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Labcoin has been outed as a scam run by notorious bitcoin scammer Alberto Armandi

All this info is public so does not count as doxxing or a witch hunt. This is merely connecting the dots of Labcoin. So one of the founders of Labcoin is 'Fabrizio Tatti' owner of iTec-Pro.
People discovered his sister Alessia under her skype account Delaria, chatting about beginning the Labcoin project: http://pastebin.com/1Rq8r4UW
Confirming Labcoin = Delaria : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=120219
Searches of Alessia(Delaria) point to a prior scam involvement with Alberto Armandi. They are husband and wife.
http://www.ripoffreport.com/ENSO-Co/internet/ENSO-Co-Alberto-Armandi-Alessia-Tatti-Promoting-ZenPad-like-the-IPAd-and-will-take-you-590629 owner of the vaporware scam company Enso:
Alberto is also a notorious scammer in the bitcoin community:
Upon searching Fabrizio Tatti's friends list on Facebook, we see a direct match, he is affiliated with both scammers: http://i.imgur.com/pWl3uCS.png
Labcoin overview listing main players: http://i.imgur.com/nE7pVnT.png
Noi, Wang and Sparmann downplay their affiliation with Labcoin, or are unreachable.
Fabrizio plays dumb: http://i.imgur.com/TolLKn6.png
Alberto and Alessia I believe are playing under the Labcoin account. Compare Labcoin's responses to Alberto response's during his bdt scam: http://imgur.com/SJ47B8d
There is also evidence that TheSwede, the PR spokesman, took a 950 bitcoin payment to front the scam. http://imgur.com/rbnK68T
At the time Labcoin went live, TheSwede was on the forums trying to buy cars and Rolexes. http://imgur.com/bCNv8Bk
TLDR: The Labcoin scam has stolen 7000 bitcoins from the community + countless others who bought through day-trading.
EDIT: Labcoin responds: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=263445.15960 "We will explain everything tomorrow on IRC"
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How to make your first investment in SPDR and generate revenue with masternodes and other amazing news

How to make your first investment in SPDR and generate revenue with masternodes and other amazing news
Welcome to the weekly blog section of the SPIDER VPS team, blog section where we will talk about the development of our platform. For us, it is very important to have a space dedicated to the weekly updates of our project, as we demonstrate that our commitment and our effort is real and that we want to deliver a project 100% dedicated to our community.
For this day’s section, we will talk about how you, as a young investor, will be able to invest directly in our currency and generate income with our masternodes system.We would also like to show the progression of our marketing campaign,new services and partnerships are being added everyday in order for spider coin to “reach out every corner”.We seek to be the best project of the moment. You are welcome to join us and find out how our project is right now, its development and movement in the community,which is the most important thing because we can do any kind of positive development but if we do not have the support of our community and investors we can not move forward so all our progress we owe to you , our faithful and big family.

First investments in SPDR

First we’ll talk about why it’s a good option for you to invest in our project. We are currently among the 20 best masternode coins of the moment as we have a current volume of 24 hours of more than 23.70 BTC. Also in such a short time we were listed in coinmarketcap. This is a great joy for us because many know that being on the list in such a short time in coinmarketcap is a challenge that only a few can achieve. To list a project on CMC they must have a very good volume of trade because CMC does a very deep study to know if a currency can be listed with them and they listed SPDR almost immediately showing that it is a project worth believing in and investing in. This makes us understand that we have a growing community that believes in us and fully trusts that we are a project with a very strong base. With such a large percentage of currencies closed, we have a very good decrease in ROI that will give more price and stability to our currency, in just fifteen days we saw how the price of our currency doubled compared to its value, which is amazing. I will show it in the following graph, because the young investors to whom this post is addressed need to know why it is a good idea to invest in us and what are the great advantages of doing so… We know we still have a long way to go, but we work day by day constantly refining our platform and telling only the truth to our community.

SPDR has been a very innovative concept because you can acquire it thanks to its hybrid algo that has mining POW and POS staking/masternode system which means that investors can choose either to mine their coins with their Gpu’s or stake them/run masternodes by themselves or by using our trusted partners that offer shared masternode services and earn a passive income from a coin in constant growth..
As a second point we will talk about how these shared masternodes work because they are the most used at moment.You do not need to have all the collateral to acquire rewards because you can invest in what you want and buy a seat available to duplicate those coins to get to have your own node in this way but this is what we will talk about. Then, as I said, let’s talk about the fact that SPDR was able to list in an exchange very early on, which is also amazing since part of the pre-sale was done in CREX24. Our team was very assertive in listing with this great exchange because it is very respectable nowadays, it has a daily volume of 192 BTC and by the way our currency is in the number one position, after a while we decided that it was time to expand and we needed another exchange so we chose CryptoBridge which has a current volume of 52 BTC and has earned the affection of many for its great system together with the chain of blocks of Bitshares ,our coin here is ranked in the top 10.



About our shared, instant masternodes partners

Every day more and more partners join our project so this time we will talk about all the shared masternode services which have brought many benefits to the projects because they do something that is a true for many masternode investors which is that not many of them know the technical parts of how to host a masternode, and with those platforms they can do it for a percentage cost of their hosted currencies or simply because they are investors who want to expand their portfolio and want to invest in many currencies. Many of this services(if they agree with the coin teams) run instant nodes.What is an istant node? Basically it is a masternode running in the background which gives instant rewards to all members that join a shared pool. If there are for example 3500 coins in the pool but no istant node running then all users will get staking rewards only. If there is an instant node running than all users will get 50% of masternode rewards shared between them.

service offers an instant shared masternodes for SPDR.
Check out ultimate features:
• 0-click-masternode-launch (tm)
• full automation
• instant masternode join
• instant rewards
• instant withdrawal
• no deposit or withdrawal fee
• instant auto-reinvest
• no minimum deposit / masternode join amount
• super-clean and intuitive interface
• referral system
Join the shared masternode in 2 clicks:
Click 1 — Login with your social network account: Facebook, Twitter, Google supported (don’t forget to confirm your email).
Click 2 — Deposit your SPDR coins.
You will start to receive rewards instantly!
Visit https://stackofstake.com/ and explore the ultimate masternode experience!
Got questions or suggestions? Join our official Discord server Need support? Feel free to report any issues to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).

Established in January 2018 and offering the largest community in the masternode space, Midas are a highly trusted and reputable investments platform, and through this listing SPDR endorse their service.
Invest through the Midas Investment Platform — https://p.midas.investments/
  1. Earn rewards instantly using the SPDR instant share held at the Midas platform.
  2. Manage your investments on the Midas platform, providing regular and consistent payouts.
  3. Instant and automated deposits and withdrawals, giving you full control over your investments.
  4. Industry low fees, offering a three tiered fee structure to ensure fees stay low. Pay in MIDAS for the lowest fees.
  5. Scaled reinvestment. Reinvest 100% for compound interest, or set a full/partial automated withdrawal to your wallet.
Midas become the first to offer a complete investment ecosystem
Investors with Midas gain the unique ability to utilize a combination of platforms to research, trade and invest your favourite projects.
Research — Follow the latest updates from your favourite projects with content published directly on https://mn.investments/ from the teams themselves.
Trade — Have you found the investment you want to make. Trade directly on Midex, the exchange operated by Midas — https://dex.midas.investments/
Invest — Invest your coins on the Midas platform https://p.midas.investments/, the intuitive and easy-to-manage platform offered by Midas.
In this great platform there are so far 9 masternodes installed
We hope to integrate SPDR to other Midas platforms very soon!

All the SPIDER investors have now 2 weeks with no fees at the trttNodes platform
What does the service offer:
- Investments with no limitations or barriers — starting from 10 EUR minimum value and no cap on maximum investment.
- Investment pools — no shares, seats or dedicated masternodes, your investment will be treated as one position and always get it’s fair rewards.
- Instant rewards — no waiting for the first rewards or masternode filling, get paid 4 times a day, on every 6 hours
- Instant withdrawals — no coins locked for days and waiting for replacement.
- Compound interest by Reinvesting — enable “Re-invest” feature and get the accumulated rewards automatically added to your investment.
- Flexible management — you can add more coins to running investment or withdraw from it any amount, whenever you wish.
- Low fees — 5 EUmonth flat fee per masternode and 4% on rewards for the amounts less that full MN.
- Fees paid in TRTT — your coins won’t be sold on the market and drive the price down.
- Team dedicated to investors
- No tech Knowledge needed
- 3-clicks setup
- Special launch offer — only 0.49€/Month
- Fees charged daily in TRTT
- 24/7 service
* Special offer will be valid as long as we continue in beta phase
How to invest with trttNodes (new UI)
Cold Nodes setup at trttNodes (new UI)


About Snode:
What Snode offers:
  1. HQ Services: Shared/instant/dedicated/trustless hosting
  2. Security: Secured platform and users are protected by 2FA for every task
  3. User-friendly dashboard https://dashboard.snode.co/masternodes/reservation
  4. Low fee, no deposit no withdraw free, 20% referral bonus
  5. Transparency: Investors can track information of all running MNs https://dashboard.snode.co/masternodes/running
  6. Instant payout: The rewards are released as soon as they are spendable.
  7. Auto Reinvestment with our Web Wallet
  8. Ticket system: We provide instant support 24/7 via ticket system
  9. SND Payment: You can choose to pay the fee in SND instead of your invested coins
On this platform there are currently 5 masternodes running
Join now MN
Snode discord

With help of this service you can deploy Spider Masternodes
for only $3.90 per month without any technical knowledge.
On this platform there are currently 1 masternodes running

FlitsNode Mobile Masternode Service
  • We are glad to announce that FlitsNode has listed us on their mobile app.
  • NOW you can host your masternodes at FlitsNode mobile app for only $3.49/Month if paid in FLS or $5.99/Month if paid in another currency!
What benefits does FlitsNode offer:
  1. No coding needed
  2. Start a masternode with just a few clicks
  3. Super fast and convenient
  4. Mobile Staking enabled
  5. Deposit and Invest Bitcoin
  6. Buy/Sell coins right from the mobile(in upcoming versions)
  7. 10% monthly discount for 10+ nodes
  8. Fees charged daily.
30 days free trial from the registration dateFor further inquiries, please visit FlitsNode

one-click masternode platform — GIN Platform
What is the GIN Platform?
The GIN Platform is a web application that allows you to create cold wallet masternodes for Spider coin, without having to deal with servers, terminals or Linux. This lowers the entry barrier to the masternodes market for non-technical people.
How does it work?
The platform automatically creates and configures the server for you in the background. At certain points you are asked for input that links your wallet to the server.

What makes SPP different?
  • No minimum deposit
  • Host over 2300 mns
  • Daily Payouts all day long
  • Some payments are almost instant
  • Follow the stakes and rewards in real time
  • User Dashboard to follow all your investment growth
  • 3% Commission for POS and 5% for masternode
  • Instant masternodes
  • Shared masternodes
  • Dedicated masternodes
  • You earn always. Even if the masternode is on pending status, you receive stakes
  • Probably the only pool that pay staking and masternode interest
  • You can follow all activity by watching the addresses they give you
  • Secure Logins
  • 4 tier Referral Program

SHM Masternodes discord


Your reliable partner for Shared Masternode & PoS services!
general info about:
  • 30k active Community
  • no minimum deposit
(1 click hosting) Clicknode
Coin Website

Shared Masternode & MN Statistics
About Our services :
MDC-Hash offers various services such as MN statistic, staking pool, shared masternode, price updates on coins and lot’s more to come.
About safety :
We use a cold wallet system, all encrypted and secured using the latest technology to ensure our clients assets are never compromised.
About fees and other things.
  1. Our services funded 100% by fiat. So we have lowest fees, Fee for shared MN(and pool) 2% fee on rewards
  2. Instant MN for each coin listed that already has a MN running
  3. All rewards are reinvested automatically
PS : we do not build coins. We only provide info, statistics and pools

What do have we for you?
  • Minimum Deposit of 1 Coin!
  • Instantaneous Reinvestments
  • Superior User Dashboards
  • Secure Logins
  • Instant Earnings Accrual
  • Referral Program
  • Earn More!
  • Automated Masternode Deployment
  • 4% Commission (No Hidden Fees)
Website Platform

We are Hosting and Shared MN service mn.gtmcoin.io.
  • 11k+ hosting Mns ( biggest platform in the world )
  • $0.11 daily fee for hosting
  • INSTANT MNs ( you get immediately rewards in shared MNs)
  • No deposit or withdrawal fee
  • Only 2% fee in shared MN
  • More than 150 MN coins in automated shared MN
  • Friendly community
  • Full node host, you can send coins to shared MN or host your own

This is great news that we have in mind and that will be a great boom! not everything is Proof of Stake we also have great news for our investors who work at Proof of Work! We want to announce our great partnership with the AIOMiner platform which we are hoping that in a few days this will become official we have already established with them our enlistment, we also want to work day by day for our miners POW! but for those people who do not know AIOMiner what this is all about? mining software in one GPU for Windows in which you can control your mining from anywhere that is automatically synchronized that generates the best return using WhatToMine.com and make this more profitable for you. They also have a system that we all know that in mining there are times of day that are usually more expensive so it will be configured depends on performance to offer you a better return but the best of all this is that AIOMiner does not charge any commission because each currency is yours but the best of all is that you have a service 24 hours a day support so you do not lose time and generate more revenue because time is money.

WhatToMine has added SPDR to its list Crypto coins mining profit calculator

For us it is a pride to be listed on this great page because for a long time it has been the excellence for the POW miners that day by day use it to calculate which is the best option of profitability to be able to obtain a better profit of quality coins, what do I mean by this? WhatToMine does an extensive study to determine if a coin is applicable to your platform and for the joy of us we have passed this test and we are in, already for our POW miners may know that they will have the option to draw their own conclusions if mining our coin is good and also this will attract new miners to our network which is something amazing that our family grows so if you are a POW miner please run and do the review and calculate that our coin is your best option. The amazing thing about this page is that it is very accurate and calculates every detail that is presented in a POW mining from the FEES to the cost of energy something very excellent.
This is the publication for this week, we know that it is a little long but when you do real work and strive to bring the best to your community great things have to be announced and there are many more that will add up day by day! With this, those young investors who want to start investing in our project but were not sure or did not know how to do it we hope that this article has cleared their views about the trasparency and hard work that is being put in our project. Again we welcome you to join our big family and invest in a coin with great capabilities.Thank you for reading!
This is the publication for this week, we know that it is a little long but when you do real work and strive to bring the best to your community great things have to be announced and there are many more that will add up day by day! With this, those young investors who want to start investing in our project but were not sure or did not know how to do it we hope that this article has cleared their views about the trasparency and hard work that is being put in our project. Again we welcome you to join our big family and invest in a coin with great capabilities.Thank you for reading!

Contact us

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My experience with Bitcoin: How I lost $5k and a potential profit for over $42k.

Happy Dec 1 everyone.
I can't sleep tonight and I have something to get off my chest, so story time.
I got into bitcoin soon after the crash in April. I was very interested in bitcoin and the way it worked and finally decided to buy when the price was around $105-$125 range. I spend $5k total and got around 42btc. That $5k was my life savings but I believed bitcoin was the future. At this time I was still working at my minimum wage job and barely getting by. I wanted a way out of my horrible existent. I wanted to go to school again but I was too worried about paying my bills or if I was going to make it the next month. I thought bitcoin was my way out. I was inspired by the stories of the people that "forgot" their wallet and all of a sudden they were tens or hundred-thousandaires.
While I was doing research I stumbled upon the bitcoin forums bitcointalk.org. I thought about mining bitcoin but didn't have the hardware. I don't have an awesome rig that can and I couldn't afford the asic units that butterfly labs were selling away. After a few weeks I learned that butterfly labs were not to be trusted and asicminer announced they we selling the usb miners. At this time the general consensus was that mining will never be profitable but I bought some anyway with the plans of reselling it. I got into bitcoin stocks because of asicminer. I have a few shares at the time and eventually got more and reinvested the dividends into the 1/100 asicminer. At this time things were looking up. I had a usb miner hashing away and asic miner was going up in price.
After a few weeks I sold my usb miners on ebay and got a good deal on it. I went over my breakeven point and had extra money. So I used the USD to buy more bitcoin with bitinstant. Bitinstant has a meltdown and didnt get my btc in time to reinvest in asicminer. The price shot up to 2.5btc a share and I missed out but it was ok. This is the high point of my life and experience with bitcoin. The dividends from asicminer was helping me pay some of my bills. I had a great investment going and I was richer than I had ever been. Bitcoin was my savior. Bitcoin was my answer. I got so excited about it I told my parents but they were disenchanted. I was met with "Why do you always daydream? Why can't you just go to school and get a real job? Imaginary money, fake money, scam." I'm not that smart so its hard for me to go to college but everyone keeps telling me you have to go to school to get a good job.
Well the next month came and ebay hit me with a 10% fee for successfully selling my stuff. I didn't know about the fee so I was caught off guard and now my bank account is in the negative. I didn't eat for the next few days while I was waiting for my bitcoins to turn into USD and transfer to my account.
I have been spending a lot of time lurking bitcointalk.org and there was news of these new start ups. BTCgarden and Labcoin. I was thinking I'll show my parents that I'm not daydreaming, I'm going to make it big and they won't be disappointed. So I sold all my asicminer shares and had around 90btc all together. I split between the two and when BTCgarden failed I dump the rest into Labcoin. Asicminer was falling in price at this time and I was glad I made it move. At the height of Labcoin I had over 150BTC. I thought I made it. I was happy. The next day burnside [stock exchange operator] announced he was going to close down his exchange and the price for everything plummeted. I didn't find out until a few days later when I was my stocks were worth 1/6 of what they worth. I was destroyed, I didn't know what to do and I was drinking the Labcoin cool-aid hard. I thought that its ok, the price will go back to IPO and I can sell. Months pass and I lost my job. I couldn't focus at work and I was really pissy. Now I'm sitting on useless Labcoin shares and joined with the group of people looking for a lawsuit, knowing full well I'll never get my money back. I lost my apartment last week and I had to go home with my parent (who are rubbing this shit in my face every chance they get. That is the reason why I moved out in the first place). I had the worst thanksgiving ever and I'm not looking forward for Christmas or the New Years. Its hard trying to find a job. I don't know what to do anymore. Its killing me that bitcoin is over $1k. If I had just kept it in my wallet and didn't touch it I would have over $40k now. Hindsight is a bitch.
Thanks for listening. I hope you guys have a better time with bitcoin.
TL;DR: This is not a bitcoin success story. Its a story about my highs and lows and ultimately my failure.
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Members contacted Howard Wang, labcoin talk is going on in the IRC #labcoin channel. Original pastebin is here:http://pastebin.com/rQfbUA8d
No exchange, no hashing their address hasn't gotten a payment in over 18hours: https://blockchain.info/address/17psAW21J4twanAFWmbcd5WdX2pKeX3trm
What an utter SCAM.
Anyone who hasnt read this please do its a must:http://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/1nke2k/an_overview_and_update_of_the_labcoin_scam/
Fabrizzio, Alessia caught red handed lying. Fabrizzio admitting he is Sam Noi. It's pretty insane.
Email response:
It's weekend and I got up late, just saw your mail.
OK, let's take a short review on my "history" with this team: (1) Firstly, I got contacted with Alessia on oDesk. Do you know oDesk.com? It's a parttime job post & seek website. They posted a parttime job there and I saw it, it's something on ASIC design so I contacted them, I've no idea what is the real goal before I contacted Alessia. Then, I started to get in touch with bitcoin, and joined them about the same time as theSeven did. At most 1 week ahead of theSeven I think. We started to talk maybe in late June, I don't quite remember the accurate date any more. She promised with "a bright future" or something to theSeven I think, as she promised to me.
(2) Alessia told to me that some "rich" inverstors are interested in this project, and ask if I could finished the ASIC part. She said it's urgent, the potential inverstors were pushing continuiously. So, after disscussion, Alessia made the decision to finished a chip with a lower performance first(on 180nm), so that she can raise some money from the "rich" inverstors, and proceed with higher-performance chips later. But, when I finished the 180nm chip, (I had no deep conprehension on bitcoin miner machines then, and I had to finished the ASIC design within very limited time, so the design is totally based on the open-source project, with poor performance I guess), Alessia said that, it's not worthy to spend money on that 180nm chip, the performance is too poor. So, we dropped the 180nm chip. TheSeven didn't agree with the proceeding of 180nm chip quite much I think(I didn't discuss this with theSeven, I guessed this from what Alessia said). He is a good guy with enthusiasm on technical aspect, he wanted to finish a chip with great performance.
(3) After dropping the 180nm, Alessia decided that we need something more powerful, as least comparable to the USB device of ASIC miner. And, it happened that we have access on some 130nm library, so she decided to continue with this library. The 200MHz-220MHz dual-core chip is designed for the 130nm process. It's supposed to be 300MHz* dual core(as posted on bitcointalk), but I found it hard to finish the Place&Route process under such condition, so I turned back to 200M-220MHz, Alessia said it's acceptable. During this time, she began to contact BTCT.co ( or maybe before that, I don't know).
(4) I meet Fabrizo once during this time, because he is the "founder" of the company, and the tapeout forms needed to be signed by him. I helped him on finishing the forms, which Alessia posted later on her website. But, the chip has never been actually taped out.
(5) Before the application was approved by btct.co, I asked her to pay me some money or bitcoins. So far, I had been paid none, not even a penny. I told her several times from the beginning that I have a partner working for me, I need to pay this guy. Alessia was always saying " I'll pay you in a week", "I'll do the transaction tomorrow", and something like this. But she never did it. And, around the time theSeven metioned, I had difficulty contacting Alessia, I had something on tapeout fab to disscuss with her, but I could not get her. And this made us missed the first tapeout schedule( supposed to be on the end of July? I don't quite remember the date) Several days later, she showed up & told me that she had a car accident. I trusted her, and continued to work on the job. But this probably was the last time I trusted her and her project. I designed the un-tapeout-ed 180nm chip, I designed the 130nm chip(not totally finished although) and we missed the tapeout shuttle, I began to lose faith on her and her project, I began to doubt that she's only concerned with making money and didn't care about the project at all, and, changing your ideas continuiously is not a good habit. After this, I got my Visa to US, just in case she's not worthy my trust, I need to continue my normal life.
(6)After labcoin was approved by btct.co ( Alessia did not even mention that to me, I happened to find the "labcoin" on btct.co, you can imagine this kind of situation, and this kind of "trust"), I asked Alessia about something with the next tapeout schedule(on late Aug) . She said that it's hard for find a fab tend to agree on the tapeout of our chip, because her company is too small, and big fabs need to do some investigation on the company first, but she didn't even have an R&D office, and it seems there's no hope to solve this before the Auguest tapeout deadline. I don't want to get trapped in an endless waiting, and my school opens on Sep/01, so I decided to leave. She wanted me to stay, and paid me 10btc to show that she is serious, but i was decided. I sold the 10 btcs as soon as I got them, and shared with my partner. 10 btcs for more than 2 months' work, I don't think I have to feel guilty on this part. (7)Before I leave, she mentioned that she's hiring someone else to continue with my job. I don't know whether she got someone or not. And we lost connection after that, except the msg she left on my skype, which you've seen already.
That's almost everything I think I can remember so far.
Thanks & Regards.
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JÁ LISTADO EM EXCHANGE🔴 $5 Dólares no Airdrop da HXRO ... Ganhe $44 dólares no cadastro da Coininvestbank, saque em ... Infinitycoin Exchange - XIN Kaufen in 3 einfachen Schritten erklärt! Ganhe Bitcoins no Bounty da Bitbook(0.3btc) , termina dia ... Bitcoin Explained Lab 1: Block Chain Explorer

BitForex is the most active cryptocurrency exchange, featuring the fastest token listings, lowest fees, and easiest way to buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, ETH, Ripple, Tron, USDT, EOS, & more... The leading cryptocurrency exchange. Buy, sell and margin trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Factom, Ripple(XRP) and LISK at most reliable bitcoin exchange. Zero trading fee! Check out the latest Bitcoin, Ether, Factom and LISK price information. Bitcoin Exchange Guide is a hyperactive hybrid of heavy-handed cryptocurrency content curation creators from christened community contributors who focus on delivering today's bitcoin news, cryptoasset user guides and latest blockchain updates. Latest News. Cryptocurrency Market Trading Volume Grows From $10 Billion To $13 Billion Dollars . Cryptocurrency Trading System Bitcoin Exchange Guide ... Exchange Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, ERC-20 Tokens, Ripple and other altcoins. Easy, fast, no registration required. Try now. StakingLab LabCoin. LabX Coin. ClickNode PreLab Explorer. About Stakinglab. Established in early 2017 in Germany, Stakinglab was launched with an objective to offer a comprehensive platform to investors and project owners for proof of stake coin, masternode coin and other relevant services. StakingLab is now a renowned instant masternode and POS service provider. Our strong team has helped us ...

[index] [13779] [26559] [3500] [13394] [29230] [31094] [41936] [4186] [38013] [2177]

JÁ LISTADO EM EXCHANGE🔴 $5 Dólares no Airdrop da HXRO ...

Close. This video is unavailable. Skip navigation Sign in. Search Kostenlos bei Infinitycoin Exchange registrieren https://goo.gl/aqTnV3 Hier zeige ich in 3 einfachen Schritten wie ihr euch die Kryptowährung XIN mit Bitcoins bei der Infinitycoin.Exchange kaufen ... The Gentleman of Crypto is a daily live broadcast that explores Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market. We discuss international topics, news updates, and future ... Skip navigation Sign in. Search