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GabeN, what are your specs? Well, I'm a handsome man with a charming personality.
How do you feel about the Internet's obsession with you? It's entertaining for my friends.
U/Gl0we asks: SteamOS could potentially be the first commercial Virtual Reality OS - what plans do you have for the future of the platform? How do you want to tackle the harder problems like user input for example? U/remosito asks: What VR experiences are you personally looking forward to the most for Year 1 and 5? Have you personally played the HLVR mod that expands Valve's current VR implementation for Half-Life 2 into a full-fledged experience with body tracking? See this article for a short example of the great work that Wormslayer and adoral84 are putting together with the community's help. Finally - and I guess you get that question a lot - I wanted to ask about the title that everyone is waiting for and that lends itself perfectly for a VR adaption, due to its way of storytelling, the open world as well as the puzzle elements: Ricochet 2. Did the long development time have anything to do with evolving technologies such as Virtual Reality? Are you planning to bring full VR support to future titles, such as Ricochet 2? 1) Abrash was thinking about it for a while, and started to get serious around 2 years ago. He thought that we'd reached the point where VR problems were getting tractable. 2) User input is hard. We haven't seen a solution yet to the problem. It's in the next round of problems to tackle. We need to start doing experience fragments to help drive this.
U/Pingly and druidsbane ask: The vast majority of demos for the Oculus Rift are done with Unity. Does Valve have any plans to turn Source or Source 2 into a more user-friendly development system with a C++ API as well as easy tools and release it early to give VR developers a headstart? 3) Alex Vlachos is working on this now (getting Source 2 working well with VR). Unity is pretty useful for lots of things as well.
Hey guys! Thanks for doing this AMA! What was the strangest/funniest thing you guys received in the mail? - What is your favorite cosmetic item from TF2? 4Chan sent us a crate and offered to sell us a key to open it. We sold it on craigslist.
Hi! First of all, thanks for bringing Steam on Linux. 1) Do you use Linux in your everyday life? If so, what is your distro of choice? 2) Do you think that in the long run Linux will not only be the future of gaming, but also the future of desktop? 3) Is Valve planning to release any exclusive for SteamOS? Thanks in advance for your time! 1) Debian. 2) Probably. 3) No.
What do you think of twitch plays Pokémon? Very cool. Can't wait for twitch plays Dota 2.
Are you aware that a Redditor has to eat a hat now because you're doing an AMA? Edit: Hat should have to be a fedora. Post pics or it didn't happen.
Hi, Gabe! I've got a question about Steam Music. Forgive me if this isn't your area, or whatever. Is it possible for some sort of integration with services like Pandora and Spotify, in the future? I don't have a music library, per se, and mostly just use internet radio, so it'd be great if I didn't have to alt tab to change stations or skip songs. Could this happen? Yes, we've got some things in the works that we think you'll like.
What improvements will we see out of the Source 2 engine? The biggest improvements will be in increasing productivity of content creation. That focus is driven by the importance we see UGC having going forward. A professional developer at Valve will put up with a lot of pain that won't work if users themselves have to create content.
Why did you choose "Valve" as the company name? Because it was better than "Rhino Scar"
Is there any specific reason why you're doing this AMA? To support the fund raising effort we are doing for Seattle Children's Hospital with the Heart of Racing effort.
Link to
What is your favorite non-Valve video game? Mario 64.
Link to When is Ricochet 2? When we announced our products years in advance in the past and then were really late delivering them, it was pretty painful for both us and the community. We'd rather not repeat that.
Dear Gabe, I believe it was the year 2011. The event was Blizzcon in Anaheim, California. I met you, lone, in the lore area while you were browsing through your iPad. I came up and asked for a picture. You seemed particularly perturbed by my asking. But ever since that day, I have yet to shower. Your musk keeps me warm on a cold winter's eve. When is HL3 coming out? That's a long time not to shower.
Do you ever play games such as tf2 on a secret steam account? Yes.
You guys are my favorite!! How many hours a week would you say that you spend actually playing video games and whats your current favorite? Dota 2 and about 20 hours.
I am planning on majoring in Computer Science, and I want to someday work in game development. What do AAA companies look at, other than a degree? Past experiences, etc? We look for a history of shipping things. There is no substitute for shipping things that make your customers happy.
Hey Gabe. What is your stance on the current government issues both in America and Europe around privacy and internet rights? A couple of years ago I donated a million dollars to the ACLU.
Can we please get an update on when we are likely to see Counter Strike Global Offensive for Linux? It's being worked on but we don't have an ETA.
Seeing as you (valve) are now rolling out the steam OS and steam machines will be coming to market soon, what do you think your core target market is, the desktop, pc gamer, or the living room console player? We see Steam Machines (along with SteamOS and the Steam Controller) as a service update to Steam, porting the experience to a new room in the house. As we've been working on it, we've focused first on the customers who already love Steam and its games. They've told us they're tired of giving up all the stuff they love when they sit in the living room, so it seemed valuable to fix that.
Hey Gabe and friends! Thanks for doing this AMA! If Valve could borrow an IP from another company to make a game for it, what would you guys choose? Gabe: The Warriors Coomer: Groundhog Day, Heathers Wolpaw: God Hand, Saints Row Ido: Casablanca.
Has Dota 2's growth been unexpected? And where will TI4 be held? We knew there were a lot of people playing Dota 1, and quite a few of those people worked at Valve, so our hope was that we'd do a good enough job on it that those people would play Dota 2.
We haven't finalized where this year's International will be. We are pretty sure it will be at Key Arena in Seattle, but we haven't gotten everything finalized, and there is always a risk that our schedules and theirs won't align in some way. As soon as we get everything finalized one way or another, we'll get the dates out there for everyone who would like to attend. Should be fun this year.
Will Kaci return? Yes.
When did you start collecting knives, and which are your 2 favorite in your collection so far? Since I was a kid. There are lots of great knife makers working today. Two lesser known ones worth checking out are Kevin Cashen at, and Elizabeth Loerchner at Link to
With the success of Dota2, and then with CS:GO, what do you think is the future for esports on the PC? Also, with micro transactions in the games helping fund prize pots for tournaments, when do you think we will see a tournament fully funded by micro-transactions? Giving the consumers of content a direct relationship with the creators of content is something we think about a lot. That is what drove our thinking about how the community could be more involved in the tournaments that mattered to them.
Hello! This question is directed to Eric Wolpaw. I'm sure you've had this questioned asked many times, and if that is the case I apologize for repeating the past, but I'm curious as to how the process of writing a game looks like? A brief summary perhaps. How many fresh pots of coffee per hour? Etc. Wolpaw: It's a lot of loose sketching at first, and then a lot of dot-connecting and backfilling as the game gets closer to being done. Lots of procrastinating, too. Lots.
Did you intentionally give 3:30 minutes notice of your canceled AMA on 3/3 just to torture us? No.
Have you ever found your interest in videogames waning as you've grown older, or do you continue to enjoy playing games as a hobby as much as you've ever done? It doesn't seem to be age dependent in my case.
What are your thoughts on Valve making new IP's? An IP is really a tool for a development team more than anything else. The key is to have clarity around what is uniquely of value in what you are trying to do and not waste your effort on things that don't directly contribute to that.
Are you able to go into any details as to why Valve's VR headset is "lightyears ahead of the original Oculus Dev Kit"? I'm not sure I'd agree with that. We are collaborating with them, and want their hardware to be great.
Question for Mr. Newell. Was there a point in your life when you considered selling/leaving Valve and get away from gaming industry to do something else? Not really. I really like the people I work with and being part of the community.
I have had the pleasure of being a part of the Steam community for over ten years. I joined when it all began in September 2003. Looking back to 2003, what were your (and Valves) goals and visions for Steam back then, and did it turn out as planned? Also, What is your vision for the Steam platform and PC gaming over the next ten years? I'm not trying to dodge the question, but we find it more useful to think in terms of feedback loops than in terms of visions/goals. Iterating with the community means that your near-term objectives change all the time. The key benefit to Steam is to shorten the length of the loop. Longer term, we see that working at the level of individual gamers, where we think of everyone as creating and publishing experience. "How can we make gamers more productive" sounds weird, but is an accurate way to characterize where we're going. It may make more sense if you think of it as "How can we make Dendi more entertaining to more people".
If there was enough community interest, would Valve accept crypto-currency such as dogecoin or bitcoin on Steam? There are two related issues: one is treating a crypto-currency as another currency type that we support and the broader issue is monetary behaviors of game economies. The first issue is more about crypto-currencies stabilizing as mediums of account.
You are officially on Forbes billionare's list,it must be satisfying to know that you have made that amount of money in your lifetime, but as many billionare's seem to be depressed (or mask it with something like an addiction) Are there any decisions you have regretted outside of your proffesional life? Opening any link sent to me by EJ.
Hello Gaben how hard was it to promote Steam in 2004? Any time you do something new, it can be challenging. There's basically a normal distribution of pain. With that proviso, it was pretty much in the middle of the pain curve.
Hello GabeN (if I may call you that), how are you doing? Here's my question: Before Steam Greenlight was introduced, what was the process of adding a game to the Steam store? We got bottle-necked pretty fast on tools and decision making which lead us to Greenlight, and is now leading us to make Steam a self-publishing system.
How old were you when you start programing? 13.
What was your first language? ALGOL.
Hey! We haven't heard any more about lower cost Steam Boxes for streaming from existing hardware. Is that something that's still on the agenda? Yes. We're making some progress.
Has the decision to allow publishers to have their own storefronts and manage their own "stock" gone forward, or was that just an idea being kicked around? We realized that a store ought to be UGC (not just for publishers).
Hi Gabe. No question, but its my birthday. If you wish me a happy birthday, my life will be complete. Happy birthday, Bajeezus.
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