Organization for fighting censorship
Find what you look like to .onion sites
Forums & firearm store. Not related to the Silk Road Armory.
URL Shortener for TOR
Wikipedia for TOR
TOR Based Search Engine
Send an receive messages from TOR on any SMS device
Documents and more documents
Forums for odd and wonderful
Well, you should know what this is.
Hosting for TOR
More hosting for TOR
Image Uploader
Image Uploader
Image Uploader
Image Uploader
Image Uploader
Image Uploader
File Upload
File Upload
File Upload
Forum/Bitcoin Site
TOR Sharing Service for Files
Links in the TOR world
Another Search Engine
Clearnet Private Search Engine Mirror
News that concerns TOR users
Image Upladoer
Passwords For Sale, mostly Email accounts
TOR Bitcoin Wallet.
TOR Github
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Updated list of Global Beermoney opportunities (+180!) - June 2020

Updated list of Global Beermoney opportunities (+180!) - June 2020


The current, and now previous, Beermoney Global list started nearly 5 years ago. It’s been updated and has grown over all that time, but it also became a hassle to keep current. It was time to build a new list from scratch based on my experience in the Beermoney world over all these years and all the contributions all of you have been making in this sub.
The lists consist of opportunities that are available in at least one country that is not the US. This means there are sites which only work in Canada or the UK. There’s sites which are open to the whole world, but this does not mean everyone can really earn something on it. It’s all still very demographic and therefore location dependent. This list should give you a starting point to try out and find what works for you. I’m not using everything myself as I prefer to focus on a few, so not all are tested by me. They are found in this sub, other subreddits and other resources where people claim to have success.
I’ve chosen the format of a simple table with the bare minimum of information to keep things clean. It includes a link, how you earn, personal payment proof if available and sign-up bonus codes if applicable. Some of these bonuses are also one-time use codes specifically made for this sub! For the ones I don’t have payment proof (yet) feel free to provide some as a comment or via modmail so others know it’s legit. I am working on detailed instructions for each method that I personally use which will include things like cashout minimum, cashout options, tips & tricks,... For now I’ve split things up based on the type of earning like passive or mobile. Because of this there’s sometimes an overlap as some are both passive and on mobile or both earning crypto and a GPT (Get Paid To) website.
The lists are obviously not complete so I invite you to keep posting new ones in the sub, as a comment to this post, or in modmail. Especially if you have sites or apps which work for one single specific country I can start building a list, just like I did for The Netherlands and Belgium. If you recognize things which are in fact scams or not worth it let me know as well.

Beermoney opportunities

Get Paid To (Surveys, tasks, offers, videos, clicking links, play games, searching)
Register here How to earn Payment proof Sign-up bonus code
ySense - The best global site Surveys, tasks, offers, videos Paypal, Paypal /
PrizeRebel Surveys, tasks, offers, videos Paypal, Paypal Enter code 'beermoneyglobal'
SerpClix Google searching Paypal, Paypal /
Swagbucks & SwagButton Surveys, tasks, offers, videos, shopping & cashback, games, apps Paypal /
GG2U Surveys, tasks, offers, videos Paypal $1.00 if register here
Keep Rewarding Surveys, tasks, offers, videos, PTC Pending $0.25 if register here
Ebesucher Surfing, reading mails Bank transfer /
Reward XP Surveys, tasks, offers, videos Paypal $0.50 if register here Surveys, tasks, offers, videos Paypal $0.10 if register here
Timebucks Surveys, tasks, offers, videos, Tik Tok, Shopping Bitcoin $1.00 if register here
GamerMine Surveys, offers, videos, tasks, Pending $1.00 if register here
Gamehag Tasks, offers, play games, post on forum, writing Pending /
BTCSurveys Surveys Pending /
FruitLab Watch & upload video game clips Pending 100 pips if register here
Clickworker Transcripts, tasks, UHRS (categorizing), surveys Paypal /
FreeSkins Surveys, offers, tasks, videos Pending 100 coins if register here
iRazoo Games, surveys, videos, offers, apps Pending Enter code 'AK7DB2' for 500 points when signing up
EarnCrypto Data entry, surveys, offers, tasks, videos, games, apps Pending /
Blockreward Apps, surveys, videos, tasks, offers Pending $2.00 if register here and earn 20000b + $2.00 if earn 10000b within 30 days
PaidViewPoint Surveys Paypal /
GrabPoints Suverys, videos, offers, games, apps Pending 500 points if register here
RewardingWays Surveys, offers, tasks, videos, contests Pending $0.20 if register here
SuperPay Surveys, offers, tasks, videos, contests Pending $0.20 if register here
InstaGC Surveys, tasks, videos, apps Pending /
GiftHunterClub Surveys, offers, videos, apps, games Pending $0.75 if register here
Idle-Empire Surveys, offers, videos, mining, apps, games Pending 500 points if register here
PicoWorkers Tasks, games, apps Pending /
ViewFruit Surveys Pending /
Mobrog (change language if needed) Surveys Pending /
Surveytime Surveys Pending /
Giveaway Pros Offers, videos Pending /
SEO Sprint (Russian, use Google Translate) Tasks Pending /
Earnhoney Surveys, tasks, offers, videos Pending /
Toluna Surveys Pending /
Spidermetrix Surveys Pending /
BeerSurveys Surveys, tasks, offers Pending /
CrowdHolding Co-create with startups Pending /
Diaworkers Tasks Pending /
Presearch Search & Earn Pending /
Univox Community Surveys Pending /
YouGov Surveys Pending /
Spare5 Tasks Paypal /
Rewardia Surveys, polls, games, videos, puzzles, trivia Pending 3000 points extra (when you earn 3000 points) if register here
Earnably Surveys, tasks, offers, videos Pending /
Neevo Tasks Pending /
Rakuten Insight (country specific links) Surveys Pending /
The Panel Station Surveys Pending /
Remotasks Tasks Pending /
Pureprofile Surveys Pending /
UserCrowd Tasks PayPal /
Sruvey Village Surveys Pending /
InboxDollars/InboxPounds Surveys, offers, videos, shopping Pending /
Qmee Surveys Pending /
MicroWorkers Tasks Pending /
Cinchbucks Surveys, offers, tasks, videos Pending /
Rewards1 Suverys, videos, offers, games, apps, polls, contests Pending /
Vindale Surveys Pending /
PointClub Surveys Pending /
TGM Panel Surveys Pending /
PaidPoints Tasks, offers, traffic exchange, ad clicking Pending /
RapidWorkers Tasks Pending /
AnyTask Sell your skills Pending /
Bounty0x Tasks Pending /
Opinion World Surveys Pending /
Lifepoints Surveys Pending /
HiveMicro Tasks, transcribing, categorizing Pending /
Passive (desktop & mobile)
Register here How to earn Payment proof Sign-up bonus code
HoneyGain Desktop & mobile phone bandwith sharing (wifi + data) Paypal, Paypal $5.00 if register here
FluidStack Desktop bandwith sharing (Linux needed) Paypal /
PacketStream Desktop bandwith sharing Paypal /
LoadTeam CPU power sharing Pending $0.20 if register here
Gener8 Browser extension Pending 10 tokens if register here
Kryptex Crypto mining Bitcoin /
Ebesucher Surfing, reading mails Bank transfer /
Honeyminer Mining Pending 1000 satoshis if register here
LazyBucks Rent out your Facebook account Pending /
HideoutTV and link to Reward XP to cashout Videos Paypal /
Honey Discounts & Cashback / 500 Honey Gold if register here
Fitplay Games Pending $0.33 if register here
Mistplay Games Pending /
Money SMS Receive SMS Pending /
McMoney Receive SMS Pending $0.22 if using code '60LGG3PR'
SMS Profit Net Receive SMS Pending /
Simcash Send SMS [risky] Pending /
Cash4sms Send [risky] & receive SMS Pending /
ControlMySMS Receive SMS Pending /
Birdchain Send SMS [risky] Pending /
Sweatcoin Walking Pending /
COIN Explore Pending 1000 coins if register here
Panel App Surveys, location sharing Pending /
Phoneum Games, mining Pending /
Crypto (faucets, mining, GPT)
Register here How to earn Payment proof Sign-up bonus code
Cointiply Faucet, surveys, tasks, offers, videos Bitcoin Enter code 'beermoneyglobal'
FreeBitcoin Faucet, lottery, betting, passive interest Bitcoin /
AdBTC Click ads, active window surfing, autosurfing Pending /
Faucetpay Faucet Wallet, exchange, offers, tasks, trading Pending /
Faucet Crypto Faucet, ads clicking, offers, shortlinks Pending /
More Money Faucet, ads clicking, offers, shortlinks Pending /
Kryptex Crypto mining Pending /
Quicrypto Surveys, tasks, offers, games, videos Pending /
Coinpot Faucet Bitcoin /
Honeyminer Mining Pending 1000 satoshis if register here
BitShark Faucet, games Pending /
Publish0x Read & write articles Pending /
Starbits Faucet (need FaucetPay account) Pending /
Coinpayu Ads clicking, videos, offers Pending /
BTCSurveys Surveys Pending /
Blockreward Apps, surveys, videos Pending $2.00 if register here and earn 20000b + $2.00 if earn 10000b within 30 days
Coinbase Crypto sign-up bonuses Bank transfer See links in thread Watch videos Pending /
Pi Network Crypto mining Pending (see here) To join you need a referral link
EarnCrypto Data entry, surveys, offers, tasks, videos, games, apps Pending /
Phoneum Games, mining Pending /
Register here How to earn Payment proof Sign-up bonus code
Cointiply Faucet, surveys, tasks, offers, videos Bitcoin Enter code 'beermoneyglobal'
HoneyGain Desktop & mobile phone bandwith sharing (wifi + data) Paypal $5.00 if register here
Google Opinion Rewards Surveys Play Store credit /
FreeBitcoin Faucet, lottery, betting, passive interest Bitcoin /
AppKarma Games, quizes, surveys Pending Enter code 'Proim' for 300 points when signing up
CashKarma Surveys, offers, games Pending Enter code 'Proim' for 300 points when signing up
Cash Alarm Games Pending Receive 25% of my earnings if register here
Cash Magnet Games, offers, tasks, videos Pending /
AttaPoll Surveys Pending /
ClipClaps Videos, games, raffles PayPall $1.00 & Diamond Chest if register here
Quicrypto Surveys, tasks, offers, games, videos Pending /
Poll Pay Surveys Pending $0.30 if using code '4CS6L4SQ8D' when signing up
BuzzBreak Read news, videos, offers, surveys Pending Enter code 'B06472489' when signing up
Userlytics Software testing Pending /
WowApp Games, offers, surveys, videos, chat, phone unlock, calling, cashback, shopping cashback, browsing, news reading Pending /
CuriousCat Surveys Pending /
Quickthoughts Surveys Pending /
Fitplay Games Pending $0.33 if register here
TV-Two Make Money Apps, games, Youtube, browsing Pending 555 credits if register here
Mistplay Games Pending /
FeaturePoints Suveys, offers, apps, cashback Pending 50 points if register here
Money SMS Receive SMS Pending /
BIGtoken Suveys, location sharing, social media account Pending Use code 'GMGALLOIA'
McMoney Receive SMS Pending $0.22 if using code '60LGG3PR'
Pi Network Crypto mining Pending (see here) To join you need a referral link
Roamler Mystery shopping Pending /
SMS Profit Net Receive SMS Pending /
Streetbees Surveys, tasks, create videos, take pictures Pending Enter code '6115GF' when signing up
Simcash Send SMS [risky] Pending /
VoxPopMe Video feedback Pending /
Cash4sms Send [risky] & receive SMS Pending /
Citizen Me Surveys Pending /
ControlMySMS Receive SMS Pending /
Birdchain Send SMS [risky] Pending /
Sweatcoin Walking Pending /
COIN Explore Pending 1000 coins if register here
Panel App Surveys, location sharing Pending /
GiftHunterClub Surveys, offers, videos, apps, games Pending $0.75 if register here
Phoneum Games, mining Pending /
Register here How to earn Payment proof Sign-up bonus code
Respondent Interviews, research, surveys Pending /
Prolific Surveys, research Paypal /
User testing
Register here How to earn Payment proof Sign-up bonus code
TestingTime Software testing Paypal /
uTest Software testing Pending /
PingPong Software testing Pending /
TryMyUI Software/UI testing Pending /
Testbirds Software/UI testing Pending /
Pulselabs Voice app testing Pending /
PlaytestCloud Game testing Pending /
Userlytics Software testing Pending /
Investing (revenue share)
Register here How to earn Payment proof Sign-up bonus code
PaidVerts Ad clicking, offers, revenue sharing Bitcoin /
MyTrafficValue Games, investing PayPal /
Selling (designs on merchandise, skills/gigs)
Register here How to earn Payment proof Sign-up bonus code
Fiverr Sell your skills Pending 20% off on first purchase if register here
Redbubble Sell your designs Pending /
Zeerk Sell your skills Pending /
TeePublic Sell your designs Pending /
Teespring Sell your designs Pending /
Register here How to earn Payment proof Sign-up bonus code
Rev Transcribing, captioning, foreign subtitles Pending /
Gotranscript Transcribing, translating captioning, foreign subtitles Pending /
TranscribeMe Transcribing, translating, data annotation Pending /
Unbabel Translating Pending /
Register here How to earn Payment proof Sign-up bonus code
Wealthy Affiliate Learn affiliate marketing Pending /
Brave Brows internet Pending /
Andromo Develop apps Pending /
The Netherlands specific
For The Netherlands there are a few very good options next to a bunch of ‘spaarprogramma’s. There ‘spaarprogramma’s are all the same where you receive and click a bunch of e-mails, advertisements, banners,... I advise you to create a separate e-mail address or use a good filter in your inbox as you will be spammed to death. I believe they can be a nice piece of beermoney but they take quite the effort.
Register here How to earn Payment proof Sign-up bonus code
Euroclix Surveys, shopping & cashback, offers, energy/internet providers Bank transfer €1.95 if register here
StemPunt Surveys Gift cards 500 points if register here
Cashback XL Shopping cashback, health insurance discount Bank transfer /
Scoupy Shopping cashback, free products Pending /
Cashback Korting Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €7.50 if register here
Lady Cashback Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €7.50 if register here
Enqueteclub Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €7.50 if register here
Snel Verdienen Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €2.50 if register here
Spaar Actief Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.00 if register here
Klik Je Zakgeld Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.00 if register here
Zinngeld Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €0.10 if register here
My Clics Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.25 if register here
Direct Verdiend Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €2.00 if register here
Spaar4Cash Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.50 if register here
Qassa Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending /
My Flavours Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.00 if register here
Cash Ze Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.00 if register here
Geld Race Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.25 if register here
iPay Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.25 if register here
Double Points Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €2.00 if register here
Mailbeurs Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.50 if register here
Qlics Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.25 if register here
Centmail Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.50 if register here
Extra Euro Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.25 if register here
Gekken Goud Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.00 if register here
Dutch Euro Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.50 if register here
Nu Cash Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.00 if register
Snel Euro Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.00 if register here
Cash Hier Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.50 if register here
Betaalde Mails Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €2.00 if register here
Goudmails Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.00 if register here
Online Cashen Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.00 if register here
Crazy Mails Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.00 if register here
Cash Paradijs Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.00 if register here
Smart Clix Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €5.00 if register here
24/7 Discount Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending /
Beetje Zakgeld Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.25 if register here
Geldmolen Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.75 if register here
Online Zakcentje Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.50 if register here
Geldcircus Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €0.75 if register here
Lady Clix Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €0.99 if register here
Geldwolf Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.00 if register here
Zilvervloot Read mails, click banners, shopping cashback, shopping deals, compare (GWL, data, internet, tv, insurances), offers, surveys Pending €1.00 if register here
Belgium specific
Register here How to earn Payment proof Sign-up bonus code
Buffl Surveys Gift cards /

Sign-up bonuses

The one-time sign-up bonus programs are still to be found here. If you find a new one let me know so I can create the post to keep all the ref links together.

Saving money

Although it’s not really about making money online, it’s still nice to save some money as well when shopping online.
Register here How to earn Payment proof Sign-up bonus code
Honey Discounts & Cashback / 500 Honey Gold if register here
G2A Game keys / /
Kinguin Game keys / /
Allkeyshop Game keys / /
AliExpress Save on online shopping / $24 coupons if register here
Gearbest Save on online shopping / /

Other subs & resources

submitted by Proim to beermoneyglobal [link] [comments]

Common sites with HIGHEST payout and STABLE income << 04/10/2020 >>

This is a long post, but please try to read it all and select the most suitable one for you. When you see any sites with good payout and good potential, feel free to create a post. Also when you know site that is scam, please create a post to alert everyone as soon as possible.

There're 4 main and common types of task you will encounter when using beermoney sites. You can use all the sites or just pick the most suitable type and site to work with. Using more than one site is recommended, as the number of tasks on one site is not high enough, and the tasks will not appear continuously.

I. MICRO-TASK (or Crowdsourcing task)

The task is vary from article assessment, information collection, search-query classification/answer relevance, taking or collecting photo/video, to object identification,... The number of tasks will increase as you complete tasks.
- The number of tasks is higher and more stable than other type of beermoney.
- The payout is appropriate to your time and effort. You can even make stable income with them.
- Sometime you will need to pass the training test to access the task.
- Your work may not be accepted if it does not meet the guideline.
- It can be a little hard in the beginning, there're also not many tasks for you, but BE PATIENT, because they haven't been able to fully assess your ability yet.
1-Toloka Yandex:
This is one of my favorite micro task sites, and is the first on the list when I make beermoney site suggestion.
The tasks are mainly in English and Russian. They also have task in your mother language too, depend on your setting and location. Don't worry about the language, as you can easily have it to be translated with google translate extension or any translation site and the task is easy enough to understand.
The minimum withdrawal is $0.02 if you request to withdrawal once a week, and it will be $1 if more than once a week. You can withdraw the money to PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill or papara. But to be able to withdraw with PayPal, you will need a verified PayPal account.
Here are registration links: ref-link and no-ref
One of the most popular micro task sites, you can find many recommendations and good reputation about them. But to make the most if it, you will need to unlock UHRS, as describe here.
You definitely shouldn't miss Clickworker and UHRS. Their payout rate is higher than Toloka, but be careful that you'll be considered as spam if you complete the task too fast. Depend on your location and language, you can earn a great amount of money here, the highest I've earned in 1 day is $35.
You can receive payment to PayPal account with the minimum of €5. You can choose other payment methods too, like SEPA transfers and Transferwise.
No need to say anymore, here are the links: ref-link and no-ref
You will need to take part in training (which is quite hard and time-consuming) and pass the test to be able to access a large number of tasks here. The tasks are categorization, text highlighting, image annotation, semantic segmentation,... and well-known Lidar Annotation and Segmentation.
Here are registration links: ref-link and no-ref

  1. It's highly recommended to use all those sites, and maybe other sites if you want, because the tasks are not shown continuously.
  2. Make sure to fully understand the guideline, as you will not be credited if you work fails to meet the requirement, which will waste your time and effort.
  3. If you find any task with really low credit but require a lot of time and effort, don't do it. If the requester still be able to find worker, they will always offer that price. It's not worth your time, just going to other tasks or going to other sites to see if there're any available tasks for you.


Another way to earn beermoney online is to complete Offer wall tasks. You will be asked to installing app on your smartphone, signing up, playing game and reaching determined level, or watching video,.... Doing survey can also be listed here, but it will be shown in separate section.
There're many offer walls for you to choose, with different payout level. Usually each beermoney site will list many offer walls, one offer can appear in more than one site/wall, so make sure to surf around and compare the credit to find the best and highest payout wall/site for that offer.
- Easy to do
- Can complete offer many times if you have different kinds of phone (mostly Android and iOS), or using another phone as the tasks are listed on many different offer walls.
- Can earn money while playing and relaxing, as mostly the offered apps are games. Some apps only requires you to install and open, make it really quick to have some beermoney.
- The payout is not very high. Especially when that offer is going through many walls and sites to reach you.
- Some offer take much time to complete.
- The number of offers is not high enough to do daily.
RewardXP has surpassed GG2U to become the highest payout site. They have leveling system, the higher level you reach, the more offer walls you can access and the more benefit you can get.
With the minimum of $5, they provide a variety of withdrawal methods for you to choose, like PayPal, Amazon, Steam,...
You definitely should try this site. Here are your registration links: ref-link and no-ref. Registration with referral link, you will be given a 5000XP (~$0.5) bonus.
This is also my favorite site. Their paying rate is one of the highest in the market (if you find any other site which is higher, feel free to suggest :D THE HIGHEST ONE NOW is RewardXP, see above). Aside from installing and registering app, they also have many survey walls for you.
The most attractive part is that they will give you $1 bonus right after signing up, and after 5 withdrawal requests, you will have a chance to earn up to $7 bonus. With bonus, it's hard to say which is better, RewardXP or GG2U.
You can withdraw money to your PayPal account or Coinbase (crypto wallet), with the minimum of $7.
Here are your links: ref-link and no-ref
One of the most popular sites, with great community.
They will pay you with cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Doge. You will have many chances to earn coins, by doing offer walls task, rolling the faucet every 1 hour, testing your luck with multiplier or by activating in their really crowded chat room.
You can also earn some coins by clicking Paid-to-click ads. Most of the time, those ads are from Cointiply user with their referral link embedded, so if you register sites when viewing those ads, they will earn some commission. You can try this strategy too :D
With their mobile app, it will be much easier to do mobile offers. Make sure to check your email and mobile app to get the user-limited Promotion Codes regularly.
Registration links: ref-link and no-ref
Sometime you can earn money by spending less. Swagbucks offers a big number of sites where you can receive cash back when you shop online. If you shop online a lot, it's worth to take a look
Here are registration link for shopping: ref-link-shopping and no-ref-shopping
Beside the cash back program, Swagbucks also provides offer wall, however the paying rate is not as high as site 1 and 2 above. Anyway, if you want to try, here're your registration links: ref-link and no-ref
If you're into doing offer walls task and earning crypto currency, try this site too.
Their paying rate is quite lower than above sites, but they have Data entry task, which is daily, for you to earn some coins. By ranking high on their daily leader board, you will be rewarded with a great amount of coins (can even be higher than your earning from doing the data entry task itself :D).
There are many different kinds of crypto currency for you to select.
Just take a look if you have time: ref-link and no-ref
  1. Every offer wall has a place to track your activity history, like what offer you clicked, what offer you completed and did you receive credit or not. Every time you're about to do an offer, after entering that offer (usually when you click an offer, a small panel about what offer is appears, there will be a button name 'continue' or 'go to offer', after you click that button, you're entering the offer), make sure that offer appears in your history tab of that offer wall. This will enable you to request support in case you complete the offer and have not received credit yet. If it does not appear in the history list, you will not be credited for that offer, so try to click it again.
  2. To find the history tab, after entering offer wall, you will need to find a button named 'My coin', 'My history', 'Support', or button with question mark,... That button should be easy to be found.
  3. Try to surf around to find the offer wall and site having the highest paying rate for the offer, as the same offer will appear in many offer walls and sites.
  4. When you're about to start to do an offer of installing app (especially game), try to read the comment in appstore/playstore to see whether the offer's requirements can be easily to fulfill or not. For example, the requirements are: 1. install game, 2. open it, 3. reach level 30; and you find some comment about cannot reach level 25, or it takes months to reach level 29, then skip that offer, it's not worth the try.


You can earn nearly passive income from this type of task. They will give you some query, you will search with that query, entering determined site, leaving that site opened for couple of minutes.
- It's super easy to do.
- While leaving the site open, you can do any other thing you want, like doing some micro-tasks.
- The paying rate is quite good, especially when you will not need to do much.
- The number of queries is not very high.
In order to receive more queries to search, make sure to leave the site open and allow the notification.
Even though SerpClix recommends you to click on the page, don't do that, just using scrollbar. SerpClix will automatically navigate to sub page of that page. Another suggestion here is to install adblock extension, because SerpClix will ban you if you click on any ads on the page, so blocking them before hand is a good move.
Here your registration links: ref-link and no-ref


Probably all offer walls have some kind of surveys there, some surveys are only available through offer walls, some have their own sites. By using their own sites will not guarantee that you will have higher payout though.
Make sure to be honest when doing survey, despite the fact that you will sometime be disqualified from the survey. There's many reasons why you are disqualified, like because your job is not suitable, your demography is not their target, your answer is not persistent,...
BE CAREFUL, they will keep track of you, even if you clear your cookie, so being dishonest can lead you to be banned from their sites. Again, BE HONEST, and there will be suitable surveys for you.
There will be two types of survey for you: the first one is filling form and selecting answer from their suggestion, the second one is to talk with them directly or via Video call apps. The second one has much much higher earning but the requirement is also higher too.
- Easy to do, just being honest
- High payout, especially with the second type of survey.
- Some survey only need 5 minutes to complete with good payout.
- Some survey can take about 30 minutes to complete, so make sure that you have enough free time.
- You will be disqualified if your information is not suitable to their survey's target. BUT ALWAYS BE HONEST.
One of the best sites out there, my favorite one. They will instantly send you $1 or $0.5 (depend on survey) to your PayPal or Coinbase account when you complete the survey, so no minimum required to withdrawal. The survey you will do here is the first type, filling in the form and selecting answer.
You can register with SurveyTime through some offer walls, as they will give you some more coins when you complete the survey, but make sure to check their's conditions.
Make sure to turn on Browser notification and Email notification so that you don't miss any survey.
Registration links: no-ref
You will need a microphone and/or webcam (built-in or external) as the survey in Respondent is conducted via video calls, phone calls, in-person discussions. Of course, you will receive a huge credit for doing survey here, from $5 up-to $1000. This's a great deal, one successful survey can get you more credit than doing hundreds of micro-tasks. Don't miss this site.
They will recommend suitable survey for you, but if you want to view all available survey, make sure to uncheck the 'Recommended' option in Filter panel.
Here're your registration links: ref-link and no-ref
  1. sometime, they will provide the must-select answer in the question to test if your attention. Make sure to read the question carefully. For example, the question is "Do you agree that 1 + 1 = 2? Select option [I do not agree] in the answer", if you select [I agree], you fail.
  3. When you're doing the first type survey (filling form, selecting answer), be careful not to install any app, or download any thing, or upload your social data file when asked. In that case, just contact survey site support and report it.
  4. It's better to use many different survey sites to maximum the number of surveys you receive.

Last word, BE PATIENT - earning online can be a little hard in the beginning.

Feel free to share your experience when using beermoney sites (and your referral link too :D) or ask question about any beermoney sites by creating new post. Also creating new post when you know that any site is scam or becomes scam.

P.S 1: In case you need a Crypto wallet, you can use Coinbase, registration links: ref-link and no-ref, or Binance ref-link and no-ref. You can read here for the comparison between Coibase and Binance
P.S 2: You can add some email addresses to PayPal account, so you can use many email address to register to beermoney sites if you want
P.S 3: If you're confident with your English, and have a computer, microphone and webcam, you can try Usertesting site, you will visit a website that requires you to test, talk about your experience of using that site
Here is the link: no-ref
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My Beermoney sites I've been using, thanks to these subreddits.

Hello everyone, I’ve been a lurker on this subreddit and a few others for awhile now, I’ve always loved it when people post a list of the sites and apps they use, most of the sites that I’ve found and use regularly have been from subreddits like this, which I’ve used quite a few referrals and I’m very grateful, so I thought other people may appreciate it if I share mine.

Firstly, I recommend doing all these sites on Brave Browser (The only Bitcoin site on the list)
Brave Browser | Minimum Payout: 0 | (Non-Referral) | (Referral)

Surveys, Offers, Daily Tasks, Searches etc
Swagbucks | Minimum Payout: £3 | (Non-Referral) | (Referral)
Earn points when you shop at your favourite retailers, watch entertaining videos, search the web, answer surveys and find great deals.
OhMyDosh | Minimum Payout: £10 | (Non-Referral) | (Referral)
To earn money with OhMyDosh! Just look through the site and take any offers that are of interest to you, my favourite section is the no spend section and getting paid for activating free trials.
Spider Metrix | Minimum Payout: $30 | (Non-Referral) (Referral)
I like this survey site mainly for the very short surveys, you do get longer surveys as well, but I tend to stay away from long surveys in general.
Microsoft Rewards | Minimum Payout: £5 | (Non-Referral)
Get rewarded for doing what you love with Microsoft Rewards. It's simple, win free stuff by searching, shopping, and gaming with Microsoft. You can even earn points for fun activities like taking quizzes and polls.
Time Bucks | Minimum Payout: $10 | (Non-Referral) (Referral)
TimeBucks is a reward site that pays you to do Surveys, View Funny Photos, Watch Videos, Install Apps, Play Games and more! TimeBucks helps people pay extra bills and earn extra cash online.
I Say | Minimum Payout: £5 | (Non-Referral) (Referral)
You earn i-Say points when you complete surveys and can redeem your accumulated points for PayPal cash, gift cards, and as a Virtual Visa Prepaid card.
Rewards 1 | Minimum Payout: $5 | (Non-Referral) (Referral)
Take surveys and get paid Amazon Gift Cards, Paypal Cash, Bitcoin and more.

Addons and Extensions
UpVoice | Minimum Payout: $5 | (Non-Referral) | (Referral)
Add the UpVoice extension to your browser and earn passive income.
Serpclix | Minimum Payout: $5 | (Non-Referral) | (Referral)
SerpClix is an extension that pays you to make a Google search and click on a particular result.
Qmee - | Minimum Payout: £0 | (Non-Referral) | (Referral)
Qmee allows you to share your opinions through surveys tailored to you, as well as earn instant cash rewards when shopping and searching online.

Watching Videos
FruitLab | Minimum Payout: £5 | (Non-Referral) | (Referral)
With FruitLab you receive PIPS, which you can then spend in the FruitLab Shop buying digital vouchers and merch.
Hideout TV (Non-Referral) | (Referral)
You can earn rewards points watching videos. You can then redeem your credits via the partner's platform (Swagbucks, InstaGC, PrizeRebel, GG2U, Gain.GG etc).

TopCashback | Minimum Payout: £1 | (Non-Referral) | (Referral)
TopCashback pays out a portion of the cashback it receives from the merchant, it's able to do this because it passes on a little of the bonuses it gets for generating lots of sales. My preferred cash back site.
Quidco | Minimum Payout: £1 | (Non-Referral) | (Referral)
Same as above, but sometimes the cashback is better on Quidco than TopCashBack.

Receipt Scanning
Huyu | Minimum Payout: £5 | Android | Apple (Referral Code: Currently no referral code)
Scan receipts and answer surveys for real rewards, like shopping vouchers. It’s the fair way to share your data.
Shopprize | Minimum Payout: £5 | Android - (Referral Code: x6ueu)
Shopprize is a receipt scanning app that will reward you for submitting photos of your receipts, most of the time you will be on a waiting list, but I strongly recommend that you put your email down, it's well worth it when you get accepted.
SnapMyEats | Minimum Payout: £10 | Android | Apple
SnapMyEats is an easy to use app where you can earn great rewards just for taking online and offline surveys and snapping pictures of receipts from your food.
Shoppix | Minimum Payout: £5 | Android | Apple
Snap your receipts to collect tokens and view all of your receipts in one handy place. Exchange your tokens to claim rewards from your favourite retailers.
Receipt Hog | Minimum Payout: £3 | Android | Apple
Receipt Hog is a fun and rewarding way to turn receipts from everyday shopping into cash - no matter where you shop or what you buy!
ZipZero | Minimum Payout: £0 | Android | Apple
ZipZero gives you 0.5% of the value of any purchase every time you snap a photo of your receipt, ZipZero does not pay you in cash, but rather, it will pay your bills.
Shopmium | Minimum Payout: £0 | (Android) | Apple (Free can of pringles when using my Referral Code: en3et5)
The app uses your location to provide offers from supermarkets nearby. It's a three-step process: Buy the product. Upload a picture of your receipt and get cash back, some offers even give you 100% cashback.
Checkout Smart | Minimum Payout: £1 | Android | Apple
Earn cashback in cash rewards from your favourite brands by simply snapping a photo of your supermarket receipt and uploading to CheckoutSmart, some offers even give you 100% cashback.
Green Jinn | Minimum Payout: £1.50 | Android | Apple
Earn Cashback with GreenJinn on your in-store & online shopping at different stores,
some offers even give you 100% cashback.
Click and Snap | Minimum Payout: £1 | Android | Apple
Owned by Quidco, earn cashback in cash rewards from your favourite supermarket brands with ClickSnap

McMoney | Minimum Payout: $5 | Android APK | (Referral Code: 8BTB2DZD)
Get paid real money for helping McMoney improve worldwide communication. All you have to do is receive text messages on your mobile phone once in a while.

BigCash | Minimum Payout: $15 | Android | (Referral Code: folytnnc)
BigCash allows you to earn real money or Free gift cards by downloading free apps, games or completing surveys
Sweatcoin - Android | Apple | Non-Referral
Sweatcoin converts your steps into a new digital currency called "sweatcoins". Spend sweatcoins earned on goods, services and experiences with our vendor partners or other users, donate to charity or exchange them with your friends and family for whatever you fancy.
Google Opinion Rewards | Minimum Payout: £0 | Android | Apple
Answer quick surveys and earn Google Play credit with Google Opinion Rewards, an app created by the Google Surveys team.
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Evden Para Kazanma Yolları | 2020 | Türkçe

Evden para kazanma yolları özellikle son yıllarda, internetteki mecraların da giderek artmasıyla, internetin başında olan birçok kişi tarafından sıkça aratılan cümlelerden biridir. Günümüzde interneti sıkça kullanan herkes “İnternetten nasıl para kazanılır?” Sorusunu sorar hale geldi. Hâl böyle olunca birçok blog ve websitesi de bu konular üzerine yazılar yayınlayarak bu insanlar için rehber olmaya çalıştılar. Evden Çalışarak Para Kazanma
Ben de “Evden para kazanma yolları” adlı bu yazımda internet üzerinden para kazanma yollarından kendi tecrübelerimle edindiğim kısımları sizlere aktarmaya çalışacağım. Bu yüzden sizler için bir liste hazırladım. Bu liste ile online para kazanma yollarının birçok farklı versiyonu ile sizleri tanıştıracağım.
Şimdi eğer hazırsanız, daha fazla lafı uzatmadan bu listeye birlikte bakalım:
  1. Anket doldurmak
  2. Domain ticareti
  3. Captcha çözmek
  4. Online ürün satışı
  5. Makale yazmak
  6. YouTube kanalı
  7. Udemy eğitimi satmak
  8. Blog açmak
  9. Stok fotoğraf satımı
  10. Affiliate marketing
  11. Yorum satışı
  12. Backlink satışı
  13. E-Kitap yazarlığı
  14. Dropshipping
  15. Mobil mining
Gördüğünüz gibi internet ortamında bizlere para kazandırabilecek birçok farklı yol bulunmakta. Ancak burada ufak bir hatırlatma yapmak istiyorum: Bu yollardan size uygun olan birinde karar kılın ve ona odaklanın. Çünkü bu yolların 5-6 tanesini aynı anda yapmaya çalışırsanız, kuvvetle muhtemel başarısız olursunuz.
evden çalışarak para kazanma
“E liste güzel hoş ama bunlardan nasıl para kazanacağız?” diye düşünüyorsanız, endişelenmeyin… Şimdi her bir yöntemi tek tek resimlerle anlatarak sizlere nasıl para kazanabileceğinizi anlatacağım.
Hazırsanız hemen başlayalım…
Anket Doldurarak Para Kazanma İnternetten para kazanma denildiğinde birçok kişinin aklıma anket doldurma gelecektir. Bunun nedeni aslında bu yöntemin oldukça eski ancak hâlâ geçerli bir yöntem olmasından kaynaklanmaktadır.
Anket doldurarak kazanç elde etme, özellikle online ortamda, oldukça dikkatli yapılması gereken bir iştir. Burada dikkatten kastım, anket dolduracağınız platformu seçerken ki dikkattir. Çünkü internette birçok web sitesi anket ile kazanç sağlama adı altında ödeme yapmayabiliyor. Bu yüzden anket sitelerini seçerken ince eleyip sık dokumak gerekiyor.
Benim bildiğim ve gerçekten sağlam şekilde çalışan bazı anket siteleri var. Bunlar:
Anket doldurarak para kazanmak Wordapp görevler
Wordapp Wordapp sitesi hem anket doldurabileceğiniz hem de içerik üreterek yani makale yazarak para kazanabileceğiniz güvenli bir platformdur. Ancak bu sistem de maalesef kusursuz bir mecra değil…
Bunun en büyük nedeni anket sıklığının, verdiğiniz bilgilere göre, yetersiz olması. Genellikle 2-3 günde bir 1 anket gelmektedir. Bu anketlerin ücretleri ise minimum 0,10 euro ile 1 maksimum 1 euro arasındadır. Ama çoğunlukla anket ücretleri düşüktür.
Anket doldurarak kazanç sağlama Wordapp profil soruları
Sitede derecelendirme sistemi bulunur. Dereceniz yükseldikçe size makale yazma görevleri gelmeye başlar ve bunlardan euro olarak kazanç elde edersiniz.
Wordapp’in başka bir problemi ise anketlerin bazılarında anketin ortasında “Bu ankete devam edemiyorsunuz” yazısının çıkarak devam etmenize engel olmasıdır.
Anket doldurarak para kazanma Wrodapp Anketi Görüntülemiyorsunz
Bu durumu yetkililer, sisteme kayıt olurken verilen bilgilerle he anketin ilk kısmında sorulan kişisel bilgilerin uyuşmaması olarak açıklıyorlar. Bu nedenle sisteme tutarlı bilgiler girmek gerekmektedir.
Wordapp görevleri yaparak para kazanma Wordapp görevler
Son olarak Wordapp sitesi ödemelerini 50 euro eşiğine ulaştıktan sonra yapmaktadır. Ancak banka hesabına EFT yaptığı için %8’lik bir kesinti de yapılmaktadır.
MarketAgent Bir başka köklü ve çok sayıda üyesi olan sistem ise MarketAgent’tır. Bu sistemde siteye ilk üye olduğunuzda ilk makaleniz için 3 euro ödeme yapılmaktadır. Ancak daha sonra makale sıklığı oldukça düşük olarak seyrettiğinden dolayı bu siteden para kazanmak için referansınızla siteye yeni üyeler getirmelisiniz.
MarketAgent sitesi ödemelerini Skrill üzerinden yaptığından, sisteme üye olmadan önce mutlaka bir Skrill hesabı oluşturmayı unutmayın.
ClixSense ClixSense, dünyada adını duyurmayı başarmış olan güvenli anket doldurma sitelerinden bir diğeridir. Bu sitenin diğer anket sitelerinden en önemli farkı, ankete ek olarak farklı görevlerle de kullanıcıya para kazandırmasıdır.
Bu sitede, eğer anketlerin giriş kısmında birbiriyle çelişen yanıtlar verilmesi durumunda anketi iptal ediyor. Bu yüzden yaş, medeni durum, cinsiyet ve gelir durumunuzla ilgili ilk verdiğiniz cevapları bir yere not etmenizde fayda var.
ClixSense, ödemelerini Payoneer üzerinden yaptığından, hesabınızda en az 50 dolarlık bir meblağ olması gerekmektedir. Tabi bunun içine Payoneer’in yaptığı komisyon kesintisi dahil değildir.
Bu sistemde de diğer pek çok anket sitesinde olduğu gibi referans ile kazanç sistemi de mevcuttur. Eğer bir kişi sizin referans linkiniz ile bu siteye kayıt olursa, siz bu kişinin kazancıdan %20’lik bir paya sahip oluyorsunuz.
Benim bildiğim ve güvenli olduğuna inandığım anket doldurma siteleri bunlardı. Eğer yeni bir site öğrenirsem yazımın bu bölümüne eklerim. Şimdi diğer yönteme geçelim…
Domain (Alan Adı) Ticaretiyle Para Kazanma
Domain alım-satım yaparak para kazanma üzerine konuşmadan önce sizlere domainin ne olduğundan kısaca söz etmek istiyorum. İnternet üzerinde girdiğimiz her websitesi, forum, blog vs. mecraların bir alan adı vardır. Örnek vermem gerekirse bir domaindir. Yani domain, internette 7/24 açık olan sunucularda barındırılan tüm sitelere girerken kullandığımız adreslerdir.
Domaini, bir eve ait olan kapı numarası veya bir apartman adı gibi de düşünebiliriz.
İnternet alemindeki domainlerin büyük kısmı, subdomainler hariç, süreli olarak kişilere kiralanır. Bu süre genel olarak 1-10 arasında değişmektedir. Kullanıcı bu alan adını ne kadar süre kullanırsa, bu süre (yıl) için para öder.
Yukarıda domainlerin bir süresi olduğunu söylemiştim. İşte bu domainlerin süreleri sonlandığında GoDaddy gibi domain ve hosting şirketleri bu domainleri tekrardan satışa çıkarırlar.
Burada bir konuya açıklık getirmem gerekiyor. Bir domainin süresi dolduğunda hemen silinmez. Domaini satan şirket bu alan adını son kullanan sahibine 45-60 gün arasında bir sürede aynı domaini tekrar satın alma hakkı sunar. Bu süre zarfında domain expired olmuş olur. Yani bir anlamda 45-60 gün arası başkalarının satın alımına kapalı olarak beklemede kalır. Expired süresi dolduğunda ise domain deleted (silinmiş) pozisyona geçer.
Bir domain deleted (silinmiş) pozisyona geçtiyse, bu domain için herkes teklif verebilir ve satın alabilir.
Domain ticaretinde domainleri takip amaçlı en sık kullanılan sitelerden biri adlı sitedir. Sitede expired ve deleted olarak domainlerin ikiye ayrıldığını görebilirsiniz.
Yine bir başka expired olmuş alan adlarını takip edebileceğimiz site de websitesidir.
domain ticareti ile para kazanma expireddomains web sitesi
Yukarıda söz ettiğim expired domain ve deleted domain kavramları, domain alım-satımı için önemlidirler. Çünkü bir domain expired olduğunda takip süreci başlar. Domain alıp satan kişiler bu takibi kendileri yapabildikleri gibi, backordering hizmeti veren aracı şirketler vasıtasıyla da bu işlemleri yapabilirler. Böylece hem işlemin takip yükünden kurtulunmuş hem de alım kolaylaştırılmış olunur. Ancak dediğim gibi backordering hizmeti almak şart değildir. Tamamen tercihe bağlıdır.
Diyelim ki yukarıda söz ettiğim bu web sitesinden birinde hoşumuza giden bir domain bulduk. Ancak domain expired bir domain. Yani direkt satın alamayız. Süresinin dolmasını beklememiz gerekecek. Ancak bunu bizim yerimize bir backordering şirketi de yapabilir. Hem de süre sonunda istediğimiz domaini satın alamazsa da bizden para istemez.
Bu nedenle örnek olarak bir domain seçiyorum sizlere göstermek için.
domain ticareti ile para kazanma web sitesi
Sarı ile vurguladığım bu alan adına bakmak için GoDaddy websitesine giriyorum ve bu alan adını aratıyorum.
GoDaddy ile backordering yapma GoDaddy backordering
İşaretli alanları tıklıyorum ve site beni yönlendiriyor.
GoDaddy backordering hizmeti GoDaddy ile Backordering
Expired süresi olan 45-60 gün arasında GoDaddy, istediğim domaini almaya çalışacaktır. Ancak alamazsa benden para istemeyecek.
Aklınıza şöyle bir soru gelebilir. Neden GoDaddy böyle bir işlem yapıyor? Cevap basit aslında: Komisyon almak için.
Bu arada GoDaddy’i rastgele seçtim. GoDaddy dışında pek çok backordering hizmeti veren domain şirketi de bulunmaktadır. Ben GoDaddy’i sektöründe güvenilir bir küresel marka olduğu için verdim.
Peki, diyelim ki bu alan adını satın aldık. Sonra ne olacak? Cevap yine basit: Domaini kaç yıl için aldıysak bu kadar süre satılmasını bekleyeceğiz. Tabi bize ait olan bir domain için istediğimiz fiyatı istememiz mümkün. Ancak fazla uçmamak da önemli.
Satın aldığımız bu domain veya domainleri de Flippa, Sedo ve yine GoDaddy üzerinden satışa çıkarabilir ve para kazanabiliriz.
Captcha Çözerek Para Kazanma
Captcha’nın ne olduğunu sanırım herkes biliyordur. Ben yine de kısaca açıklayayım. Captcha herhangi bir online platforma giriş yaparken sürekli olarak karşımıza çıkan ve istenilen resim veya rakamları, insan olduğumuzu kanıtlamak için, seçmemizi isteyen bir sistemdir.
Captcha’nın temel amacı, bir platformu ziyaret eden kişinin bir bot mu yoksa insan mı olduğunu anlayarak, muhtemel bir Ddos ya da siber saldırıya karşı korumaktır.
Bazı web siteleri ise özellikle çalışanları sisteme girerken Captcha ile uğraşmamaları için, Captcha sistemini tamamen kaldırmak yerine, dışarıdan üçüncü taraf sitelerle anlaşarak bu kodları inşalara çözdürürler.
Bir diğer nedeni de Captcha sitelerinin satacakları Captcha kodların doğruluğunu ancak belirli bir doğruluk yüzdesinin üzerinde olduğundan emin olduklarında kendi müşterilerine satabilmesidir.
İşte bu siteler sayesinde internetten Captcha çözerek para kazanma diye bir uğraşı ortaya çıkmıştır. İnternet ortamında Captcha çözdüren birçok site olsa da her site maalesef ödeme alabilmek için o kadar güvenli değildir. Ben de bildiğim bir Captcha platformunu sizlerle paylaşmak istiyorum. sitesinden para kazanma sitesinden para kazanma
Bu siteye öncelikle bir mail adresi ile kayıt olun. Siteye girdikten sonra worker seçeneğini seçmeniz gerekiyor ki para kazanabilin.
2Captcha 2Captcha
Start butonuna bastığınızda karşınıza 42 soruluk bir eğitim çıkacak. Bu eğitimde size küçük detaylardan söz ediyor. Bu yüzden dikkatlice yapın. Eğitim bittiğinde yeniden start butonuna basarak Captcha çözmeye başlayabilirsiniz.
Bu sitenin en güzel yanı 0,5 dolara ulaştığınızda (2-3 bin Captcha çözmeniz gerekir) ödemenizi aşağıdaki ödeme yöntemlerinden herhangi birine yapmasıdır.
2Captcha ödeme kanıtı 2Captcha ödeme kanıtı
Eğer aşağıdaki ödeme yöntemlerinden birine sahip değilseniz, birine üye olmanızı tavsiye ederim.
Captcha Çözerek Para Kazanma ödeme yöntemleri
Captcha çözerken dikkat etmeniz gereken son nokta ise fazla hata yapmamaktır. Eğer çok fazla hatalı giriş yaparsanız site hesabınızı şüpheli hesap kategorisine alabilir.
Şimdi bir diğer evden para kazanma yoluna geçelim…
Online Ürün Satışı ile Para Kazanma
Günümüzde alış-veriş anlayışı geçmişe göre oldukça değişti. Artık milyonlarca insan hem fiyatların daha ucuz olması hem de daha rahat olduğu için internet üzerinden birçok ürünü satın almakta. Durum böyle olunca internetten ürün almak kadar ürün satmakta oldukça revaçta bir gelir yöntemi haline geldi.
Ortada devasa bir pasta var. Bu pastadan aslan payını büyük e-ticaret platformları alsa da bizim gibi ufak satıcılara da bu alanda ekmek var.
Örnek vermek gerekirse, Dropshipping yöntemi bunları şu an en popüleri. Amazon, eBay ve gittigidiyor benzeri büyük pazar yerlerinde bireysel olarak dahi satış yapmak mümkün. Dropshipping bu noktada stoksuz satış olanağı verdiği için satıcıların işini çok daha kolay hâle getiren bir sistem. Ancak benim size önerim bu satış yöntemiyle ilgili olarak Udemy gibi eğitim platformlarında ucuz bir eğitim bulun ve satın alın. Daha sonra konuya iyice hâkim olun ve online ürün satışına başlayın.
Buraya kadar anlattığım konu sadece Dropshipping ile ilgiliydi. Eğer “Ben Dropshipping falan anlamam. Daha kolay bir yolu yok mu?” derseniz de yazımı okumaya devam edin.
Online satışın bir başka boyutu da sadece emeğinizi koyarak para kazanmaktır. Nasıl mı olacak o? Yine bir örnek üzerinden gitmek istiyorum. Diyelim ki çiçeklere karşı ilginiz var ve az çok bir şeyler biliyorsunuz. O zaman balkonunuzda veya alanınız varsa evinizin bir odasında sukulent veya kaktüs üreterek bunları fiziken ya da instagram gibi sosyal medya alanlarından satabilirsiniz.
Bunun dışında eğer bir el işi sanatıyla uğraşıyorsanız, ahşap üzerine isim yazma veya maket ev yapımı gibi, bunları da sosyal medya üzerinden ya da ETSY gibi platformlardan satarak kazanç elde etmeniz mümkün. Yalnız şunu unutmayın ETSY, online mağaza için aylık bir ücret istemektedir.
Eğer bu bölümde anlattıklarım sizin için uygun değilse, aşağıdaki bölümlerde anlattıklarıma da bir bakın derim…
Makale Yazarak Evden Para Kazanmak
Son yıllarda giderek yaygınlaşan bir diğer online kazanç yöntemi de makale siteleri için evden makale yazarak para kazanmaktır. Eğer bu konuyla ilgili olarak daha önce herhangi bir şey duymadıysanız, daha detaylı bilgi almak için şu yazımı okuyabilirsiniz.
iyimakale ile para kazanma iyimakale ile para kazanma
Ben yine de kısaca sizlere işin mantığını anlatayım. Öncelikle bir makale alım-satım sitesine girerek üyelik oluşturmanız gerekiyor. Yazımda da belirttiğim gibi bu alanda en güvenilir sitelerden iki tanesi aşağıdadır:
➤ ➤
makale yazarı olmak ile para kazanma
Bu sitelerde üyelik oluşturduktan sonra yapmanız gereken ilk şey “SEO uyumlu makale nasıl yazılır?” şeklinde Google’da aratarak internetten bilgi edinmenizdir. Bunu öğrendikten sonra, istediğiniz bir konuda SEO uyumlu bir makale yazın ve bu iki siteye de yazarlık başvurusunda bulunun. Sonucu 1-2 gün içerisinde size e-mail yoluyla bildireceklerdir. Ancak bu ilk makalenizi yazarken dikkat etmeniz gereken bazı önemli noktalar var.
Bunları şöyle sıralamak mümkün:
➤Öncelikle söylemeliyim ki bu iki web sitesine makale göndermeden önce en azından SEO uyumlu 3-4 makale yazarak alıştırma yapın.
➤Başvuru için göndereceğiniz makale 300-600 kelime uzunluğunda olsun.
➤Anahtar kelimelerinizi mutlaka bold yapın.
➤Makalenizde mutlaka, SEO açısından, uzun kuyruklu anahtar kelimeleri kullanın ve bold yapın.
➤Makalenizi yazdıktan sonra mutlaka 1-2 kez okuyun ve yazım-imlâ hatalarını düzeltin.
➤Makalenizde aşırı uzun cümleler kurmayın.
➤Mümkünse akıcı ve okuyucuyu yormayan bir dil ile makalenizi yazmaya çalışın.
Bu önerilerin size yardımcı olacağını düşünüyorum. Eğer aklınıza takılan bir soru olursa yorumlar veya iletişim bölümünden bana ulaşabilirsiniz.
Yazarlık başvurunuz kabul edildikten sonra hemen siparişlere başvurmayın. Çünkü ilk zamanlar usta olmadığınız için olumsuz yorumlar alabilirsiniz. Bu da hem makalelerinizin satılmamasına hem de moralinizin bozulmasına neden olabilir. Bu yüzden ilk 1 ay sadece sisteme konusunu kendinizin belirlediği hazır makaleler yüklemenizi tavsiye ederim. Bundan sonrası zaten kendiliğinden gelecektir. Bol kazançlar…
YouTube Kanalı Açarak Para Kazanma
YouTube ile para kazanmak birkaç yıl öncesine göre bir hayli zorlaşsa da hâlâ iyi paralar kazanmanın mümkün olduğu bir sistem.
Yapılan son güncellemelerle birlikte YouTube’dan para kazanma 1000 abone ve 4000 saatlik izlenme koşullarına bağlandı. Bu nedenle YouTube kanalı açarak gelir elde etmeyi daha uzun soluklu bir iş olarak düşünmek artık daha doğru.
Benim siz okurlara tavsiyem, mutlaka bir YouTube kanalı açmanız olacaktır. Bu kanala ilgi alanınıza göre video içerikler yüklemeye başlayın. Tabi bu konu söylendiği kadar basit değil maalesef. Bir video içeriğin üretim aşaması, konuya göre, oldukça zorlu olabilir. Fakat koşulları sağladığınız takdirde gerçekten güzel bir pasif gelir kapısı oluşturmuş olacaksınız.
Eğer YouTube kanalı açmak ile ilgili olarak hiç bilginiz yoksa, YouTube üzerinde bununla ilgili kanallar mevcut. Hatta öneri olarak YouTube Hocam kanalının içerikleri oldukça başarılı. Buradan faydalanabilirsiniz. Yok ben daha detaylı öğrenerek iyi bir YouTuber olmak istiyorum derseniz de yine Udemy üzerinden uygun fiyatlı bir eğitim alarak başlayabilirsiniz.
Benim bu konudaki tavsiyelerim ise şöyle olacaktır:
➤Eğer eğlence kategorisinde videolar üretmiyorsanız videolarınızın süresi çok uzun olmasın
➤Videolarınızı mutlaka YouTube için SEO kurallarına uygun şekilde yapın
➤Videolarınızda video yaptığınız yazılımın filigranı asla olmasın. Bu nedenle Shotcut gibi kaliteli ve açık kaynak yazılımları tercih edin.
➤Video thumbnaillerinize büyük önem verin. İlgi çekici, kaliteli ve renkli olması video tıklamalarınızı arttıracaktır. Bunun için ücretsiz bir site olan Snappa’yı kullanabilirsiniz.
➤Sadece PC veya mobil ekran görüntüsü kaydı alarak video üretecekseniz, yine yukarıda dediğim gibi filigransız bir yazılım kullanın.
➤Videolarınızda ses kaliteniz iyi olsun. Bunun için Google Play Store’dan Easy Voice Record uygulamasını kullanmanızı öneririm. Bir telefon kulaklığı işinizi görecektir…
➤Son olarak eğer mümkünse videolarınızı 2K ve 4K olarak yükleyin. Eğer olmuyorsa da 720p veya 1080p kalitede olmasına özen gösterin.
➤Ve tabi özgün olun!
Udemy ile Para Kazanma
Udemy, şu an için birçok kişiye göre dünyanın en büyük online eğitim platformu. Özellikle yazılım, web, kod bilgisi, yabancı dil gibi alanlarda eşi bulunmaz bir hazine. Çünkü alınan eğitim saati ve elde edilen verim, verilen eğitimin ücretiyle kıyaslanamayacak kadar fazla.
Hâl böyle olunca Udemy’nin Türkiye’de faaliyette olması, belli alanlarda yetkin olan insanlar için bir gelir kapısı oluşturdu. Birçok kişi eğitimi ve tecrübesiyle ilgili alanlarda Türkçe eğitim setleri oluşturarak platforma yükleyerek kazanç elde ettiler. Tabi, ben de Blogger alanındaki tecrübelerimi bu platforma aktararak, şu an için toplam 7,5 saatlik bir eğitim olan “A’dan Z’ye Blogger Eğitimi” adlı eğitim setimi hazırladım. Dileyenler göz atabilirler…
Gelelim sizlerin Udemy üzerinden nasıl para kazanabileceğine? Öncelikle spesifik bir iş üzerinde bir tecrübenizin olması şart. Örnek vermek gerekirse, ben 2011 yılından beri Google’a ait olan Blogger platformu üzerinde pek çok blog oluşturdum, tema düzenledim, yeni kodlar ekledim ve ciddi bir birikime ulaştım. Sizlerin de herhangi bir alanda eğitimi veya tecrübesi varsa, siz de kendi eğitimi videolarınızı kişisel bilgisayarınızda çekebilir ve Udemy’e yükleyerek bir eğitim seti oluşturabilirsiniz.
Son olarak şunu ifade etmek isterim: Udemy eğitmeni olmanız için illa üniversite mezunu veya yazılımcı olmanıza gerek yok. Sadece kendinizi gerçekten yeterli ve birikimli gördüğünüz bir alan olması yeterli. Ancak eğer herhangi bir alanda yetkin değilseniz, sadece para için eğitim oluşturmanızı önermem. Çünkü siz eğitiminizi Udemy’e yükledikten ve insanlar eğitiminizi satın alıp başladıktan sonra size bol miktarda soru soracaklardır. Eğer bu sorulara yeterince doyurucu ve çözüme ulaştırıcı yanıtlar verememeniz durumunda, öğrencileriniz size düşük puan verebilir veya 30 günlük iade haklarını kullanabilirler. Bu da eğitiminizin para kazanmasına ve Udemy tarafından yeterince ön plana çıkarılmasına engel olur. Bu nedenle, bir eğitim seti oluşturmadan önce üzerinde iyi düşünmenizi tavsiye ederim.
Blog Açarak Para Kazanma Blog açarak para kazanma, YouTube sonrasında, eski kadar olmasa da hâlâ para kazandıran bir online iş. Tabi eskiden daha az tıklanmayla daha fazla kazanmak mümkünken, şu an bu giderek daha da azaldı. Peki, blog yazarak nasıl para kazanabiliriz? Şimdi buna değinmek istiyorum.
Eğer daha önce bu konu üzerine bir şeyler yapmadıysanız, konuya yabancısınız demektir. Ben de öyle varsayıp konuyu en temelden anlatacağım.
Öncelikle blog açabileceğim hazır platformların neler olduğuna bakalım.
En çok bilinen blog ve web site servisleri bunlar. Ben bunlar arasından Blogger, Wordpress ve Tumblr’ı kullandım. Ancak diğerleri hakkında da az çok bilgim var.
Blogger ile başlamamız gerekirse, kimilerine göre lider Wordpress olsada, ben Blogger platformunun bazı özellikleriyle Wordpress’e göre daha önde olduğunu düşünüyorum. Bu özelliklerin başında ise, güvenlik ve platformu tam özellikleriyle kullanabilmek gelmekte.
Blogger’da ücretsiz bir blogspot alt alan adı olan bir blog açsanız bile, sistemin tüm özelliklerini kullanabilir ve ücretli bir tema satın alarak tema görünümü değiştirebilirsiniz. Bunun yanı sıra web trafiği ve server yükleme sınırı da yoktur. Ayrıca Google’a ait bir platform olduğu için onun güvenlik şemsiyesine altındadır. Yani ekstra bir güvenlik önlemi almamıza gerek kalmaz.
Wordpress ise bazı açılardan, doğal olarak, üstündür. Bunlara hız, eklenti desteği, SEO avantajı gibi özellikleri sıralamak mümkündür. Ancak eğer yeterli bütçeniz yoksa, Wordpress sistemi biraz külfetli olabilir. Çünkü SEO, güvenlik, server kurulumu, SSL sertifikası ve temalar için ücret ödemek gerekir. Tabii Wordpress’in de ücretsiz versiyonu olan’da var. Ancak bu platformda Wordpress server depolaması sınırlıdır. Dolayısıyla ek ödeme yapmak gerekebilir.
Gördüğünüz gibi her iki platformunda kendine göre eksi ve artıları vardır. Eğer ilk kez blog açacaksanız ve bütçeniz kısıtlıysa ben Blogger ile başlamanızı tavsiye ederim.
Tumblr platformuna baktığımızda ise, blog ve sosyal medya karışımı bir yapı karşımıza çıkar. Bloğunu sosyal medya gibi kullanmak isteyenler için oldukça uygun olsa da benim için çok uygun bir yapıda olmadığı için çok tercih ettim bir mecra değil açıkçası. Ama yine de tercih sizin…
Gelelim Wix ve Weebly platformlarına. Açıkçası bu sistemlerin ikisini de kullanmadım. Ancak birçok blogger’dan okuduğum kadarıyla, bu platformların bazı eksilerinin çok baskın olduğunu biliyorum. Bu sistemlerin güzel tarafı, sürükle bırak yapıları sayesinde istenilen şekilde özelleştirilebilmeleri. Ancak bu sistemlerin büyük oranda ücretli olması ve üstüne yavaş olmaları, artılarını götürmektedir. Diyebileceklerim şimdilik bunlar.
Medium platformuna baktığımızda ise oldukça hoş bir görünüm ve hızlı bir sistem karşımıza çıkmakta. Ancak standart bir blogtan biraz farklı bir sistem Medium. Nasıl farklı? Derseniz şöyle söyleyeyim: Medium size standart bir alan adı sunmuyor. Bunun yerineınız gibi bir sistem bulunmakta. Bu da açıkçası ben kullanırken bana çok uymadığı için bir süre sonra Medium kullanmayı bıraktım açıkçası. Ayrıca Medium bloğuna reklam yerleştirmemiz de mümkün olmuyor. Bunlar da Medium’un artı ve eksileri. Tercihi yine size bırakıyorum.
Eğer bu bölüm sizler için yeterli olmadıysa “Blog Nasıl Açılır?” yazıma bakmanızı öneririm. Bu yazımda ve ikincisinde birçok teknik ayrıntıdan söz ettim.
Stok Fotoğraf Satarak Para Kazanma
Stok foto satarak para kazanmak için de son yıllarda giderek ilginin arttığı bir online kazanç şekli olduğunu söylemem mümkün.
Bu kazanç şeklinde yapılması gereken aslında oldukça basit. Fotoğraf makinesi veya kaliteli çekim yapabilen bir telefon ile çektiğimiz fotoğrafları Dreamstime, istockphoto ve Shutterstock gibi büyük stok foto sitelerinin mobil uygulamalarına yüklemek.
Tabi çektiğimiz fotoğrafların görüntü kalitesi her platform için farklı da olabilir. Genellikle bu sitelerin sıkça sorulan sorular bölümünde bu koşulun ne olduğu belirtilir.
Peki istenilen kalitede fotoğraflar çekeceğiz ama neyle ilgili? Her kategoride fotoğraf kabul eder bu siteler ancak en çok satılanlar özel durumlara ait fotoğraflardır. Örneğin ameliyat eldiveni giymiş bir el ya da dekupe edilmiş nesne fotoğrafları gibi fotoğraflar en çok satılan türlerdir.
Bu sitelerin her birinin GooglePlay Store’da katılımcı (contributor) uygulamaları vardır. Çektiğimiz fotoğrafları yükleyebilmek için bu uygulamaları indirmemiz gerekir. Eğer fotoğraflarımızdan satılan olursa zaten uygulama bize bildirim gönderecektir.
Bu sitelerin bazılarında çekim sınırı 50 dolar bazılarında ise 100 dolardır. Yani bu sınıra ulaşmadan siteler ödeme yapmazlar.
Kazandığımız parayı çekmek için ise Payoneer gibi ödeme platformlarını kullanmamız gerekir. Bilginize…
Affiliate Marketing ile Para Kazanma
Affiliate marketing en kısa tanımıyla satış ortaklığı ile gelir elde etmeye verilen isimdir. Biraz daha açmamız gerekirse, affiliate marketing internet üzerinden başkasının ürününü satarak para kazanabildiğimiz bir sistemdir. Kazancımız ise bize ait olan komisyon tutarıdır.
Örnek vermek gerekirse, diyelim ki ben bir e-kitap yazdım ve bu kitabın başkaları tarafından da pazarlanmasını istiyorum. Böylece daha fazla gelir elde edebilirim. Bunun için web sitem üzerinden ya da Clickbank gibi bir platform üzerinden satış ortaklığı açıyorum. %3-5 gibi bir rakamla satıcılar için komisyon oranı belirledikten sonra tek yapmam gereken satışların gerçekleşmesini beklemek.
Birçok affiliate marketing olarak çalışan blogger ve online yazarların benim adıma bu ürünü pazarlaması sayesinde, hem ürünü satan ürün başına komisyonunu alacak hem de ben e-kitabımdan kazanç elde etmiş olacağım. Kısaca affiliate marketing sistemi bu şekilde çalışmakta…
affiliate marketing Clickbank ile affiliate marketing yapmak
Affiliate marketing için dünyada en çok tercih edilen web platformu Clickbank’tır. Bunun dışında Admitad gibi oldukça sağlam satış ortaklığı platformları da vardır.
Bu bölümü bitirirken, şunu da ekleme istiyorum: Affiliate marketing sistemi kolaymış gibi görünse de aslında ustalık isteyen online bir meslektir. Bu nedenle eğer bu işle uğraşacaksanız kendinize zaman tanımalı ve online eğitimlerle kendinizi geliştirmelisiniz. Ancak bu şekilde iyi miktarlarda paralar kazanabilirsiniz.
Yorum Satışı ile Para Kazanma
Yorum satarak para kazanma son birkaç yıldır gittikçe popüler hale gelen bir online kazanç yöntemi. Özellikle yeni YouTube kanalları, web siteleri, Apple Store ve Google Play Store gibi online uygulama indirilebilen platformlarda tercih edilebilmektedir.
Yorum satışını her uygulama, web sitesi ve YouTube kanalı yaptırmasa da yapıldığı da bir gerçek. Yani birileri bu işi yaparak para kazanabiliyor. Dolayısıyla biz neden bu pastadan ufakta olsa bir pay almayalım.
Yorum satabilmek için Bionluk ve SadeceOn gibi çevrimiçi pazar yerlerini kullanabilirsiniz.
Bu arada tabi yorum satışının ne kadar etik olduğu da ayrı bir tartışma konusu. Bu yüzden tercihi size bırakıyorum.
Yorum satışı yaparak para kazanmayla ilgili şu yazımda daha ayrıntılı bilgiye ulaşabilirsiniz.
Backlink Satarak Para Kazanma Backlink Nedir?
Backlink Satarak Para Kazanma
Backlink satışından önce sizlere backlink’in ne olduğunu kısaca anlatmam gerekiyor. Backlink kavramı web siteleri için yapılan SEO çalışmalarına ait terimdir. Buna göre backlink’in en net tanımı, başka bir web sitesi ya da platformun, kendi sitesinde sizin web siteniz veya bloğunuza ait bir link vermesidir.
Backlink, esas itibarıyla arama motorlarının botları için yapılandırılmış bir referans sistemidir. Arama motoru botları bu linkleri referans olma olarak algılar ve pagerank’i yüksek olan sitenin düşük olan siteyi verdiği linki backlink olarak tanımlarlar. Bu sayede Google gibi arama motorlarının gözünde değerli backlink alabilen blog ve web siteleri değerlenirler. Tabi bu da SERP sonucunda yükseliş olarak backlink alan siteye yansır.
Her ne kadar çok kısa bir açıklama olmasa da uygun şekilde açıkladığımı düşünüyorum.
Peki, biz backlink satarak nasıl para kazanabiliriz?
Öncelikle en baştan şunu söyleyeyim: Backlink satışı, özellikle kaliteli backlink satışı, birkaç günde öğrenebileceğiniz bir şey değil maalesef. Bu konu SEO alanı içinde değerlendirildiğinden, SEO hakkında derinlemesine bilgiye sahip olmak gerekir.
Tabi, internette 20 TL gibi rakamlara backlink sağlayan freelancerlar da var. Ancak bu backlinklerin kalıcılıkları ve etkilerinin ne yönde olduğu tartışmaya açık bir mevzudur.
Eğer bu işten para kazanmak istiyorsanız, öncelikle kendinize bir blog açın ve kendi bloğunuz üzerinde SEO bilginizi elinizden geldiğince geliştirin. Site içi SEO ve site dışı SEO kavramlarına hâkim olun. Bunun ardından zaten backlink gibi terimler sizin için son derece anlaşılır hale gelecektir.
Ardından online pazar yerlerinde değerli backlink hizmeti vererek iyi miktarda gelir elde edebilirsiniz.
E-book yazarak para kazanma E-kitap yazarak kazanç
E-Kitap Yazarak Para Kazanma
E-kitaplar internet çağını son hız yaşadığımız şu günlerde, giderek artan bir ivmeyle kullanılan bilgi hazineleridir. Artık neredeyse internet aleminde birçok blogger ve web editörü e-kitap yazarak da gelir elde edebilmekte ve adını sanal dünyada daha duyulur kılmaktadır.
Peki, biz bu pastadan e-kitap yazarak nasıl pay alabiliriz?
E-kitap yazarak para kazanma konusu, aslında biraz da sahip olduğumuz bilgi ve donanımlarımız ve tabi bu bilgileri yazılı olarak aktarabilme becerimizle ilgili.
Örneğin bir bloggersanız, blog yazma, Blogger veya Wordpress ile ilgili bir e-kitap yazabilirsiniz.
Youtubersanız “Nasıl Youtuber Olunur?” gibi bir konuda e-kitap yazarak hem tanıtım hem de kazanç sağlayabilirsiniz.
Ya da örneğin tarih mezunuysanız, tarihle ilgili bir e-kitap yazabilirsiniz. Aslında e-kitap yazmak için herhangi bir sınır yok. Tamamen sizlerin beceri ve hayal gücüne kalıyor gerisi…
Şimdi bazı kişiler şöyle düşünebilirler: “İyi de benim herhangi bir yeteneğim yok. O zaman ne yapacağım?” Bu durumda yapılacak şey, internet üzerinden ücretli veya YouTube üzerinden ücretsiz sunulan eğitimlerle kendinizi geliştirmektir. Unutmayın, e-kitap ile sunulan şey bilgidir. Dolayısıyla ne kadar nitelikli bilgi sunarsanız, bunun size dönüşü de o kadar verimli olur.
Peki, diyelim ki e-kitabınızı yazdınız. Bunu nereden satacaksınız? Mutlaka aklınızda bu soru vardır.
Google Play Book Yazarlık Başvurusu Google Play Book Yazarlık Başvurusu
Bunun için Google Play Books’u kullanmanız gerekiyor.
Öncelikle şu bağlantıdan yayıncı olmak için Google Play Books’a başvurmanız gerekiyor. Başvurunuz kabul edilirse, mail adresinizle pdf dosyanızı yükleyerek satışa açabilirsiniz.
Bunun dışında Amazon, KOBO ve D&R gibi mağazalarda da başvurarak e-kitabınızı satışa çıkarmanız mümkün.
Dropshipping ile para kazanma Dropshipping ile Para Kazanma
Dropshipping Yaparak Para Kazanma
Dropshipping terimini daha önce duymadıysanız kısaca şöyle açıklayabilirim: Amazon, ETSY ve Ebay gibi büyük web siteleri üzerinden stoksuz olarak yapılan ve yaptığınız her satış için size önceden belirlenmiş bir komisyon ödeyen sistemdir diyebilirim.
Ben daha önce dropshipping sistemiyle pek fazla çalışmadığım için burada bu konunun uzmanıymışım gibi cümleler kurmayacağım. Yine bu nedenle de nasıl dropshipping yapmanız gerektiğini sizler internetten kendiniz araştırarak bulmalısınız.
Dropshipping’in özelliği dediğim gibi stoksuz bir ticaret yapısına sahip olması. Örneğin siz AliExpress’ten bir ürün seçersiniz. Bu ürünün rekabeti zor ve ender bulunan bir olmasına dikkat ettiğinizi varsayıyorum. Ardından ürünün dokümanlarını ve fotoğraflarını AliExpress’ten alarak, Türkiye’de ürünü satacağınız platforma koyarsınız.
Eğer bir sipariş gelirse, siz kendi paranızla ürünü AliExpress’ten satın alır ve teslim adresine ise size sipariş veren müşterinin Türkiye adresini girerek satışı gerçekleştirirsiniz. Böylece ürün sipariş veren kişiye gider, para ise sizin hesabınıza… Sistem kabaca bu şekilde işliyor.
Eğer ben tam anlamadım derseniz de Udemy gibi platformlarda dropshipping ile ilgili birçok Türkçe eğitim bulunmakta. Bu eğitimlerden de destek alabilirsiniz.
Mobil Mining (Madencilik) ile Para Kazanma
Evden para kazanma yolları arasında sizlere son söz edeceğim yöntem is mobil madencilik yapmaktır. Ancak mobil madencilik ile ilgili bilginiz olmadığını düşünerek öncelikle mobil madencilik nedir? Sorusunu cevaplayarak konuya başlamak istiyorum.
Hepimizin bildiği üzere bundan tam 10 yıl önce hayatımıza bitcoin denilen bir kripto para girdi. Bunun ardından da bu kripto paranın mining yani madenciliğini yapan kişiler çıktı ortaya. Çünkü bir kripto para, adından da anlaşılacağı gibi aslında şifreli bir para sistemidir. Bu şifreler çözüldükçe de para transferi gerçekleşir. İşte bitcoin gibi kripto para madencileri güçlü donanıma sahip cihazlarla tam olarak bu şifre çözme işlemini gerçekleştirerek bundan bitcoin olarak kazanç elde ederler.
Aradan geçen zamanla birçok kripto para birimi ortaya çıktı. Bunlara ise altcoin adı verildi. Tabi altcoinlerin de madenciliğini yaparak birileri şu anda bile kazanç elde etmeye devam ediyorlar.
Son birkaç yılda ise kripto para madenciliği teknolojisi öylesine ilerledi ki artık akıllı cep telefonlarından dahi madencilik yapılabilmeye başlandı. Bu altcoinlerden en bilineni ve binlerce madencisi olan Electroneum adlı kripto paradır.
ELECTRONEUM Electroneum madenciliği yapabilmeniz için tek ihtiyacımız olan şey ise İOS veya Android işletim sistemine sahip bir telefon. Şu an için kripto para borsalarının bir kısmında yer alan bu para birimi oldukça düşük madencilik kazancı verse de (1 etn = 0,025 TL) gidişatı umut verici olduğu ve ileride değerlenme ihtimalinden dolayı kazım yapmaya değer bir altcoin.
Her 100 ETN kazdığınızda uygulamada yer alan cüzdanınıza otomatik olarak kazancınız aktarılır. Tek yapmanız gereken şey ise haftada 1 kez uygulamaya girerek madencilik sürenizi uzatmak. Hepsi bu! Ödeme kanıtı için kendi hesabımdan bir görüntüyü aşağıya ekliyorum.
Electroneum ödeme kanıtı Electroneum ödeme kanıtı
Eğer daha fazla ETN kazanmak isterseniz de benim referans kodum olan E6B43B kodunu girebilirsiniz.
Şimdi bir diğer kripto paramıza geçelim…
Pi ile para kazanma Pi coin
PI Pi, şu an için hâlâ test aşamasında olan ve 2020 yılın içerisinde borsalara girmesi beklenen bir başka kripto paradır. Şu an borsalarda olmadığı için herhangi bir değere sahip olmayan Pi, testnet sürecini başarılı olarak tamamlarsa mainnet aşamasına geçecek. Bundan sonra borsalara girmesi söz konusu olabilecektir.
Her ne kadar şu an için bir değeri olmasa da geleceğe yönelik bir yatırım olarak telefon üzerinden madenciliği yapılabilecek bir altcoin olduğunu düşünüyorum.
Google Play Store üzerinden pinetwork yazarak bulup indirebileceğiniz kripto para biriminde, uygulamayı ilk açtığınızda mail adresi ve şifre oluşturmanızı isteyecek.
Uygulamaya girdikten sonra ise ayarlardan telefon numarası veya facebook ile doğrulama yapmanız gerekiyor. Hepsi bu kadar!
Pi uygulamasına 24 saatte bir girerek şimşek butonuna basmanız gerekiyor. Bu sayede kazım periyodu devam edecektir.
Son olarak şunu da eklemek istiyorum: Hem Electroneum hem de Pi telefonunuzun işlemcisi üzerinden kazım yapmazlar. Bu nedenle telefonunuzun donanımına herhangi bir zarar vermezler.
Kullanımlarından gördüğüm kadarıyla batarya üzerinde de olması gerekenden fazla bir etkisi yok. Bu açıdan bu 2 uygulamayı sizlere tavsiye edebilirim.
Bu arada Pi ağına referansınız olmadan girebilmeniz mümkün değil. Yani uygulama izin vermiyor. Eğer isterseniz “ozansen” yazarak benim referans kodumla da uygulamayı kullanabilirsiniz.
Evet, evden para kazanma yolları adlı yazımın burada sonuna geldim arkadaşlar.
Son olarak eklemek istediğim şey, internet üzerinden para kazanmanın da tıpkı normal bir işte çalışır gibi emek ve zaman istediğini unutmamanız gerektiğidir.
İnternette gördüğünüz ve evde oturarak 3000 TL kazanın gibi yalanlara asla inanmayın. Bunlar gerçek dışı.
Eğer yazıyı buraya kadar okuduysanız çok teşekkür ederim. Umarım işinize yarayan bilgiler verebilmişimdir. Herhangi bir sorunuz olursa yorum bölümünden bana iletebilirsiniz.
Herkese saygılar, sevgiler…
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09-24 05:23 - 't𝐓𝐇𝐈𝐒 𝐈𝐒 𝐇𝐎𝐖 𝐘𝐎𝐔 𝐖𝐈𝐋𝐋 𝐂𝐇𝐀𝐍𝐆𝐄 𝐘𝐎𝐔𝐑 𝐋𝐈𝐅𝐄 𝐂𝐎𝐌𝐏𝐋𝐄𝐓𝐄𝐋𝐘 𝐓𝐎𝐃𝐀𝐘!' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/Rohitxina removed from /r/Bitcoin within 7-17min

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Go1dfish undelete link
unreddit undelete link
Author: Rohitxina
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Unknown links are censored to prevent spreading illicit content.
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The absolutely best faucets

The best faucets i've ever seen!!!
💥😱💥 💵💵💸💸💰🚀
Earn instant!! rewards just by: Visiting a website Starting a bot or joining a group
Top minimum cashout directly on your wallet and no more never ending claiming for weeks. Dodgecoin for example has a minimum of 4 Doge and I collected my first cashout in maybe 30 minutes and had it in a few seconds on trustwallet
🎁The doge faucet has the most rewards and is really full of it
🎁The lightcoin faucet is full too and always new rewards
🎁ETH faucet - claim every 30s just with a click 🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝
🎁The others are pretty empty but just start the bot, click settings and activate the task alert. Hope they'll become so full soon too 🎁
I tried so many faucets the last 1-2 years but that are the best I've ever seen 👍👌 Try it out and happy claiming 🤑🤑🤑
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High-paying Cryptocurrency Websites

Have you ever wanted to collect crypto to join the hype, but are not willing to invest real money? The good news is there are in fact methods to get them online for free. All it requires is some investment of time on your part to start your crypto journey! According to, $1,000 worth of bitcoin in 2013 would be worth $6,400 in October 2018. / (non-ref) This is a well known faucet that pays users every hour. Each time you roll, there is a chance that you win a payout bigger than the base payout of 0.00000033 BTC. If you are very lucky, you might win the highest payout (worth $203.17 at the date of posting). Considering that you are doing nothing but clicking on a roll button, this seems to be a good site. Each roll also gives you 2 free lottery tickets and 2 reward points. Lottery tickets enter you into a weekly lottery draw. Reward points can be traded for benefits such as electronics, hardware wallets and gift certificates. If you are not interested in the prizes, you could very well trade for the free BTC bonus, which awards 10% to 1000% bonus to the base reward for the BTC faucet. I'm not a fan of gambling and firmly believe that you will lose money in the long run. If you would like to try your luck and have some fun, however, there is a Multiply BTC section featuring a provably HI-LO game which awards 1 free lottery ticket and 1 reward point for every 1000 satoshis that you wager. / (non-ref) This is a very similar site to, albeit with fewer features. Use it along with! / (non-ref) Hourly faucet which pays extra when you roll prime numbers. You can also earn by watching videos, completing offer walls (Tap Research, Adscend Media, AdGate Media, Minute Staff, Revenue Wall, Opinion Capital, Theorem Reach, Offer Toro,, Wannads, Kiwi Wall, Offer Daddy, PTC Wall, Pollfish, Clix Wall, Say So Rewards, Adwork Media, Super Rewards). Try your luck on the multiplier if you are feeling lucky!
Moon Faucets
These are a unique set of faucets - you decide how often to claim! Most faucets only allow you to claim at fixed intervals of time. With the Moon faucets, you can claim as little or often as you like. The faucet fills rapidly initially and slows down over time until you make a claim. You decide how often you want to claim, with the knowledge that the amount keeps building up! With these sites, there is an opportunity to increase claim amounts through the daily loyalty bonus, referral bonus, offer bonus, mystery bonus and mining bonus schemes. These faucets pay out to CoinPot.
Other Coinpot Faucets / (non-ref) Claim up to 5000 satoshi every 15 minutes. This site also pays a 5% daily bonus. You can also use this site as a GPT site by doing offers and surveys (Super Rewards, Wannads, Offer Daddy, Offer Toro). / (non-ref) Claim from this faucet every 3 minutes. You might be happy to know that this site allows you to earn by playing games. If you prefer to do offers and surveys, Super Rewards, Wannads and Offer Toro are available.
Semi-passive Sites
If you prefer something which earns by doing little work, the sites below may be of interest. While some of them may require more effort at the start, the results will soon pay off. / (non-ref) This is the closest thing to a true auto-faucet! Complete shortlinks, mine or complete offerwalls (AdGateMedia, Offer Toro, Offer Daddy, Pollfish, PTCWall, MinuteStaff, Wannads). A single shortlink gives 50 autoclaims as well as 50 activity points which help you level up. As your level increases, each claim gives you slightly greater value in crypto. You may decide whether payments are kept in the Fire Faucet account or directly to Faucet Hub. Funds within the Fire Faucet account can be withdrawn manually to Faucet Hub. Payments are fast and can be seen almost instantly. It should be noted that once you start the Auto Faucet, you have to leave it the tab open for it to continue claiming crypto. The tab itself does not have to be active and you can continue with your personal activities. / (non-ref) A combination of GPT, autofaucet and game, all in one website. Tasks in the offerwalls (AdscendMedia, PTCWall, ShortLinks, AdGateMedia, AdWorkMedia, MinuteStaff, TheoremReach, give you credits, while the faucet and mining game give you lab flasks. Both are exchangeable with one another. Purchase mining equipment from your hard work to start earning lab flasks passively! Note that Generators and Security are the best investments due to greater ROI. Energy decreases every hour and each energy point costs 3 points + 0.75 credits for every 5000 production. You may consider enabling Autorefill Energy (which consumes credits), as production decreases when energy goes down. According to the FAQ, the formula for satoshi earning rate is ((YourProduction/10)*0.14)*(YourCurrentEnergy/100). As you can tell, more work is required at the beginning, but it will all pay off. Referring to the current leaderboard the top person has a production power of 194797. Let's try calculating the amount of satoshi generated for this person.((194797/10)*0.14)*(100/100)= 2727 satoshi per hour. / (non-ref) Mine crypto either through the game, or for real! Missions allow you to level up as well as earn crystals, mining power and crypto at the cost of energy, which replenishes with time or by doing shortlinks. Each mission also gives you tickets for entry to a weekly Mega Jackpot. The site is also releasing a light version of the game Crypto Mining War very soon, which you can play using cards (earned through the website as well). The final version is still under development, but it is fun, multiplayer and crypto can be earned through it. / (non-ref) Before proceeding, it should be noted that this is a Cloud mining site. Majority of Cloud mining sites are ponzi scheme scams. It is uncertain if that is the case for this site. A crypto deposit is made as an investment, which gives mining power. It should be noted that 24 hour mining contracts will definitely give a loss on this site - you receive less than you invest. Only invest in 10 year contracts if possible. I generally only use crypto I gain from faucet and GPT sites to fund this account. NEVER use real money on Cloud mining sites.
Thanks for reading and happy earning!
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/r/BeerMoney FAQ

/BeerMoney FAQ
Welcome to /BeerMoney, we'll try to answer common questions among our posters to avoid filling the subreddit with re-posts!
-What are some good sites to start with?/What sites can I use to make "x" amount?
Mechanical Turk: Probably the most widely suggested site here because the payout is based off of how much time you put into it and it can be withdrawn directly to a bank account. Also check out /HitsWorthTurkingFor if you're starting with MTurk.
SwagBucks: The most widely used PTC (Pay to Click) site on the sub, if you're not familiar with them, these sites have different activites (surveys, polls, videos) that you can do/watch, to earn "SwagBucks" which then can be redeemed in their store for prizes and gift cards. The most codt efficient item to redeem from these sites is usually a $5 amazon gift card.
Jebbit: A fairly new site where you answer a few questions about a webpage, called a "campaign". You can earn points and get streaks for answering questions correclty. This site pays out in cash to WePay, or you can use your earning in the Jebbit Store.
TopLine: This is generally the beginner set it and forget it site. It's a chrome extension that replaces ads with their own sponsored ads and pays you $1 per 1,000 pages with topline compatible ads.
-Can I start a referral train?
Referral trains are fine to start in the comments section of a post, but not on a new post. If you submit a new post about a website that is imformative, feel free to put your referral link in the post as well, as long as the sole reason of the post isn't to get referrals.
-What I do when tax time comes around?
Any website where you have over $600 of earnings from, should be included on you taxes in the form of a 1099. On sites like MTurk where it's very possible to earn more than $600 a year, techinically the money must be all from one requester for the requester to send you a 1099, but this is a bit of a gray area. I would love for someone who knows more about taxes to elaborate on this.
-How can I earn the most money?
Mechanical Turk: Has probably the highest potential earning power, along with InfoArmy, until the removal of the $20 bonus.
-Can I use BlueStacks with beermoney apps such as SBTV or AppTrailers?
Swagbucks will ban bluestacks users, but as for AppTrailers, you can use the app on bluestacks, but be wary of using things like auto-clickers, because they might get your account suspened, and in AppTrailers world, you might as well be banned.
-How do I get more referrals?
Datsoup - a referral randomizer, enter your ref codes and viola.
/BeerMoney Sites
SwagBucks/Datsoup - A popular PTC site, cashing out prizes and gift cards.
MTurk - High potential earnings, able to cash out to your bank account or amazon gift card.
Jebbit/Datsoup - New site where you answer questions about a webpage and earn money. Cash out to WePay.
DraftDay/Datsoup - A fantasy sports site with free roll games for cash prizes.
Bing Rewards/Datsoup - Earn points using Bing's search engine.
Cafrino/Datsoup - An online poker site that requires no deposits, tournament tables and speed roll tables avaiable.
GiftHulkGifthulk - A PTC site similiar to swagbucks with a treasure chest feature that is like superpoints' "super lucky wheel".
PaidViewPoint/Datsoup - Recieve surveys every couple days and earn cash for completing them and increasing your trait score.
Slice The PieDatsoup - Rate and review music to recive payments, and increase your level for better base pay.
BetaPunch - Record your screen and speak while you review new websites that need to be beta tested.
Info Army/Datsoup - Fill out reports for business' and earn money per sale of your completed reports.
XPango/Datsoup - A PTC site where you can earn gifts and prizes.
Jingit/Datsoup - Watch ads and earn money, also has an app for mobile check ins at Wal-mart for extra money. $10-$15 cap per week.
Skreened/Datsoup - Set commission and earn money for your t-shirt designs.
Points2Shop/Datsoup - PTC site where you can redeem points for cash and prizes.
Poll Buzzer/Datsoup - A survey site where questionaires are e-mailed to you.
NeoBux/Datsoup - Another PTC site where you can redeem points for prizes.
AppTrailers/AppRedeem/Datsoup - Apps for iPhone and Android that allow you to watch videos and download apps to earn points. Cash out to gift cards and paypal.
FreeMyApps/Datsoup - iPhone app for downloading apps, earning points and cashing out the itunes/amazon gift cards.
Juno/Bamboo Wallet/Datsoup - Apps for iPhone and Android that gives you cash for watching videos and downloading apps.
PrizeZombie/Datsoup - New PTC site where earn points and cash out to cash and prizes.
Viggle/Datsoup - Get rewarded for watching TV shows.
Plink/Datsoup - Earn rewards for shopping at select places.
PostLoop/Datsoup - Earn rewards for writing informative blog posts.
TopLine/Datsoup - Add-on for chrome/firefox that replaces all of your ads with TopLine ads and pays $1 per 1000 pages with a topline compatible ad viewed.
ClixSense/Datsoup - PTC site to earn cash and prizes.
NatureClix/Datsoup - Yet another PTC, and again, earn prizes and gift cards.
Surveys4Prizes/Datsoup - GPT site where you can earn gift cards.
CoinWorker - MTurk with bitcoin.
I'd love some more suggestions to the list if anyone has any! Please let me know if you notice any errors, or any changes that need to be made, hope this list helps new users out! I tried to include as many sites as I've seen mentioned here on the sub.
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List of Global Beermoney sites

TOP choices:
  1. ySense (best global site). Check this blog for earnings. >$5000 lifetime earnings!
  2. PrizeRebel Signup bonus: 'beermoneyglobal', Swagbucks $3 sign-up bonus, GG2U, Keep Rewarding, Reward XP, Timebucks
  3. SerpClix
  4. 100% passive sites: HoneyGain (5 EUR bonus), FluidStack, PacketStream, Kryptex, LoadTeam
  5. Playing games: Gamehag, GamerMine
  6. Crypto: FreeBitcoin, Crypto coin faucets, Cointiply Promo code: 'beermoneyglobal'
  7. Large studies with big payouts: Respondent, Prolific Academic
  8. The Netherlands: Euroclix, StemPunt
  9. Belgium: Buffl
  10. One-time sign-up bonuses
Whilst /beermoney is a great subreddit for American redditors, it is hard to find good stuff not being from the US. In this subreddit we want to gather and focus on all the websites/programs/opportunities that exist for the non-US citizens of this world!
Only post websites and methods that work outside of the US, others will be deleted. If possible add payment prove to your posts!
Register here Info Additional posts Earnings
ySense (best global site), previously called Clixsense Info Blog /
SwagBucks Finally available worldwide!
PrizeRebel Surveys, Videos, Offerwalls
SerpClix Earn for searching Google
HoneyGain 100% passive (Windows + Android)
GG2U Surveys, Videos, Offerwalls
Keep Rewarding Surveys, Videos, Offerwalls
Reward XP Surveys, Videos, Offerwalls
Timebucks Surveys, Videos, Offerwalls
Fluidstack 100% passive
PacketStream 100% passive
Kryptex 100% passive
LoadTeam 100% passive
Gamehag Playing games
GamerMine Playing games
ClickWorker Microtasks
Free Bitcoin Free BTC each hour /
Cointiply Enter promo code 'BEERMONEYGLOBAL' for free coins! beermoney
Crypto coin faucets Tutorial 1
Respondent Large studies with big payouts
BuzzBreak Earn for reading news
Prolific Academic Info 1 2
Spare5 Tasks
Earnably Info /
Earnhoney Surveys & Videos
GiveawayPros New offer site
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Global Site - $1 Minimum - Instant Payments - 22 OfferWalls

This is great for countries outside of the USA, they have many earning opportunities with daily surveys for many countries, PTC for everyone and videos as well as a great referral program and the minimum withdraw is just $1 USD or equivalent, you can get paid instantly with PayPal or choose other options including Bitcoin and Tango or gift cards.
Payment Proof
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GPT site celebrating 2 years with BIG contests is celebrating 2 years in business with lots of great bonus contests. They have 25 OfferWalls and almost $100k paid out. They pay you instantly with a low $1 minimum. They have many payment options including PayPal and Bitcoin.
Registration is a simple one page form
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Signup Bonus,Activity Bonus,22 Offer Walls,Instant Payments

This rewards site has it all. They start you off with 10 cents when you register, they also pay an activity bonus every hour, it is a fraction of a cent but it all adds up. This site also has a low minimum of $1.00 and pays via PayPal instantly also available are Amazon GC and Bitcoin as well Tango or Visa E-card.
The selection of offers,surveys,ptc,videos,tasks and other stuff is great, 22 Offer Walls give you lots of things to do. You can also compete in contests to earn even more money.
Registration is easy, the site has great support staff but you probably won't need them, theres never an issue with getting paid and the sites easy to navigate. - nonref
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01-01 10:32 - 'ClixSense Adding Bitcoin? Biggest and longest running PTC online today!' ( by /u/Carlscrazyidea removed from /r/Bitcoin within 5809-5814min

ClixSense Adding Bitcoin? Biggest and longest running PTC online today!
Go1dfish undelete link
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Author: Carlscrazyidea
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[Table] IAmA Owner of MTG Internet Retailer Untapped Games (Also Yu-Gi-Oh & Pokemon TCG)

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2013-07-14
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
1: can you hook me up with some free yugioh cards? 1: We do give away some free stuff on our monthly facebook contest. There are usually only a couple hundred entrants so you odds are pretty good!
2: How do u deal with potential scammer? Ex: They got the card but say they didnt, card was damaged, etc. 2: It's always a challenge. Large orders have signature confirmation which is usually adequate proof. Large international orders go registered with a physical return receipt. Once things are signed for we are usually fine. Smaller orders we refund sometimes, but if we think it is fraud we will blacklist the buyer.
3: How big of a staff do you keep? 3: There are currently 10 of us including myself. I usually add a couple people before the holidays.
4: What do you think about the future of TCG's? 4: I think the future looks great. It really depends on the game. Right now MTG, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, and Cardfight are all going strong.
What do you, as a card retailer, wish we consumers knew or did differently? 1) I wish more people would buy directly from our site so we can avoid fees that are usually around 10% to 15% of the purchase. Our prices on our site are thus typically lower and we also almost constantly have coupons to save more. We really pass most of the savings on to the customer in the hopes of future direct business! A lot of people do switch to buying direct from us, but even some big buyers don't. Some repeat eBay buyers could have saved hundreds over time if not more just buying direct from us.
2) Pricing. Sometimes people get upset if something is more than retail. We value collectables in real time. Just like any normal person we aren't going to sell a box of Modern Masters for $168. It's especially frustrating because most of our prices are so much lower than retail. We charge only $87.95 for a Magic 2014 booster box pre-order currently when the retail is like $144. Those hot products that go above retail are really how MTG shops make their money to stay in business today. Pricing is determined by the internet.
Have you thought about putting a post card in with the orders with a coupon directing them to the site? I did this and it has been wonderful. Thanks for the suggestion! We do include coupons with every order though :)
If we went directly to your site to buy singles, we would almost always be paying more than if we were to go to and buy from the lowest price on their (which is sometimes you guys). We love selling on TCGPlayer and I think it is a great place to shop especially if you are buying a lot of rarer cards that we might not have every one in stock of.
Our prices on TCGPlayer are already higher than our direct prices though! Plus, we almost always have 10% off coupons that work for standard MTG sets and recent sets from other games! If you enjoy shopping on TCGPlayer though definitely don't stop! Great deals can be found!
M14PREORDER - Save 10% on an order containing only MTG singles with at least one M14 single.
NUMBER10 - Save 10% on an order containing only YuGiOh singles with at least one Number Hunters single.
What is the worst example of you being burnt by speculative investment in a MTG card? What set has been the most popular of all time for you? Which card has been the most popular? Have you ever been lucky with a speculative investment in a card/set? How much did you make? 1) I can't really say we have made any investments in a particular card that turned out so poorly I remember it. MTG is usually pretty safe, but card values obviously fluctuate. 3) Black Lotus seems to be the most well known MTG card, but for what is selling it is often based on our supply. Popular cards from new sets can be hard to keep in stock. We sold out of our pre-order allocation for Archangel of Thune. We were pre-selling them for $13.95 originally and now we sold out, but they were up to $29.95. 4) Every new set is a speculative investment! A lot of the time you have to order product before it is fully revealed. Yu-Gi-Oh is more volatile than MTG. Some sets you make thousands of dollars in profit and other sets you lose thousands of dollars!
I have a small cache of Magic and Pokemon cards in my attic. 1995-2000 highlights like (a few) dual lands, Mox Diamonds, and cards of similar caliber. I also have some non-Charizard 1st edition foils. What's your recommendation on liquidating these and still doing my childhood justice? I agree with Beerblebrox's post below! MTG is enjoyable at any age! If you really don't plan to play ever again though I personally keep a couple of my favorite items from each era of my childhood and that has worked out well! That said I meet a lot of MTG players who play the game quit and then play again. Buying cards and then selling them back to the shop just to buy them again is not good for your wallet!
How do I go about acquiring a whole sale license so I can buy boxes for cheap and circumvent the middleman? To buy Magic: The Gathering product you need to have a brick and mortar store and a sales permit.
As a retailer how do you feel about the reserved list for mtg? We don't have large numbers of older cards, but I think it is a good idea. I don't know if a particular list is required. I just hope that Wizards refrains from reprinting too much. It's really easy to make a massive amount of money quick with good reprints (Modern Masters), but I'm not so sure it is good for the long term.
Yu-Gi-Oh seems to reprint everything and they kind of encourage a culture where vendors can't hold onto product for long because it will devalue. I know vendors who have stopped selling YuGiOh because their inventory would just be constantly devalued and when there are less vendors there are less places to play the game.
I don't know if a particular list is required. I just hope that Wizards refrains from reprinting too much. I'm not sure if they realize what the impact would be. If a card is valuable that card's value is held by the players and stores who own those cards. When they reprint something those cards all go down in value and the value of the reprint mostly just goes to the manufacturer.
Don't mention this over at /MagicTCG. That subreddit tends to want everything to be reprinted so every card is insanely cheap. I'm not doubting players would like MTG to be more affordable. Lowering the price on everything is certainly not what any company is going to want to do though. If Wizards of the Coast pursued an aggressive reprinting policy what would happen is you would have cards at least as expensive as you do now when new sets come out. Then once everyone bought those who could months later they would reprint them and destroy the value of that investment. Personally, I don't think standard is difficult to keep up with if you do some smart trading and play any type of limited format even semi-frequently.
Why is Solar Flare Dragon the greatest Yu-Gi-Oh card ever? 1) Everyone has a favorite!
What's your favorite of the TCGs? 3) I enjoy Magic: The Gathering the best. It is what I played during my childhood and what I still play today. I have played some Pokemon TCG and Yu-Gi-Oh as well and they are both enjoyable games.
How have profits changed in the last decade? Has the popularity dwindled as much as I expect or am I just getting old? 4) A decade ago, I was beginning college and only doing this part time. I didn't realize how good it was. Margins are lower today, but the market is tremendously larger! I think it is much tougher to get into this market than it was years ago and I wouldn't be able to build up to what i have if I had started later (or at least not as easily). If you want to retire early you might want to look for a more profitable career lol. I just love what I do! I don't know why you perceive the popularity as declining. Game popularity changes, but overall the market is strong. Obviously, Pokemon was a fad many years back and it is no where near what it was, but even it is doing solid.
How did you get started in the business? It's hard to say what was really the starting point. It's like a lot of things coming together. My interest in MTG started as early as elementary school and I played (incorrectly) on and off until high school. I used to sometimes sell some cards on eBay and it kind of just grew from there!
I'm considering a career change from kitchens and have been toying with the idea of starting an online re-selling business around one of my hobbies. I considered MTG, lately been revolving around Lego, both being products I'm familiar with. My plan at this stage is to just buy a few sets each of the next release (Lego), sell them individually through eBay and other local online classifieds, then re-invest the proceeds into more sets, using the first few batches to determine how feasible this will be and to not sink too much money into a pipe dream. 3) I'm slightly OCD when it comes to collectables, always thought that if I were in the Magic business I'd keep one of each card that passed through my hands, keep the first black lotus, sell the second on. How extensive is your personal collection? 1) I pretty much started my business in high school selling cards I traded for. I just did it on eBay and it was profitable immediately, but it was pretty much just like a small allowance of $10 or $20 per week. 2) If you plan to just sell on Ebay I think it is pretty easy if you can compete on pricing. I know that it would be very difficult for me to start my business as it is today. For MTG you need to have a brick and mortar store to buy from wholesalers, so I think you would have to stick with legos if you are considering just selling new product. It might be difficult to compete too. I'm able to buy product for good prices from distributors because I buy a large volume. They also know I'm likely to do future business since I have a history of selling the types of items I do. I don't think someone would be able to offer to buy the same volume and get the same price without that history. 3) That's a dangerous attitude to have lol. You want to make sure you sell the product that runs your business. I don't have any personal collection except my decks which I sell back to my business when I'm done with them.
What is my Fog of Gnats card worth? Lol.
What us the most expensive purchase someone has made on your site? I'm not sure the most expensive purchase, but we regularly have people who buy about $1000 worth of cards when a new set comes out. It is especially true for YuGiOh where we have a lot of Japanese customers. I suspect they are probably vendors who sell the cards themselves in Japan.
Do you feel like there are more Magic players nowadays than ever before? I've been a casual player for the past 5 years and rarely go into a store anymore but I read the other day that the number of MTG players tripled since Shards of Alara. Do you feel like it? The growth has been incredible. I'm not sure how to measure the number of MTG players there are, but I wouldn't be surprised if tournament attendance was at least 3 times what it was during Shards of Alara. Our online sales have definitely at least doubled in the past 3 years.
In my local area; I moved to Providence, RI in 2006 and there were no shops I could find that had tournaments in the immediate local area. Now my shop exists and there are at least 4 other MTG retailers running tournaments within 10 miles.
Hows business? Business is good this year! MTG, Yu-Gi-Oh, Cardfight, and Pokemon are all doing fantastic.
How do you feel about some of the best card games out right now (Netrunner, AGOT, Star Wars) being LCGs. Do you think the living format is the future of card games and have you seen a shift in costumers from big money games like mtg to fixed priced games? I thing CCGs are here to stay. I haven't noticed anyone who has quit MTG, YuGiOh, Pokemon, or Cardfight Vanguard specifically to instead play an LCG. I definitely think there is a place in the market for them especially on a less hardcore level.
I think that the formula for CCG's is more profitable for manufacturers. I can't imagine any LCG bringing in the revenue per player to have the development budget that MTG has. I also think the luck aspect of opening boosters and the ability to trade cards has appeal to many players especially younger ones.
Could you take a guess at what most of your buyers are like? Do you see more younger or older people, male vs. female? It really depends on the game. Being a seller specifically of TCG's we probably reach a different audience than say Walmart does when they sell cards. YuGiOh and Pokemon both have tournaments scenes that even attract a lot of college aged adults. Obviously, a lot of our sales for those two games are to kids as well. Most MTG players we see in our shop are adults in their 20s or older, but there are still a lot of kids who come play that too! MTG has just been around a while and people have stuck with it over the years!
Most players in tournaments are male, but I think people often underestimate the number of female gamers. They just tend to not come to tournaments as much.
When selling booster packs, do you do any tricks to figure out what's in them (look at them through bright light, analyzing the pack/booster box product id, etc.) to figure out if it has an expensive rare? No. That would just result in negative feedback and unhappy customers. We are in the business for the long term and aren't shutting down our site to make a new one or remaking eBay accounts every month. When we have cards we don't need from new sets we make booster box repacks...
YuGiOh Lord of Tachyon Galaxy Booster Box Repack
MTG Avacyn Restored Booster Box Repack
Although you aren't going to get any $10 cards in these they are popular, especially for MTG where you can use them to draft for less than $3 per person (depending on the set).
Has anyone tried to buy a bulk amount of seemingly bad cards like Wood Elemental? How about Tibalt? Our site has a maximum quantity people are allowed to buy of any particular card, but it is not uncommon for people to amass collections of one bad card as a hobby or because they like the artist. I have met many players who just pick a card and try to get as many copies of it as they can!
If I'm looking to open my own Magic: The Gathering brick and mortar store in the near future, what are the most important variables to consider? How important are online sales in keeping the doors to your store open? Location and having a friendly sociable person at the counter are both extremely important. I think there is a lot of luck involved! How much money you need depends on how you live and probably where you are opening. I don't want to hypothesize on a number because we didn't really start from scratch since we had a strong online operation before opening our brick and mortar store.
Our online sales are absolutely vital to keeping our normal store open the way we have it set up now. However, there are many shops that have great tournament organizers and are quite profitable without online operations. Just my skill is really in the online market and I treat our store like a community establishment. I honestly don't try to make money off it. If it does make a lot of money one day that would be great, but I just want people to have a fun and comfortable place to play!
What's the best way to get back into MTG? I've been out of the scene for about 9 years, and it seems like it's changed drastically since then. The core game is still the same! It depends on what format you want to play and how much you know, but the Duals of the Planeswalkers 2014 video game has an excellent tutorial on how to play!
Other than that you can easily find out about recent happenings on different forums like MTG Salvation, Wizards of the Coast's own forums, and even here on Reddit!
If you want physical product, the upcoming M14 Core Set that releases on July 19th is probably a simple start. I personally think something like a M14 fat pack is a good choice because you get some basic lands, a life counter, and a nice box to put some cards/decks in.
How do you see the recent developments in online card games? Magic 2014, Blizzard's Heartstone to name the one's I know. The free to play model works extremely well for them and their execution is AAA. Do think they will impact your business negatively? Are you preparing to move into online trading? I actually was initially worried that these types of games would eat into our business, but it turned out to be the opposite. A lot of people play games like Duals of the Planeswalkers 2014 and then start playing MTG for real. I think DotP 2014 is a great way to learn the game, but being in a room with real people I think that is social experience that online TCG's can't replicate yet and I don't see them doing in my future as a vendor. Online TCGs keep getting better, but they have been around for years and the physical TCG industry has continued to grow tremendously. As someone mentioned below MTG just had their biggest tournament yet! Even with Hearthstone, when it was revealed our limited remaining inventory of World of Warcraft card sales skyrocketed.
There is certainly a market for online trading and we have thought about it, but haven't taken any action yet.
What are your thoughts on the World of Warcraft TCG? You don't claim to carry it, so I'm curious if there's a reason or something. I played it a bit and think it is a fine game, but it definitely does not have an extremely large hardcore following and its popularity seems to be directly derived from how well the video game is doing.
The card game was initially very popular when it came out, but even then people were buying it for code cards to unlock stuff in the video game primarily. Now, there are many unlockables in WoW through different means, so there is not as much interest in buying packs of the TCG for codes. Since Cryptozoic has taken over the game they seem to be trying to build a strong gaming community so perhaps that will help, but for now we are at max capacity selling other games.
How is your relationship with other MTG retailers? Are you a large TO as well? Although we are all competitors I think most MTG retailers get along pretty well. I do a lot of business with other vendors, so we certainly help each other as well as compete.
On a local level, the Providence, RI area has a great TCG gaming scene and I think a lot of that has to do with the wide selection of shops. There really is a place for gamers of every type! I think all the events and happenings have really led to growth in the gaming scene in the area. I don't know how much better or worse it would be for us if our competition wasn't there. However, I do believe the gaming scene would be much smaller.
We aren't a large TO presently, but maybe one day! Our core business is currently online and just revenue wise it is hard to imagine our physical location could ever come close. Our online site sells all over the world! That said our physical store might be expanding soon!
Do you have / have you ever considered a "deck-building" feature on your website where customers can build a deck made of singles and then be given a quote on the price for it? I always felt like that would be useful when I played TCG's some 7 or 8 years ago. That sounds like a great idea! We have a feature called deck builder which essentially lets you search a list of cards, but it doesn't automatically give you a total for all of them. I may check and see if we could implement a feature that does!
Are you moving a lot of Modern staples right now (fetch lands, Dark Confidant, Tarmogoyf, Vendilion Clique, Thoughtseize, etc.)? How does the demand for these staples compare with prior years? 1) Those cards all sell out pretty quick when we get them in. I would say Modern as a format is more popular than ever and that the release of Modern Masters really boosted it.
How has the release of Modern Masters impacted your business? 2) Modern Masters is extremely popular, but was tightly allocated. We didn't receive an extremely large amount. However, I'm sure our return on our investment is higher than any other MTG new release. It's intense popularly I think did reduce demand for Dragon's Maze and possibly M14 though.
What game is most profitable in single sales? 1) I wouldn't say there is a wide deviation between them typically as we buy single restocks on the secondary market using similar buy pricing. Each new set is a different story. For YuGiOh, I at least doubled our investment on Legendary Collection 2, but then I probably lost half of our investment if not more on Hidden Arsenal 5.
Have you done anything with kaijudo (new version of duel masters)? 2) I have researched it quite a bit, but Cardfight Vanguard was getting big at the same time as Kaijudo was being pushed to me. Cardfight seemed like a better way to expand, so we decided to invest more in that instead. I don't notice much demand at our local physical shop for Kaijudo, but most of the kids who come in are 12+, while Kaijudo packs say 8+ on them.
Do you play yugioh? 3) I have played it to learn how to play. Honestly, I didn't expect it to be as deep, strategic, and fun as it was. However, I already am more of an MTG player and mostly stick to that.
Personally, do you love the pokemon games? I do enjoy the Pokemon games. I played a ton of Pokemon Blue & Red years ago. I feel like they continue to refine them, but they don't hold my interest as long anymore. I played a bit of Pokemon Black & White, but the formula just isn't as fresh and exciting as it was to me back in Blue & Red.
What is the single most expensive card you have sold? We don't carry many of the older extremely valuable MTG cards, but we do sometimes acquire and sell cards in the $200 to $300 range.
What advice would you have for someone who is looking to start playing Magic but has no idea how to play? Download Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014! It has a great tutorial!
You guys run a fun weekly draft, just wanted to say thanks. (You are the ones in Providence RI, right?) Technically, our tournament area is right over the border in Pawtucket! We do run weekly Thursday night drafts at 7:00 PM though!
(1) Is there any sort of format that you can see being "the future of card games" ? For instance, since Magic was the first game, it seems we're moving away from power creep to a more balanced card game, but is there going to be another progression from this? 1) I think the internet and game communities are shaping the future heavily and will continue to do so. I wouldn't be surprised if MTG picks up more officially supported formats like EDH as people create new ideas.
(2) Do you think more games like The Penny-Arcade board/card games will ever take over sales due to their cheaper price? 2) I think there is a place in the market for these, but I don't think people are going to quit MTG to play them and MTG is not really difficult or expensive to get into on a casual level. I also think MTG's huge revenue at this point gives it a very healthy development budget that keeps the game continually fresh,exciting, and balanced.
(3) Is there any card game that you loved and wanted to see successful? I miss Magination, personally. 3) I pretty much grew up playing MTG so it is the game I like. As a kid I used to enjoy Overpower and I'm kind of sad that didn't work out. I haven't played as an adult, but I'm guessing it wasn't as strong of a TCG.
I have read that a brick-and-mortar storefront is a requirement of ordering booster boxes at wholesale prices. How do you operate around this? You can't! We have a brick and mortar store! Come visit us! Learn about our store HERE!
Worst customer you have ever had to deal with? Are all your orders in the US, I live in the uk and have barely seen card games existing. The worst customers don't always have the biggest problems. It's really how they interact with my people.
Recently, we had one guy buy a bunch of YuGiOh packs and before they got there he requested to return them. We told him that was fine as long as they were still sealed. He ended up opening the packs though and then still wanted to return them, which obviously is a no go in a collectable card game with cards of different values and rarities. These types of problems happen every so often, but it was really how he was just screaming and swearing at my employee for not wanting to take back his open product. If people treat my people badly I'm less inclined to help them out.
We sell all over the world. We definitely ship some orders to the UK, but most of of our customers are in the United States. We don't send enough shipments there to have a set idea of how big a market it is.
Do you feel like video games an online games based off TCGs have or could have a threat toward the sale of the physical product? Someone below had a similar question... Here is my response from that...
I actually was initially worried that these types of games would eat into our business, but it turned out to be the opposite. A lot of people play games like Duals of the Planeswalkers 2014 and then start playing MTG for real. I think DotP 2014 is a great way to learn the game, but being in a room with real people I think that is social experience that online TCG's can't replicate yet and I don't see them doing in my future as a vendor. Online TCGs keep getting better, but they have been around for years and the physical TCG industry has continued to grow tremendously. As someone mentioned below MTG just had their biggest tournament yet! Even with Hearthstone, when it was revealed our limited remaining inventory of World of Warcraft card sales skyrocketed.
How much do you take out of you booster box repacks? They look like a good deal but i wouldn't want to purchase one and get nothing but 50 cent or lower cards. You get a lot of great commons, uncommons, and bulk rares from the set of the repack! However, you probably aren't going to find many if much if anything worth more than $1. That is what you should assume you will receive. However, we do make most of the repacks when the sets come out so if cards change in value later it might be possible to snag some good cards. I know we had some Craterhoof Behemoths in the Avacyn Restored booster box repacks because it wasn't a valuable card when the set came out, but then it skyrocketed to over $20 for a little while before coming back down. That kind of price movement is uncommon though and you shouldn't buy expecting to receive anything like that.
Is your staff local based or do you hire people online as well? All of my staff is local, but we do utilize many services from other companies that have employees elsewhere. It is certainly possible for us to hire a non-locally based employee, but for coordination and communication it's a lot easier to have everyone in one place. I have noticed even when people have jobs that can be done at home it is still good to have everyone in one place. This way if our e-mail customer service rep finds out someone needs a refund they can just say 'Hey, John Doe needs a refund' directly to the person in charge of refunds and etc.
Do girls look hotter in yoga pants or jeans? I think it depends on the girl!
Magic the gathering online exchange (mtgox) switched to Bitcoin a few years ago, and have made millions. Are you miffed that you didn't get into Bitcoin too? Lol, I actually didn't know that. I don't know near enough about bit coins to have done anything like that and I'm certainly not miffed! It's great that they had the foresight to see that opportunity!
Do you ever open any of the packs yourself and what kind of cards do you collect personally? When new sets come out it can be pretty busy and I often help open packs myself! I play MTG, but don't really have a separate collection from my store inventory.
Did you ever sell mechwarrior clicks? I LOVED the game, but it didn't catch on very well :( Sorry, we pretty much concentrate on trading card games! I dabbled in some Warhammer minis a few years ago and we do sell a small amount of HeroClix.
Do you have a buy list and do you buy bulk cards, i got yu-gi-oh cards i wanna unload, the coolest card is properly an original left arm of the forbidden one, and most of the cards are first edition if that matters? Our buy list is here. We do buy bulk cards! We mostly concentrate on newer sets though for singles!
I noticed that you haven't updated prices on fetchlands in quite some time. But then, you also appear to be out of stock on them all. Were you caught unaware by the price spike, and was your stock bought out? There was no specific price spike that caught us by surprise. We just mostly concentrate on standard cards. The fetch lands are in sets that aren't on our buy list, so we don't get restocked. Most popular cards on our site would sell out within a couple weeks if were weren't constantly restocking them. We open hundreds of boxes per month and probably receive even more singles from people selling to us through our buy list! I'm hoping to expand our buy list into all modern sets very soon though!
Last updated: 2013-07-18 23:00 UTC
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