HUGE BETFURY 2.0 UPDATE - I-Gaming experience you deserve!

HUGE BETFURY 2.0 UPDATE - I-Gaming experience you deserve!
Today it is safe to say that BetFury 2.0 will change your understanding of the gaming industry! We are glad to present you an update that all BetFury supporters will admire and that all rivals will definitely pay attention to.For six months, our team has been working hard to create the best gaming experience in the TRON Dapp space. Despite all the advantages, the BetFury platform has already become quite well-known among TRON-users. We decided that it is time to change something and offer the whole crypto world an updated BetFury 2.0 platform.

BetFury 2.0 - Social i-Gaming Crypto platform

What makes the updated platform so unique?
BetFury has become the Social i-Gaming Crypto platform with the first BTC dividend pool in the gambling industry. The best gaming entertainment is provided with such advantages: BFG Staking, easy login system, Dividend pools in BTC, TRX, USDT, BTT, 1000+ games, Rank VIP system, Jackpots, Cashback up to 25%, friendly 24/7 support.
The main idea of BetFury 2.0 update is the combination of Dapp features: BetFury Staking (platform profit multicurrency drops for BFG holders in TRX, USDT, BTT) and web 3 API login (TronLink, TronWallet, etc).We open the doors for everyone with standard and user-friendly login by using email/pass or Social accounts login.Together with the high-end remastering of overall UI/UX on BetFury we are proud to show even better, meaningful, and more expressive results.
The next core feature - the Bitcoin Dividends pool is the one all users have been waiting for since Bitcoin was added as a gaming coin to the platform. Bitcoin dividends staking opportunity with a unique mining solution opens new opportunities and new users' acquisition as a result - the rapid movement of development, profitable mining, rising Dividends pool.

Global changes

BetFury moves from Tron to Bitcoin as a master cryptocurrency on the platform. That means that all the internal ratings, wager calculations, rankings, jackpots will be in Bitcoin now.
  • Important! All the reached users' ranks, global ratings of top users, and other data has been recalculated from TRX into BTC after the launching of BetFury 2.0.All data was transferred correctly without any loss.
Another important global change is related to Tron users who had to use TronLink, TronWallet or any other web 3 API wallet for entering BetFury. This way can still be used to sign in.We open the doors for the whole crypto world with user-friendly login by using 📧 email/pass. BetFury generates a unique address for every user to deposit funds to use all services (games, staking, etc).BetFury platform continues to provide an instant automatic Deposit/Withdrawal system.
From the very beginning BetFury presents the place for tracking your account activity such as bets, transaction history, total wager, personalization tools. In BetFury 2.0 we have added security features related to email/pass such as change email, change pass, Two-factor authorization to provide the maximum confidence for users that playing on BetFury is secure. We did all the updates in the best manner of global leaders in crypto B2C products.
BFG token and BFG(BTC) and BFG(TRX) subtokens
BFG is the unified token of BetFury platform with a max supply of 5 000 000 000.To expand potential market opportunities and improve the dividends payout we decided to fork BFG for BFG(BTC) and BFG(TRX) subtokens inside the site.Now depending on the cryptocurrency you use when placing bets, you will get BFG(BTC) and BFG(TRX) subtokens accordingly:Bet with Bitcoin - get BFG(BTC).Bet with TRON crypto (TRX, USDT, BTT) - get BFG(TRX).

Advantages of this solution

  • Coming of investors from the whole crypto world and the dividends pool growth
  • Heightened value of BFG token
  • Better earning opportunity for newcomers and old users
  • Increased interest to the project, which will simplify the BFG listing procedure
All tokens that have been mined before BetFury 2.0 update by users are saved as BFG(TRX).
Basic native BetFury game token (BFG) continues to be based on TRC-20 smart contract. It means that mining BFG(TRX)/BFG(BTC) subtokens are just a solution to start a new mining cycle on the BetFury platform.

Mining price on BetFury 2.0

BFG(TRX)In House games: start from 40 TRX/1BFGSlots games: 13.5 TRX/1BFGIncreasing: for every mined 100 000 000 BFG token the price increases for +1 TRX (for In-house games) and +0,5 TRX (for slots).
BFG(BTC)In House games: start from 0.00007000 BTC/1 BFGIncreasing: for every mined 100 000 000 BFG token the price increases for +0.0000001 BTCExample: 0.00007100 BTC → 0.00007200 BTC → 0.00007300 BTC → 0.00007400 BTC → 0.00007500 BTC
Slots:Start from 0.000023 BTC/1 BFGIncreasing: for every mined 100 000 000 BFG token the price increases for + 0.0000005 BTCExample: 0.000023 BTC → 0.0000235 BTC → 0.000024 BTC → 0.0000245 BTC


We have changed the house edge for Dice from 1.5% to 1.99%The reason is that it should quickly replenish the dividend pool. Also because we have a lot of different features, contests, big cashback, VIP Rank system.
Increased house edge on Dice does not affect the increasing of the mining price. In fact, the cost of mining remains the same, due to equalization of the price of mining by the BF team.We are sure that this will have a better effect on the dividend pool and on the distribution of dividends to our users.

Minimal bets

Off-chain bets solutions allow us to reduce minimum bets in every in-house game. Starting from BetFury 2.0 release in-house games will have the next min bets:0.00000100 BTC0.00000100 TRX0.00000100 USDT0.00000100 BTTSlots, Table and Live games will have their own bets allowed by the games providers. BetFury team is always trying to make better conditions related to integrated games to make it possible to play for everyone. BetFury constantly pushes partners to add more crypto gaming solutions.
BetFury staking (Mining and Dividends)
The Dividends system is one of the main and most valuable features of BetFury. The system of multicurrency drops for all BFG token holders. From now users don't need to use Tron network to receive payouts for holding BFG. In order to invite new users for mining procedures and increase the value of BFG token, we provide a new 90%-10% staking payouts model with subtokens mining of BFG(TRX) and BFG(BTC).

Advantages of renewed BetFury staking system

Here on BetFury we maximized the opportunity of earning dividends for all newcomers and old users. And from now on we expand this opportunity for every crypto user outside the Tron market. BetFury also gives the opportunity to receive BTC dividends for users, who have been with us from the first day of the platform launch.BetFury Staking solution is ideal for both new users and for existing. New users who decided to join BetFury will join to Build new world class product. There is a unique opportunity to mine BFG(BTC) tokens with the best price and receive generous dividends.
  • Stakinga feature, that means that users claim a reward from the Dividend pool by only for holding their BFG tokens on their gaming accounts. The reward is defined according to the number of tokens kept.

How does it work?

Every 24 hours, the dividend pool releases 3% of the total profit of the platform on every currency, and the amount is shared among all users who hold BFG tokens. Get profit from all the platform’s funds, regardless of whether you are staking: BFG(TRX) or BFG(BTC)!
By placing bets in Bitcoin users get BFG(BTC) subtoken. Stake BFG(BTC) token to get dividends in the amount of:
  • 90% from BTC pool
  • 10% from each of TRX, USDT, BTT pools
By placing bets in Tron, Tether TRC-20, Bittorent (TRX, USDT, BTT) users get BFG(TRX) subtoken. Stake BFG(TRX) token to get dividends in the amount of:
  • 90% from TRX, USDT, BTT pools
  • 10% from BTC poolAll tokens that have been mined before BetFury 2.0 update by users are saved as BFG(TRX).


Some in-house games have the Jackpot option. Total Jackpots on BetFury are more than 6 000 000 TRX ~ 10 BTC ~ 100 000 USDT. From now on Jackpots pools will be in Bitcoin and when players get the Jackpot - payout will be also in Bitcoin.Check out Jackpot details on the site to know more!

Referral program
Cooperate with BetFury to receive a lifetime reward for inviting new people!Get up to 15% from platform's house edge for all referrals winnings.The reward is charged in the currency of the bet.
15% - from platform's house edge for each referrals winning bets in in-house games
For example: bet 100 x2= 200pure profit = 200 - 100 = 100house edge = 1.99% = 0.0199(profit)(house edge)(referral bonus 15%)= your referral bonus100*(1.99%)*0.15= 0,2985
1.5% - from platform's house edge for each referrals winning bets in slots and table games
For example: bet 1000 x3 = 3000house edge slots = 3,5%(win amount)(house edge)(ref bonus%)= your referral bonus30003.5%1.5%= 30000.0350.015 = 1.5
5% - from all mined BFG tokensIt means that if your referral has mined 100 BFG – you'll receive 5 BFG

Rating and Rank system

VIP Rank system migrates to Bitcoin, which means that to be higher in the VIP system users should make more bets in any currency but every bet will be accumulated into BTC.For example, a bet of 1000 TRX will add +0.00172 to your total Wager and as a result of your Rank progress. The rank bonus will be paid in Bitcoin.
Note! All the exciting user's ranks and ratings will migrate from TRX to Bitcoin with no data losses (some minor changes may be occurred due to crypto volatility).Read more in the Rank System page.
Lots of users love Auction on BetFury and we decided not to remove TRX Auction but add the BTC one.Two different Auctions are now available.Place bids in BFG(BTC) to win BTCPlace bids in BFG(TRX) to win TRX

In-house games

Global redesign and rebranding bring new UI/UX for in-house games. We hope everyone will love new-looking Hi-Lo, Plinko, Circle, Keno, Mines, and Stairs games with some user experience improvements.

Slots, Table games, Live games

BetFury has more than 800 games from the best providers - Spinmatic, Spinomenal, Playson, Booongo, Endorphina, Vivogaming, BetgamesTV, Pragmatic, Habanero, Mr. Slotty, Fugaso, 1x2Network, GameArt. New game providers are coming and from now you will be able to play on any device with even higher performance!

Secret project

Secret project is a unique tool that gives everyone the opportunity to earn even more Bitcoins and it's worth to be implemented separately!The launch is planned in a month after the BetFury 2.0 release.


We are very excited about your feedback and reactions to the update.The team has been working hard to combine all the existing sets of your favorite advantages in a new manner. BetFury 2.0 is a logical continuation of a great crypto product development story. Once again we would like to highlight that all the changes on BetFury are done for the community and to satisfy the community needs. BetFury team is always in touch to become even better with every next step forward.
Thank you everyone for love, play, and support!
Soon further beyond the moon!
BetFury. You play - We pay! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Link to the Website: Link to the Telegram: Link to the Twitter: Link to the Telegram Channel: Link to the Steemit: Link to Facebook: Link to Instagram: Link to Reddit:
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How to prepare for winning

I'm not sure why the previous winner decided not to use his real paypal, maybe trying to remain anon, maybe trying to not pay taxes, maybe trying to hide money from his spouse/parents or maybe an international fugitive, who knows.
The fact is, paypal doesn't like anon people collecting lots of cash fast, to be fair, they don't like verified people getting a lot of cash fast either, unless they're getting their cut. So here's a couple things you can do to try and keep paypal from freezing your account and taking your money.
Here's how to add an email address to paypal. Go to gmail/yahoo/wherever and make a new email with a different, very secure password.
Once you have a nice new email with a secure password, go to paypal and login. Under "Settings", you'll see "Email", hit the + button and add that new email address you just created. They'll send you an email to verify your address, go and click it. There you go, verified email address that (hopefully) has not been used by you anywhere else.
Ok, so this is a bit simpler if you're in the US. Changetip has a "Buy Bitcoin" button under "My Money" that will use ACH with most major banks. Unfortunately not many credit unions or smaller banks though. So to buy bitcoin on coinbase or circle, you need to set up an account and verify yourself. These are US regulated companies who have to follow the laws, so they need to verify you just like you had to verify with paypal. The verification process is fairly easy, and not much different than paypals (although I haven't done paypal in years, so I'm not sure what it's like now).
The concern most people have is that circle/coinbase could be scam sites, or like that other site in japan that stole all the bitcoin got hacked, etc. The difference is, these sites are US based and licensed as money transmitters AND have a lot of financial/venture capital backing behind them. They are just like paypal, except they deal with bitcoin and not ebay.
Sadly, I do not know similar sites to coinbase/circle for outside the US.
I'd suggest reading up on bitcoin if you want to delve into making your own wallet and maintaining it yourself. There is a lot of info in /bitcoinbeginners
A basic online wallet can be made at Blockchain, you can use your wallet on coinbase or you can download a bitcoin wallet program and do it all on your computer. A bitcoin address looks like 14KShuxFUM7PsHKYfPA9Rnkv6P213Wm8UH and is a specific address to your wallet. (You can send me coins there if you'd like lol)
But I want cash, dollars, no one takes magic internet money....
If you have bitcoin, changing it into something real and physical in your hands can be done in as little as an hour. The secret is Gyft. Go make an account, download the app to your phone and you can have a gift card in your hands in no time. They even give a 3% discount for using bitcoin. You scroll thru gyft, find the card you want, select an amount and pay with bitcoin. A popup will come up, with an address to send the bitcoin to. You send the bitcoin from your wallet, and the gift card is added to your gyft account. You open your app on your phone, and you have the card in hand ready for you to go shopping.
Alternatively, if you want cash, and don't want to worry about fluctuations in price, send your changetip btc to your coinbase/circle wallet, and select "Sell". You can send the cash to your bank account via ACH and it only takes a day or two. No worrying about the btc price crashing, no worrying about someone stealing your coins, cash out in a day or two with money in bank.
There are also more and more websites that accept bitcoin directly, from overstock to newegg. So you could just keep a hot wallet (think of it as cash you keep in your pocket) and buy with btc directly if you don't want to bother converting it.
Now, I will warn you, SOME banks have issues with bitcoin/coinbase, SOME banks may warn you about doing transactions with bitcoin/coinbase, and SOME banks may go so far as to threaten your account if you continue using bitcoin. So you can decide if you want to cash out to your bank, spend it on gyft, hold it or open a credit union account and cash out that way.
While you're at it, change your reddit password too. As nice as this community is, there will be someone trying to steal from you, don't make it easy for them.
Yes I forgot this one, simply because I never use it. I don't remember how I set it up, but it should be fairly straight forward since I already had an account.
When you sign in using your main google account, you can go to the Settings tab, and Verify your identity. I just did this, had to put in my legal name and address as well as birthday and last 4 of ssn. Had me verified in under 1 minute. Since I never use Google Wallet, I had to search for how to accept payments, and this is what I found. Doesn't look too different than any of the other options so it should be pretty simple to setup, simply give your email address and people can email money.
The one thing I can't find however, is how to either add or mask your email address. Personally I wouldn't want my gmail account used as it is tied to my google identity, which is also tied to my google plus thing I had to setup. I'm sure there has to be a way to set it up with an alternate email address. If anyone knows I'll add it in as an edit later.
Last points
As pointed out by bealhorm
You'll have friends/family coming out of the woodwork asking for handouts and getting mad at you if you don't give them what they ask for. It's not going to be a million bucks (maybe???) so take care of yourself first. Catch up on your bills, take a vacation, pay off a loan or two, or just blow it on hookers and blow. If you want to give some away then go ahead, but do it as a gift because you want to, and not because you're given a guilt trip for not helping out that person you haven't heard from in 5 years. No one has to know you got a few thousand dollars in your bank account but you.
As jermseatsbrains pointed out, you may want to write down your new passwords somewhere safe, as that would really suck to be super secure with all new passwords and not be able to login and access your winnings...
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TIL: The latest ponzi scheme - PIPcoin

Well today was interesting. After seeing a ton of people trying to spam their referral links into some of the big Facebook groups we run at work, I decided to investigate a bit more after dinner & a couple of glassses of wine.
Let me introduce you to PIPcoin. (for those like me who missed it when it last came up on the sub)
PIPcoin from the horses mouth
PIPcoin's CEO on SABC
One of his "free" seminars.
Here is a quick recording off their homepage :-(
Pipcoin is Africa’s first P2P Cryptocurrency and is more seen as an emerging digital currency that seeks to revolutionize accessibility and raise awareness about the importance of online trading to the multitudes of both the aspirant traders and those who are completely unaware of the abounding benefits and opportunities offered by the digital market. Thus, for all its worth as a potential life-changing tool, we want Pipcoin to be everybody’s business.
So this is new... lets take a look at their FAQ's because I have many! here are my favourite bits:
What Is The Structure Of A Pipcoin? Pipcoin Concept (for developers) -IF YOU HAVE 0,9999 MICRO-PIPS THEN IT WILL BE ROUNDED OFF TO 1.0000 – MAKING IT 1 PIPCOIN-
lol really? Where does that extra micro tit pip come from?
Why Pipcoin Isnt A Get Rich Quick Scheme Whenever there is a new digital breakthrough it is natural for people to be sceptic, this has been scientifically proven. Even at one stage the internet was said to be a scam, same goes to online trading, they said it won’t last. Same goes to Facebook; they said it’s an information-leaking scam. Same goes again to Bitcoin they said it’s a ‘failed experiment’. Pipcoin is the people’s currency and can never in a scale be compared to ponzi schemes and investment bonanzas; Pipcoin is a friend-to-friend digital currency which has its own crypto keys and public ledger just like any other legit digital currency. Everyone is a host to the currency, every participants’ computers serve as servers to the system and just like forex trading it is a zero-sum game, when you buy the coins there will be someone selling to you.
Who Is The Founder Of Pipcoin? However the inception of the idea can be credited to David Schwartz and the inception of the algorithm and mathematics behind to Ref Wayne, a 21 year old South African who is behind the creation of most high-tech forensic software as well as the indicators for financial trading platform (Forex Metatrader), it is without chance that the creation of Pipcoin is water-proof and crack-free.
Aside from the laughable wording, this is perhaps the most interesting part. If you can make it through this interview or this video his story sounds a lot like this "David Schwartz" story here. Excuse the popups but give it a read and obviously the comments at the bottom.
Is Pipcoin Legal? ...After all, there is no authority that can stop anyone from buying and selling a product online.
Do I Need To Provide Any Id Documents To Join Pipcoin is a cryptocurrency which means it’s completely encrypted, even for its users, it remains completely confidential. You don’t need to submit any documents.
erm... surely this goes against SO many laws in SA?
How Reliable Is This Website In Terms Of Security And Keeping Personal Data And Pipcoins [no ? at the end of these ones for some reason] We pay great attention to security and the confidential information on the website is protected by EV SSL. We don’t divulge any personal data of members to third parties. Your participation too, is strictly confidential.
thats...not really explaining it at all. SSL isnt the be-all and end all - but oh there's another one right below. Im sure that'll clear it up...
Are You Protected From Hackers We have installed power Anti-DDOS protection on our servers and have many other security measures.
well that settles it.
ok ok so whats next?
Some points/gems from their Terms of User PDF [mirror here] (i've never heard that phrase) but looks like something from the lawfirm of Copy, Pasta and Google.
All references to the ‘company,’ ‘us,’ ‘our,’ ‘we’ or ‘Pipchain’ means Pipchain South Africa S.a.r.l., a company registered under the laws of South Africa, with a share capital of EUR 55,222.08, having its registered address at L-2340 South Africa, 1, rue Philippe II, registered with the South Africa Trade and Companies Register under number B 190.078 (Business License number B190078).
I tried to find out if thats real but I couldnt figure out how to do it via the new site.
Their privacy policy link 404's
Typos galore eg - " Server failure ordata loss;"
We make no warranty that the Website or the server that makes it available, are free of viruses or errors, that its content is accurate, that it will be uninterrupted, or that defects will be corrected.
7.2. If you are obligated to indemnify us, we will have the right, in our sole discretion, to control any action or proceeding (at our expense) and determine whether we wish to settle it.
9.1. You need not use a Pipchain Wallet. If you wish to use the Wallet, you must create a wallet with Pipchain to access the Services (“Wallet”)
I need an adult.
10.5. No Storage or Transmission of Pipcoins. Pipcoins are an intangible, digital asset. They exist only by virtue of the ownership record maintained in the Pipcoin network. The Services do not store, send or receive Pipcoins. Any transfer of title that might occur in any Pipcoins occurs on the decentralized ledger within the Pipcoin network and not within the Services. We do not guarantee that the Service can effect the transfer of title or right in any Pipcoins.
10.8. No Cancellations or Modifications. Once transaction details have been submitted to the Pipcoin network via the Services, The Services cannot assist you to cancel or otherwise modify your transaction details. Pipchain has no control over the Pipcoin Network and does not have the ability to facilitate any cancellation or modification requests.
In the SABC interview (linked at the top of this post) the CEO says he took bitcoin and 'modified' it to be safer and so you can track 'stolen or lost' coins. So thats a lie.
  1. DISCONTINUANCE OF SERVICES 15.1. We may, in our sole discretion and without cost to you, with or without prior notice and at any time, modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, any portion of our Services. You are solely responsible for storing, outside of the Services, a backup of any Wallet Address and Private Key pair that you maintain in your Wallet.
erm, ok but because PIPcoins can only be traded on their website and not transferred to anything else... how does that work?
17.1.3. Use any robot, spider, crawler, scraper or other automated means or interface not provided by us to access our Services or to extract data; 17.1.4. Use or attempt to use another user’s Wallet without authorization
the enter key is a hard one to find on a laptop I'll give them that one...
---- gets more wine ---
They claim to have a 30-35% growth rate on any and all investments! Crazy returns.
I did a bit of a google on them and immediately found these posts.
Some choice excerpts:
The company has promised that it will soon be issuing a debit card. Promising to issue a debit is an old trick used by fraudulent companies to create a false sense of trust and legitimacy to unsuspecting investors.
The transfer of pipcoins is verified by one sources, instead of 3 independent source as is usually the case with legitimate crypto currencies with a blockchain.
They also use wording similar to ‘get-rich-quick' scheme lines such as “Pipcoin will create over a 100 millionaires by the end of this financial year”. These are revealing signs of a fraudulent scheme. Moreover, pipcoin is a closed system, you cannot trade with anyone other than randomly chose people registered on the website. Their blockchain is not public or transparent, in fact, they do not have a blockchain and, if they do have one, then it is not operational.
So who's behind it? Who is this Ref dude?
According to his Twitter bio he's "Youngest Billionaire in Africa | Founder of African 1st ever digital currency ! Get a minimum interest of 35% @infopipcoin"
here are some choice images from his public FB:
I tried to register on but there's an ASPX error during the registration process and it kept trying to switch between https and http. Great start. I tried in all major browsers and they all failed so I gave up on trying to signup with my temp email [email protected] :(
So then, lets take a closer look at the support they offer on their site. They've got one of those "live chat" widgets on their site and this evening there was actually someone online :)
I said "hello" and saw "busi has joined the conversation" - sweet.
Here is the transcript I downloaded before they killed the chat. Lucky I insta-clicked the download before they killed my chat session.
As you can see by the chat log, Busi linked me to whats obviously the new 'site' they're launching this weekend
The site looks a lot like the website.
Their market page is awesome compared to's one! its even got a bigger market cap! Note the article links are all the same, except for two small things.
  1. None of the links work...because
  2. they've done a find&replace in the code, replacing all instances of "bitcoin" with "pipcoin" XD
Anyway, I thought I'd try signup on THIS site and lo 'n behold I managed to sign up! [email protected] lives!
Here is PIPcoin's dashboard and here is's dashboard.
Here is PIPcoins transactions page and here is's transaction page.
So pretty much a blatant copy/pasta job.
-- final thoughts --
Its unfortunate that the quality of journalism in SA is so weak. PIPcoin getting a lot of media attention for something thats honestly so dodgy, if you looked at it for more than 5 minutes you'd know. Many people are going to fall for this and if you look at the comments on twitter or on his FB posts or on any video calling out the scam you'll shake your head.
Someone (not me) has even put this site together which is as informative as it is awesome! Click the login and it takes you to "Logging in should be the last thing you should be worried about right now." and the bottom of the site has the best burn ever
"This website was built as a public service announcement by concerned citizens (and shows what a legitimate site should look like"
I did try connect with the 'owner' via twitter to find the source/calculation of the "R40 314 800,00 lost & counting" figure but so far no reply.
Anyway its late and I'm going to bed. I hope you learnt something and if you see anyone in your social circles promoting this please make them aware.
EDIT: Reddit formatting is hard.
EDIT2: Got a reply from the person behind the site - which honestly shows the lack of skills the scheme has in the development/security field and now if you rewatch the interviews you can see why he's so scripted when talking about the tech stack.
EDIT3: Sigh. I made a comment on the PIPcoin FB page to warn people about this and this is the response I found this morning - I dont even know what/how to respond...
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I just lost $10 and I don’t know why. Please help. Circle Pay app involved.

I just got a Circle Pay account yesterday, and a member of my family needed some money to cover for a possible overcharge due to paying too many bills at once, so they asked if I could send them $10 as quick as possible to prevent the overcharge. I said okay, and decided to test Circle Pay to do the payment. I put in my family member’s cell phone number, sent $10, and they got a text notifying them that they had money waiting for them. They signed up for Circle (which was difficult because they have an old smartphone that can’t use the app), and tried to log in.
I say “tried,” because once the login worked, the account was instantly closed, and I don’t mean “logged out.” It said “we’re sorry, but we cannot offer you a circle account at this time.”
I called Circle Pay customer service a few minutes ago, and they said they “won’t offer live help at this time.”
What on earth happened? Can I get my $10 back? Is Circle illegal? What did I do?
Posting here because my Google searching led to finding a reddit post from 2016 about Circle Pay closing someone’s account for sending 0.25 Bitcoin (no idea what that is in USD btw, I’m very new to this) to a family member, and that sounds similar enough to the point that I’d ask here. link to the article with the similar experience
To those who took the time to read this, thank you. To those who are able to help and do, thank you in advance.
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Encourage any bitcoin companies you use to support a permanent fix to the blocksize debate via BU. See this post for contact information for many btc related companies

If you wanted to ask bitcoin companies if they would upgrade their node software to remain compatable with the majority of Bitcoin's hashpower. That is, would they upgrade their nodes to BU if the majority of the hashpower had also done so.
[email protected] -
[email protected] (Bussiness) / [email protected] (Submission - 8btc)
[email protected] AirBiz
[email protected] ANX no contact info found, let's not spam message people on reedit - not very helpful
[email protected] - bitcoinity
[email protected] - bitfinex
[email protected] - bitfury
BitGo, no contact section found
[email protected] - bitmain and their owner Bitmain Tech Ltd
[email protected] - - bit pay
[email protected] - bitstamp
[email protected] - bit wage - bixin, the contact button does not help you contact them -
[email protected] - breadwallet
[email protected] blocktrail - btc-e
[email protected] - btcs
[email protected] - btcc
[email protected] - register for support
[email protected] -
[email protected] - circle lol - coinbase - coincheck - click on support on lower loft corner - coin,dance - coinfloor - coinify -
[email protected] - coinomi electrum no contact form found
[email protected] - f2pool - factom
[email protected] - gatecoin
[email protected] - gbminers
[email protected] - general bytes gdax, you like coinbase? same same, but different
[email protected] - greyscale backurl=/help/help_index/ - Huobi log in only - itbit - jaxx - kialara - kraken
[email protected] - liberty X click on other - localbitcoin - luno - magnr
[email protected] - the merkle com - mycelium - nathaniel popper no contact info found / - okcoin
p2p pool nothing useful found
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things you may want to talk about ViaBTC on why we should increase the block size
we've known full blocks were coming for years and the few people with commit access to core did not do anything helpful - tcoin-unlimited-90b114b3ef4a#.hbs8g9npp
all the reasons these people have put forth for why BU is bad have been debunked - and so so so many more
things core does or thinks: today's full blocks are not really full-; applying for bitcoin patents is okay - theymos hinted he might work to destroy Satoshi's bitcoins - what theymos think thinks bitcoin should be like in the future - todd wants to remove (and did) the commit access of Gavin (who was left in control when SN left) because - Adam Back is not a coder - Some code by Satoshi became noted that it was written by maxwell - Dashjr proposed contentious protocol fork - Greg was a poisonous person back at wikipedia in 2006 - theymos is okay with breaking a number of rules -
censorship and trying to manipulate the public opinion - &
and the FAQ here
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/r/Bitcoin FAQ - Newcomers please read

Welcome To The /Bitcoin Sticky FAQ

Maybe you're here because you've received a tip on social media, or maybe you've just been hearing a lot recently about Bitcoin and are wondering what the big deal is? The following videos are a good starting point for understanding how bitcoin works and a little bit about its long term potential:

What are Bitcoins worth and where can I buy them?

Bitcoins are valued at what market price people are willing to pay for them. Here are a couple useful sites 1 and 2 that shows how much various denominations of bitcoin are worth in different currencies. Alternatively you can just google "1 bitcoin in (your local currency)".
You can buy or sell any amount of bitcoin (from as little as $1 worth) and there are several easy methods to purchase bitcoin with cash, credit card or bank account. Some recommendations include:
US & Europe
All countries
Always do your own personal due diligence on the validity of an exchange and check the URL prior to sending them money or entering login credentials. Phishing sites are not uncommon. Use this checklist if you aren't sure which exchange to choose.

Where can I spend Bitcoins?

A comprehensive list can be found at but some of the key ones are below:
Store Product
Microsoft Xbox games, phone apps and software
Spendabit and The Bitcoin Shop Search engines of online retailers accepting bitcoin with millions of results
Overstock Everything under the sun
Gyft Gift cards for thousands of retailers including Amazon, Target, Walmart, Starbucks, Whole Foods, CVS, etc.
Reddit Gold Premium membership which can be gifted to others
NewEgg, TigerDirect and Dell For all your electronic needs
Expedia, Cheapair and 9flats For when you need to get away
Wordpress, Namecheap, Mullvad and PIA Handy web services
Foodler and Takeaway Takeout delivered to your door!
HumbleBundle and GreenmanGaming For when you need to get your game on
Coinmap and AirBitz are helpful to find local businesses accepting bitcoins. UK residents can find a comprehensive directory of shops, pubs, websites and other places in the UK that accept bitcoins at
There are also lots of charities which accept bitcoin donations, such as Wikipedia, Red Cross and the RNLI. You can find a longer list here.

Merchant Resources

If you operate a business and want to accept bitcoin as a payment method, there are several options available:

Can I mine bitcoin?

Mining bitcoins can be a fun hobby but be aware that you will most likely operate at a loss. Newcomers are often advised to stay away from mining unless they are only interested in it as a hobby similar to folding at home. If you want to learn more about mining you can read more here. Still have mining questions? The friendly folks at /BitcoinMining would be happy to help you out.
If you want to contribute to the bitcoin network, you can run a full node by hosting the blockchain and propagating transactions. Here is a handy setup guide

Securing your bitcoins

With bitcoin you can be your own bank and personally secure your bitcoins or you can use trusted companies such as Coinbase and Circle which have secured wallets where they hold the bitcoins for you and provide insurance. Be sure to only deal with reputable companies, if you have any concerns about a company's trustworthiness just ask or check their consumer reviews and ratings.
If you prefer to have direct control over your coins without having to use a trusted third party you can use personal wallets for desktops / laptops, Android and iOS where you alone hold your private keys. Electrum, Mycelium and Breadwallet are popular, but there are many options.
Find a wallet that works best for you
For increased security use Two Factor Authentication (2FA) everywhere it is offered, including email! (2FA requires a second confirmation code to access your account, usually from a text message or app, making it much harder for thieves to gain access). Google Authenticator and Authy are two great apps for handling 2FA.
Additional security systems such as Mycelium Entropy (for printing multi-signature paper wallets) and the Trezor Hardware Wallet are great ways to easily secure your coins. Or, you can opt to secure your bitcoin using cold storage.
Note: Do not use brainwallets unless you are an expert, they are known to be vulnerable to theft unless set up correctly.

Earning bitcoins

Just like any other form of money, you can earn bitcoins by working for them. Here are a few resources for bitcoin jobs.


Bitcoin Units

Note: This is a brief overview to the most commonly used Bitcoin units. For full information check out the Bitcoin Units wiki (work in progress).
One Bitcoin is quite large (hundreds of £/$/€) so people often deal in smaller units. The most common ones are listed below:
Unit Symbol Value Info
millibitcoin mBTC 1,000 per bitcoin SI unit for milli i.e. millilitre (ml) or millimeter (mm)
microbitcoin μBTC 1,000,000 per bitcoin SI unit for micro i.e microlitre (μl) or micrometre (μm)
satoshi sat 100,000,000 per bitcoin Smallest unit in bitcoin, named after the inventor
For example, assuming an arbitrary exchange rate of $500 for one Bitcoin, a $10 meal would equal:
Still have questions? The friendly folks at /BitcoinBeginners would be happy to help you out. If you decide to post a question in /Bitcoin, please use the search bar to see if it has been answered before and remember to follow the community rules outlined on the sidebar to receive a better response. The mods are busy helping manage our community so please do not message them unless you notice problems with the functionality of the subreddit.
Note: This is a community created FAQ. If you notice anything missing from the FAQ or that requires clarification you can edit it here and it will be included in the next revision pending mod approval. The original sticky can still be found here.
Welcome to the Bitcoin community and the new decentralized economy!
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How password insecurity and my own laziness resulted in bitcoin theft

Hello Everyone,
I wanted to share my recent loss of a small amount of bitcoin. I wanted to share my experience to help educate others of where these security vulnerabilities are, and how they can affect you. Notice I'm refraining from posting some terrible title such as “OMG someone just stole my bitcoin, help!”, this is because I know where the security vulnerability is, and how it should be addressed. Bitcoin itself is a completely secure system and 100% trustworthy. My security flaws ended up being from other websites, most not even bitcoin related.
Around 10:00pm last night I received a text message from Circle containing my 2-factor authentication code required for login. Obviously I was not trying to login to Circle at that time and realized someone was up to no good. However, this attack on my Circle account was stopped because of that 2-factor login method. I then remembered that my Circle account was protected with a password I know for a fact is compromised. I had not got around to changing my password because I really don't have anything stored in that account. I did quickly change the password and brushed off the experience.
Around 1:00am I received an email from changetip. It was a withdrawl email for about $25 in bitcoin. Turns out, I must have been using that same compromised password for my reddit account, since that was how I usually logged into my changetip account.
Do to using the compromised password on something as simple as my social media account (reddit), it inadvertently resulted in the loss of $25 of bitcoin. I think this is a very important lesson I’ve learned first hand, and I wanted to share the experience with all of you. If I had left a compromised password on one of my main email accounts, this loss could have been a lot worse.
I will be taking proactive steps to increase all of my online passwords today including:
Things you should look for before sending bitcoin to any website wallet account:
In the end, I would simply like to remind people that the bitcoin I lost was because I trusted another online party to store some bitcoin. This loss is a result of my pure laziness. However, I will be looking into security options available to me from changetip to help improve my account security. Regardless, the safest place to store bitcoin is on your own wallet, on your own hardware, with limited internet access. Your bitcoin is 100% safe that way. Dont be scared to use bitcoin and store it yourself. Just dont be lazy, change your passwords regularly, and dont use the same password for every website. Even if that website is not related to bitcoin.
Also, as a service to the community and anyone who likes to look into or monitor bitcoin thefts, here is the address in question the coin was sent to: 1HQ5xwx2RPFYQ4GMTanU2bpgVZXumjHLys
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Buying on exchanges with a US bank account -- my nightmare so far

So the company I work at recently asked me to set them up as a bitcoin accepting merchant which was very easy of course. There are many easy ways to cash out the coin with sites like Paxful and LBC. Anyways, subsequently my boss asked me to get him 5-10k in BTC so he could day trade a little bit for fun. The ONLY requirement was that I purchase the BTC off an exchange at rate no higher than 5% above market rate, which is proving to be near impossible. It baffles me since I was a Circle customer with high limits before.
Here is a list of all the exchanges I've registered with and the results so far: - Verified to Tier 1 to Tier 2. Tier 3 verification has been "Processing" for over a week, so I was not able to make any purchases as of yet. It looks like they use SynapsePay which will allow me to avoid any high wire transfer fees. Does anyone have experience with them? - Fully verified everything and connected accounts. I figured Coinbase shouldn't be a problem aside from lower limits in the beginning. However, it's also been a week and my buy limits are 0$ even though I'm fully verified. Support is silent. I contacted the reddit support email and still nothing after 1 week even though they said they are looking into the issue. Site just says "Your limits are 0$ please contact [email protected]"
Bitstamp: I was able to get a fully verified business account setup in just 1 day. Their support is extremely good and fast. HOWEVER, the major problem here is the 50$ wire transfer fee that our bank wants for sending to Slovenia. I don't feel comfortable sending 5k+ of company money up front, but if I were to send 500$ initially then the bank fees would be 10% which is not good.
Bitfinex: Their KYC/AML is very extensive, but at least their support is very fast just like Bitstamp. However, I also have the same problem as with Bitstamp which is the costly 50$ international wire transfer. My only option is to buy more coin to bring the purchase cost down to 5% or less.
Bitsane: I was getting desperate so I figured why not just try every exchange I can get my hands on. These guys verified me quickly and allowed me to deposit right away. However it's bank transfer only to Czech Republic which is once again a 50$ fee, and obviously I'm not sending them 5k+ up front either.
Uphold: The verification process took about 2 days. Once I was verified I initiated a 250$ debit card (2-3 bus day) and 500$ bank transfer (5 bus days). However the bank blocked the charge due to fraud concerns since the charge was from London UK. I called the bank to have the charges approved and then tried to do another charge for 250, but of course my account was now suspended. I contacted support and finally got an email saying they want some more bank statements and selfies etc. I have high hopes that they will allow me to buy soon since they have 0% bank transfer fees and only 2.75% card fees.
Celery: Signed up with them as was ID verified extremely fast. Seems like a very good exchange. However they won't let you add a bank account via micro deposits. They only allow bank login verification, and you can NOT do this with a business checking account. They have 10% ACH fees which is absurd and I have not been able to confirm the cost of wire transfer fees aside from that they charge 5%. Assuming support will help me link the bank, they might be the best option considering their bank is not in Europe/China.
CEX: Very important PSA! Right after submitting verification documents, this company tried to use my personal information to establish a line of credit! These guys are either completely compromised or they are straight up fraudsters! BEWARE!!!!!!!
So there you have it, I spent 1 whole week trying to buy 500$ off any exchange with 5% fees or less and failed. Of course you guys are going to tell me to buy off LBC or Paxful, but I am trying to do this all without leaving the office, plus I haven't found any sellers locally who will do 1000$ cash at 5%. I have not signed up on Gemini and was wondering if anyone has recommendations or experiences with other exchanges that I didn't mention.
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WeTrust AMA - Sept 1 (Originally in Slack, formatted to Reddit)

Hey Everyone
Here is the result of the AMA today in the WeTrust Slack today at 4pm PST. I took the liberty to weed through the random comments and put together the slack threads into a Q and A format below.
The team will be participating in additional AMAs in the future and will be utilizing Reddit for those.
Have a wonderful long weekend everyone.
My first question how do you guarantee everyone contributes to a rosca group? What does someone do if they want to leave the rosca group mid way through?
hey there! the broader question here is, how does WeTrust deter bad actors?
Here's our approach:
Working with folks who are already participating in Lending Circles is the first step, as we face fewer barriers in terms of behavioral change. In addition, one of our goals is to create mechanisms that enable weaker ties to interact with each other safely. To do so and to thwart bad actors more generally, WeTrust will have 4 deterrents:
  1. Reputation risk/ Reviews: Initial groups will be limited to "trusted associates" - family, friends, co-workers, fraternal groups, and professional/ religious organizations. Defaulting on payments could mean social shame and loss of reputation amongst an individual's closest associates. This works in practice around the world, as reputation risk is a large deterrent that in most cases is sufficient enough to keep participants honest.
  2. Loan Guarantor: Participants of a Lending Circle may choose to require all participants to have a loan guarantor who would be responsible for any breach of the Lending Circle participation terms. This concept can also be used to facilitate the interaction of disparate groups that have common participants who are willing to vouch and serve as Loan Guarantors or junior debt holders for any wrongdoing by members from the 2 disparate groups.
  3. Legal/ Collateral: Lending Circle formation will allow trusted associates to e-sign and bind each other to a legal contract which requires faithful adherence and payment to the group. Defaulting on payments and stealing could mean legal repercussions. Legal recourse will only be used if individuals are participating in a "high-stakes" lending circle and legal action would be worthwhile. Members can also choose to require participants to commit collateral as part of membership of the Lending Circle.
  4. Smart contract bounty (self-enforcement): If a Lending Circle participant violates the terms, the group may start a “Bounty” on the retrieval of funds. If the funds are retrieved, the “Bounty” is paid out to the person who enforces the terms.
These 4 deterrent options will be on an "opt-in" basis and participants will be able to choose the level of security they want. These ideas are not fixed and are still subject to change.
@george.wetrust from what I've learned the SF area seems like a testbed for you and the team. I personally don't see this as your target audience but how do you want to approach the actual target audience and have them adopt your platform? I assume there are language barriers in place but also many local organisations that run their own similar projects. (edited)
The Trusted Lending Circle (TLC) is a ROSCA on the blockchain. In the bay area, we will focus on immigrant communities. Due to proximity, there are advantages in honing the product locally. However long term we must expand to communities outside the US. To enable that we will need to work with organizations abroad that are familiar with their local communities. To that end, we have started initial conversations so that we can move more quickly once the product is ready.
@george.wetrust what do we say to people who try to question the thing that Vitalik is an advisor? Could u also explain what is the role of each advisor and how did they helped the project so far?
We met with VB in the beginning of the project back in the StartX offices in Palo Alto, CA. Soon after, we've also brought on Bo Shen (VB's partner at FenBuShi Capital) as an early investor and he provided some help in China marketing and garnering support for our project.
We have a number of advisors and they all provide some help in their own specific capacities. For example, Ben Chan is nearby and he often drops by and we run a lot of our ideas by him. Emin calls us every once in awhile to check up on the product, since he is a bit farther.
Hi Patrick, when's the flagship product release?
Trusted Lending Circles is slated to be release by EOY.
Question: Is the original roadmap still accurate and if so, what can we expect in 2018 from WeTrust? And is there a roadmap available for that?
The original roadmap isn't as accurate any longer, since we're added a few new members to our team. We're working on an update and that will be available soon. We have an internal working document already finished, but just polishing it a bit before sharing it with the community.
Any chance you can say when we can expect that?
We just brought on a new VP of Product (ex. GREE, Google) @tomd and this will be his main task to create a roadmap and plan of attack, so I want to say ASAP. I don't want to commit to a date, but soon. (edited)
We're performing resource allocation tasks and mapping out iterations in the background over here. Once we're super comfortable with the timeframe and have set appropriate midpoint milestones, we'd love to share the broad roadmap out to the community
the 2018 roadmap is still being planned as well...we've got a framework, but we're focused heavily on TLC right now
Awesome! Great to hear :smile:
Question: What is Wetrust planning to do on marketing when the flagship product launches at the end of the year?
We will ramp up marketing as the launch date gets closer.
How do you ensure that there are incentives in maintaining participation in the ROSCA? The way I view it, there are two levels of the WeTrust platform: the ROSCA and TRST as a whole, so I’m still trying to understand to whom the value of the platform accrues - the ROSCA of the TRST holder.
Trusted Lending Circles are for those who need money now and the idea is to start with trusted participants. We are creating an alternative for those not included within the traditional financial system. Does this help?
Maybe - but let me reword the question: why do ROSCAs need to be tokenized? ROSCAs become valuable when they are done amongst a tight group of people. It’s a highly localized value chain. I have a hard time understanding how the global benefits (of having a strong crypto platform) accrue to the individual groups.
How many millions of people separate from their families and emigrate to the west and then expatriate there dollars back home? Imagine them being able to participate in a ROSCA with their family back home.
Excuse typos I'm voice typing
@icarus there are a few additional benefits of building on the blockchain
And what about all the people in the west that would like to help get people in the developing world a leg up and with the rosca can do so directly in small, intimate groups. It's like micro philanthropy are.
  1. once complete, it will be usable by anyone who has access to crypto (cannot do this with a regular financial app)
  1. by understanding the connections, and the data, we can add value by facilitating interaction between those who do not know one another directly
What George said. I'll see myself out...
@damo @george.wetrust Understood. So this has a lot of value reaching the un-banked in other countries. I can understand the value of that. I think that, in your marketing material, you should highlight that by showing the size of the remittance market. It helps to have other lenses through which to see your service. (edited)
ROSCA and Remittances are two different things, and you folks have started to integrate the two. Your marketing focuses on the ROSCA aspect, but I think it’d be good to highlight the remittance aspect (though it may already be implied) as well.
thank you @icarus very good points!!
If you were to sit and have a beer with someone who knew nothing of ROSCA, how would you explain it to them?
in layman's non financial terms -- saving together builds more discipline into saving than if you were saving on your own. Similar to going to the gym to work out, or taking training classes, getting a personal trainer, etc... A ROSCA allows you to save in a group, accessing credit, and we plan to integrate with credit bureaus so you can build credit as well.
Since Mr Bo is an advisor , is it right that u will be listed on Yunbi when the product is ready?Are u in contaxt with other exchanges?
our focus is on building out the product at this time
We plan on continuing to do a great job on advancing the mission of financial inclusion through decentralized financial apps. Trusted Lending Circles will only be the first. If we are successful, it will be inevitable that accessibility (e.g. exchanges) will improve.
Question: Why do you think the price has remained relatively stagnant? What do you think might change the price in the short term?
We're working hard on the product and focusing purely on that. I think as things begin to work out everything else will fall into place.
Great answer, I love projects first being developed and then being marketed. Trading on thin air is not what I like
hey guys how to get TRST wallet?
I think you can use my etherwallet to store them.
MyEtherWallet or any other ERC 20 compatible wallet.
@patrick.wetrust Are we going to be able to store our coins without putting in to use (like a wallet) in the ROSCA app? Second question; Will our identity stay anonymous to other ROSCA users while lending?
Right now, you can store your coins on MEW or equivalent ERC 20 friendly wallet.
Potentially, we are working to integrate uPort login. We have it working on the testnet, but once testing is done - will roll out to main-net.
Thoughts on uPort vs Civic?
We are considering just having both... users can pick which account they want and can authenticate/ login using whatever they have.
We wanna do Lending business too. More than happy to talk further to be the first inner circle of ROSCA
Sure, that would be great. You can be apart of our first Company lending circle if you'd like :slightly_smiling_face:
I've read that there will be a new website soon, can we get a sneak peak?
It will be launched soon
Are there any plans to put this on poloniex?
We have no control over what the exchanges decide to do.
I don´t understand the benefit of ROSCA, I watched the videos I don´t see the benefit, the example given just doesnt make sense to me. If you are 5 guys putting in 100$ and its kind of a lottery who gets the 500$ each cycle, how is that really making a difference for anyone ?
a ROSCA is indeed a zero sum game
however, there are several benefits:
it allows time shifting the access to money (analogous to serving as credit or a loan) (edited)
I think the important thing to remember is that this is already north of a $1 trillion a year industry. It makes sense that people in the global north don't understand it because we have access to traditional financial capital. We've never needed such a thing. We also don't have as tightly woven communities anymore as we used to. But those in the global south, many of which lack access to banks and bank finance, have been using this and other novel mechanisms for accessing capital when needed for generations. (edited)
moreover, starting with the foundation of the rosca app, we'll be able to quickly iterate on additional products. It's a remarkably extensible foundation.
Are you guys familiar with Salt Lending and do you think they are your biggest competitor?
Not extremely familiar with salt lending, but afaik they are building a very useful service. It's important to see what others are doing, but at this point I think the markets are mostly white space and there is room for multiple successful companies in each industry.
Do you do credit scoring for a lender? Application and behavior model? Any data scientists in your team?
We're exploring opportunities to report transactional data the Credit Bureaus. This is the first step... if this is successful, participation in Lending Circles (or our "to be named" 1-person savings app), could be used to build credit.
If we decide to build an independent (outside of the Credit Bureaus) score, we will hire the appropriate talent to do this successfully.
I get the value in reducing the overhead large insurance companies pad into their rates… but don’t ROSCAs still need some claims process to assign reasonable value to claims? Maybe fire damage to my house was $10,000, maybe it was only $9,500… at the end of the day, isn’t there some central authority needed to determine autheniticity/fairness of claims made?
Good question.
ROSCAs are analogous to insurance, which you rightly point out. Not everyone knows that actually.
However, there are some differences.
while each ROSCA from different cultures operate differently, many are 100% zero sum. For example, in many tandas, you have a sequence set at the beginning for distributions, and everyone rotates on receiving the full 100% of the distribution. does that make sense?
As long as the ROSCA is sufficiently tight, I think you go by the word of the affected. That’s where credit profiling is crucial.
yes - so more like a savings account that offers an early withdrawal of full funds
but no matter how “tight’ the circle, no one ever pays MORE than they are required to — though the possibility of paying less is always non-zero
leading to inevitable loss in total ROSCA funds which must then be offset by…. ?
@davestann though, even if you pay less, shouldn’t that reduce your stake in the pool? There’s no free lunch. (edited)
@icarus @patrick.wetrust lets assume i pay first payment into ROSCA and then make claim for full amount… then stop making payments (some amount of which is bound to occur, no matter how trusted the circle) - how is that revenue recovered? everyone else now knows their ROSCA won’t be fully funded when its their turn to claim, so why should anyone continue making payments?
Same reason you don't trash your Uber drivers car. Reputation equals access. If you have a bad reputation, you lose access.
We're going to end up releasing a whole bunch of products. And people are gonna want to use them. In order to do so, they're gonna have to play nice. Right?
@davestann I think that’s a good question. My impression is that, by joining the ROSCA, you’re willingly exposing your self to the entire credit risk of all its participants.
agree reputation is key @damo good point — but in the event some jerk DOES trash my uber, I can claim against my insurance for losses. Maybe this means a backup ROSCA for each ROSCA?
@davestann great questions -- to uplevel the question -- I think the core of your question is how does WeTrust deter bad actors?
Here are our thoughts: by working with folks who are already participating in Lending Circles is the first step, as we face fewer barriers in terms of behavioral change. In addition, one of our goals is to create mechanisms that enable weaker ties to interact with each other safely. To do so and to thwart bad actors more generally, WeTrust will have 4 deterrents:
  1. Reputation risk/ Reviews: Initial groups will be limited to "trusted associates" - family, friends, co-workers, fraternal groups, and professional/ religious organizations. Defaulting on payments could mean social shame and loss of reputation amongst an individual's closest associates. This works in practice around the world, as reputation risk is a large deterrent that in most cases is sufficient enough to keep participants honest.
  2. Loan Guarantor: Participants of a Lending Circle may choose to require all participants to have a loan guarantor who would be responsible for any breach of the Lending Circle participation terms. This concept can also be used to facilitate the interaction of disparate groups that have common participants who are willing to vouch and serve as Loan Guarantors or junior debt holders for any wrongdoing by members from the 2 disparate groups.
  3. Legal/ Collateral: Lending Circle formation will allow trusted associates to e-sign and bind each other to a legal contract which requires faithful adherence and payment to the group. Defaulting on payments and stealing could mean legal repercussions. Legal recourse will only be used if individuals are participating in a "high-stakes" lending circle and legal action would be worthwhile. Members can also choose to require participants to commit collateral as part of membership of the Lending Circle.
  4. Smart contract bounty (self-enforcement): If a Lending Circle participant violates the terms, the group may start a “Bounty” on the retrieval of funds. If the funds are retrieved, the “Bounty” is paid out to the person who enforces the terms.
These 4 deterrent options will be on an "opt-in" basis and participants will be able to choose the level of security they want. These ideas are not fixed and are still subject to change.
Thanks @george.wetrust for the detailed response
@davestann @george.wetrust The credit profiling feature is going to be crucial for the success of WeTrust. Here’s why I think that: the WeTrust platform isn’t necessarily disruptive to large players in the market. (It doesn’t need to be.) It brings online something that’s done in individuals’ living rooms and integrates that with global money transfers.
Here’s something that is exciting, and something that I hope WeTrust can nail. If they are able to create a thriving ecosystem, they can develop a global credit rating platform. A person immigrating from China to the US could receive credit from a normal bank in the US, because they wouldn’t be building their credit history from scratch. So, in that sense, WeTrust could serve as a sustaining force in the traditional financial system.
I hadn't thought of that. Interesting view.
agreed - the financial system/ banking industry isn't necessarily a zero sum game
I'm purely involved in this token for the money, sorry to there plans to put this on Poloniex? Certainly don't believe this is a free market this crypto, can you shed any light on the major pump today
sorry we can't discuss price or exchanges
I remember reading about implementing gold standard tokens into the lending circles as gold is important to some cultures. Is this still on the table?
this is definitely something we are planning for the future. there are dependencies with other projects, however, but we are keen.
Now that the talent pool is filled, and the office situation is settled, hows life in the WeTrust office these days? is there more activity with summer coming to a close?
About to move to Downtown Mountain View.... so a bit hectic still. The office is settled, but still the process of getting our stuff over there! :slightly_smiling_face:
The chairs just arrived today and the desks on Tuesday I believe...
NorCal is experiencing a heat wave right now.
May I confirm is this ROSCA only do unsecured lending? You guys won't take any collateral?
A collateral product was explored, but for now we're focusing on the unsecured lending circle. In the future, definitely a possibility.
Don't you find this a big risk? (edited)
To thwart bad actors, WeTrust will have four deterrents:
  1. Reputation risk/ Reviews: ROSCA groups will be limited to "trusted associates" - family, friends, co-workers, fraternal groups, and professional/ religious organizations. Defaulting on payments could mean social shame and loss of reputation amongst an individual's closest associates. The idea is that for ROSCAs with small enough dollar amount commitments, reputation risk will be sufficient enough to keep participants honest. Reviews may also be left by other members to show how they felt about any participant.
  2. Legal risk: ROSCA formation will allow trusted associates to e-sign and bind each other to a legal contract which requires faithful adherence and payment to the ROSCA. Defaulting on payments and stealing could mean legal repercussions. Legal recourse will only be used if individuals are participating in a "high-stakes" ROSCA and legal action would be worthwhile. I've spoken to our legal advisor and she believes it will be possible to create auto-populating templates that will be tailored to each person's ROSCA terms.
  3. Collateral risk: Collateral commitments may be required prior to joining a ROSCA. The collateral will be entered into a smart contract which will surrender the property to the ROSCA group if the ROSCA agreement is breached. Collateral can be liquid-cash like assets like Bitcoin or even less liquid assets such as auto/ home titles. Our system will benefit significantly from the ability to accept less liquid assets, since the majority of middle classes’ net worth is locked in real estate. Collateral would allow capital to be used more efficiently.
  4. Smart contract bounty (self-enforcement): If a ROSCA participant violates the terms of the ROSCA, the ROSCA group may start a “Bounty” on the retrieval of funds. If the funds are retrieved, the “Bounty” is paid out to the person who enforces the terms of the ROSCA.
Unsecured lending of course is very risky... I'm a banking person and I know credit risk.
I saw the above paragraphs already thanks
My last question to @george.wetrust . Is there any possibility for the WeTrust team or spokesman to come out in Europe for a conference or meeting in the future?
yes -- it would be great if you can tell us some good conferences we should attend and we'll try to secure a speaking slot and meet with our community abroad.
That's great! Will be in touch!
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Circle = PayPal

This is my first post to reddit but I think its worth mentioning. I`ve been a regular Circle costumer since they opened. I was using the same bank account and everything from the beginning.. so nothing changed.
"If we determine that the funds in your account were not fraudulently obtained, you will have the ability to transfer your funds out of Circle at the conclusion of our investigation. Typical investigations take between 120 to 180 days."
Seriously? I`ve done more than 15 successful transactions totaling more than 25k from the same bank account. When I became a fraudster?
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Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 220 "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatlne]

  • Day 45.2 Follow Lisa Page, Paul Manafort, and the EB5 Visas - YouTube
    • This is gonna go over comments
    • Again, day 45 part two and these are the comments I talked a lot about McCabe and moving to Chappaqua...
    • And all the power and crews and digging and pedestals and vaults and all the things that change up there
    • I thought geez it just looks like they're moving money out of Indonesia and Malaysia and European banks and offshore banks and and mining all the Bitcoin for Hillary to get--resources for the future
    • Hillary two ready for the getter treasure trove organized in Chappaqua for the big drive to the presidency
    • And it's amazing how when something just fits
    • How a lot of data comes together <<> from the DNC two Chappaqua
    • {{ 135 Castle Road. 15 Old House Lane shown on map unknown owner unknown city unknown state not a dox }}
    • The reason why I believe it moves from DNC to Chappaqua is the to operations are done
    • First operation is looting DCCC
    • The second operation is looting DNC, while there's still other candidates getting money then when you're done and you eliminate Bernie, then you you don't need to do that anymore, and you move the operations to Chappaqua
    • Again, you don't want your hackers being arrested
    • When they're exposed at DNC
    • When they're exposed at DCCC., they're there's an ability to get arrested
    • So it's the same reason why I think for the OIG hack of DHS
    • You come in with a team--I'm not saying Lisa Grafenstine, but somebody like that
    • You come in with a team, you say here's your vulnerability risk, we're gonna look and do all this vulnerability testing, we're gonna get it or download all these files
    • Now oops, I stole the Inspector General's laptop
    • Again, took it over to Hawkshead--and
    • Again, asking Andre Taggart, when the up I would remember when somebody came over to my house with an FBI raid
    • Ask Andre Taggart what day the FBI raid and the NCIS people came over, the Capitol police came over and got that
    • The OIG laptop
    • And I believe it's gonna be, I believe they stole an Inspector General's laptop
    • I'm not saying Lisa Grafenstine, but remember there was four laptops, and 20 Blackberries with government markings, and there was the toner
    • So I'm gonna say right now, I believe that was the DHS's OIG's laptop
    • So again, the Capitol police report would tell us, and there would be no reason to repress that if that wasn't true, correct?
    • So anyway I want to go through this and operations move DCCC DNC then Chappaqua
    • And I wanted to say that a--how does somebody live in New York and then their wife is running for Virginia?
    • I'm saying that McCabe is buying this house for the Awans to live at
    • I'm not saying Andrew McCabe is moving up there
    • I'm saying he's setting up this command center in it and if everything looks like a command center in Chappaqua
    • He's setting it up for the Awans to move up there
    • Now I'm not saying a Seth Rich doesn't come up there or--a satellite person like--Hina Alvi doesn't come up there as well
    • But I think--all these your satellite person
    • But the hacking team is gonna follow Imran okay
    • So anyway DCCC DNC those two operations are done, then you move everything to Chappaqua
    • Just based on metadata
    • And then--you only need to be up there a day or a weekend to buy the house and then you're back with your wife
    • So I think that's what happened
    • There's a lot of action right now inside
    • Now I made a mistake yesterday it wasn't Kislyak that died
    • It was chicken Churkin that died
    • So there's been like nine Russian ambassador's die
    • So he died right about a month later and I could conflated the two
    • So there was a correction there
    • Just to make sure you got that right
    • But I love Corrections
    • Because then people remember corrections better than they do if you said I was right
    • People hate to hear people say I was right
    • People love to hear people say I was wrong {{ 911: those are called trolls or h8rs }}
    • And I've corrected you and I love it
    • So so keep correcting me because it only reinforces a chicken died right after that
    • So it makes me think Chuck it's the guy that they did the deal with read Kissel yakked--it's just one thing after another
    • Now this is an interesting one I did last night with Lisa Page
    • Again, we're down to the people actually making the move
    • So once you get the actors then you can just follow their schedule around and just query their schedule and ask for discovery on their schedule and then ask him a questions around their schedule and Lisa Page as ubiquitous with this Stroeve Peter Strzok and she had this criminal offense over in Ohio and I said ,"hey, that really makes me think about Strongsville
    • Because I was in Strongsville that's where one of the Saipov trucking companies was that was where this creepy school was that was I thought ,"hey, there's this weird European center there that got raided by the FBI
    • So for ten years we have a color-of-law operation where we're bringing people into this Strongsville adoption agency
    • And if you read down a little bit farther, it's got all these kids from all these different countries from this running it for the State Department
    • Now that wouldn't be particularly significant (I'll read a little bit farther into this)
    • That that wouldn't be particularly significant if it wasn't for the fact the State Department says these European adoption consultants EAC European adoption consultants were from Bulgaria blah blah blah all these different countries, and then Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine
    • Now I realize it's the last one, but this is the one that's the funnel for the Russian kids
    • What they're doing is they're given Russian kids and Russian families Ukrainian visas
    • So this was the Paul Manafort connection
    • And then and they're coming in and bringing them in through this Strongsville, Ohio
    • And it's out of the way we're nowhere else is this is where one of the Saipov trucking companies is
    • Why do I think the EB-5s are related to this, well a Saipov got 23 EB-5s
    • Saipov has a trucking company here in this in Strongsville
    • So that's why I think that--no other reason
    • Plus here where Stevie-Steve gets his hair cut, I went out there to where Stevie Steve this mass murderer who I thought was involved in killing the trucking folks down in Ohio, down this way a little bit
    • And he's right there he's right at right at this nexus right along with everybody else
    • He's also the guy at the Cleveland Clinic--when these visitors are coming in from UAE and Dubai in and Abu Dhabi
    • He's the one running between the children's center and--you know mentally handicapped kids are dying in their sleep, and then there's these successful heart operations the next day {{ 911: gross }}
    • So it's kind of like Stevie Steve and I went to his barbershop and I went to all these different barber shops and where the people were killed
    • And he just seems to be in the middle of it
    • Everything seems to rotate around Strongsville
    • Now the fact that Peter Strzok'a his dad has this kind of correspondent relationship with all these mullahs in nine different countries in the Arab countries leads me to believe that's the sales network--
    • I just--I know that's a--wild speculation but I just connected all the way from, "hey, all these different countries are the customers and all these Ukrainian kids are--being shopped out and they're meeting them here--somewhere out here at this creepy place"
    • They're meeting and say, 'yeah I want that one,' and then they're getting on the plane and then flying home--from from Cleveland International Airport
    • I'm not I'm not sure, but it's it just that you metadata screams that
    • Why is Lisa Page in a company with Paul Manafort
    • Why is she a partner in a company with Paul Manafort?
    • Why? Why would that be?
    • Now is that a nine or ten years sting I guess
    • So I guess it's a nine or ten years sting?
    • So anyway good comments sorry about the mistake about Churkin
    • The Lisa Page connection here some people said Lisa Page is a Mossad agent whatever
    • {{ 911: I think therefore I am Mossad }}
    • The Lisa Page connection here to to Paul Manafort is a very strong one
    • And I believe they're EB-5s
    • If like I said if Saipov didn't have a trucking company here
    • And it was Bright auto or something like that
    • And I had a car company I wouldn't say anything
    • He has another one in Cincinnati, which leads me to believe there's gonna be another funnel near Cincinnati
  • Day 45.3 Does Fusion GPS Have a Modus Operandi? - YouTube
    • It's Day 45 and this is part three and
    • Now our Mr. Akhmetshin's gonna come back into the story
    • Akhmetshin this is an ak-47 meeting your shin you remember back on days 260 something like that I was in Washington DC, talking about it Akhmetshin
    • I think it was in even before talking about the peepee dossier even before I had kind of brought Fusion GPS from kind of out behind it
    • So these are these cases right
    • Now what do we know about Akhmetshin?
    • Well he was the guy who went to the Trump Tower meeting I believe
    • Now Andrew McCabe is gonna be meeting with Glenn Simpson a Fusion GPS and a Akhmetshin and Veselnitskaya
    • They're gonna be planning this sneak attack on Donald Trump Jr.
    • They're gonna--they're gonna send them in
    • They're gonna send Veselnitskaya in say by this by this dossier, buy this dossiers, shop this dossier, much like Peter stroke shops the dossier in Congress in December of 2016 to try to do the anti-Trump thing right
    • So they're gonna shop this dossier Dom Trump jr. says yeah maybe--kind of and then somebody behind him says that's crazy
    • We're not gonna do that I think that's Jared Kushner
    • But somebody turns it down says this is crazy maybe it's a lawyer or something and it's not worth anything it throws it out
    • So there's no collusion and it's over with
    • So Akhmetshin's your setup guy
    • So what is he doing in these cases?
    • Well he's filing is what they call an "interested party",
    • And this is basically I'm gonna side with one of the two guys in the party here
    • So in this case there's an oil and there's a mineral case here in Washington DC
    • And then he sides with this one of the parties of the two parties
    • Now are they targeting different people?
    • Are they just picking a professor out of somewhere in one of their schools that supports Hillary to attack some friend of Vlad in Moscow to try to unhook some deal in Moscow?
    • Is that really what they're doing? Who knows
    • But let's look at this New York case, where let's see Ahkmetshin files, again, as an intervener, and just see if that's what's going on
    • Let's see modus operandi--we see a pattern developing
    • This is eggy here...this is a plaintiff it looks like
    • We're gonna see down here it's it's a movant somebody clear
    • They're gonna kick in something in this case and then there's this Zalmayev
    • Well it turns out he is a professor at University of California
    • And it turns out this guy is actually living in Moscow, trying to do Moscow Business Development
    • Let's see if they are attacking them or not
    • Oh here's Ahkmetshin he's gonna add some information in here and then he's also going to countersue
    • Zalmayev is also going to countersue the guy that's that they're attacking
    • Let's see how this goes
    • So we go down here to the docket, we go to the first complaint here, and we go to this, and this is gonna be expensive and you see that already thirty seven dollars
    • And there are thirty three dollars to view this document
    • I think I might have last month was terrible for reading documents it's like a thousand bucks
    • But anyway here it is there's Aggie suing Zalmayev's here
    • What's he saying? Well malicious disnformation campaign
    • What does that sound like? Doesn't that sound like exactly what's happening to Trump right now?
    • Russian corporate raid? Hmm where have I heard that before?
    • International litigation prevented him from personal safety loss of life and liberty harm abandon his claim to a valuable investment
    • It played a key role in the campaign elaborate negative public relations campaign illegitimate efforts
    • Defamatory false injurious statements all this sort of thing false defamatory etc etc etc
    • Now as a journalist, you have to report the news, and I correct whenever I make a mistake
    • So there is a certain amount of responsibility that comes along with that
    • And I try to exercise that every day
    • But this is where you're planting stories where you're paying--where has already been
    • Now identified as paying journalists to plant stories that are false--that's something very different
    • That's a that's a sneak attack
    • That's not journalism
    • That's not absence of malice--
    • That's going in with a preconceived idea to smear somebody, in writing, in publications no less, well-known publications
    • {{ 911bs: Called malinformation. Misinformation's a mistake. Disinformation could be done in a protective way (US spreading disinfo about crop circles), malinformation always is to harm }}
    • So they look like they grab this state of California professor they say ,"hey, I got an idea let's let's bust up a deal in Moscow and here it is"
    • There's the Moscow hotel they're going to bust up deal
    • And then finally what happens after this case is after they go through six years of litigation it basically dies
    • And this is a very very long case you can see here it starts in 2011 about when Fusion GPS starts and goes all the way until last month, when you guys finally just--gives up over end and it's sealed
    • And they seal the seal the case
    • So but then there's all this stuff
    • {{ 911: that's called lawfare }}
    • Now the key question is are our two people are our two FBI people people Lisa Page and Peter Strzok involved in this case or not?
    • Do they ever get involved as Peter Strzok ever get involved in this case with Lisa Page?
    • That's the question of the day
    • I'll put some screenshots in here along the way to show how long I've been talking about Fusion GPS
    • How long I've been talking about Akhmetshin
    • That's where the case is coming to
    • My Fusion GPS case will cite these cases as just more and more examples where Fusion GPS--I believe--aided in the creation of dossiers through illegally-obtained material, potentially, with the Awans, to create dossiers against people
    • Much like the Michael Flynn case, to try to smear someone with information
  • Day 45.4. Collect, Dossier, Reprisals - Need to Come Clean, No Sound and Fury, Documents - YouTube
    • It's Day 45 this is version 4
    • And obviously I put out my amended complaint that they're going to be adding the partners of Peter Strzok and also Lisa Page
    • I also had to add Agent Pettijohn and Agent Whittaker of JTTF to my complaint
    • The strategy has been three levels, the collection level, which is the Awans, the Steele, Russians that he brought into the country
    • The second level is once you collect it all you then do a dossier:
    • You do analysis and figure out the best dirt you have on somebody--the best leverage you have
    • And then the third level is reprisal: you don't collect the information to not do anything with it
    • And that's the FBI level that's Andy McCabe through people like Strzok and Page as well as many many other people
    • There's also parallel FBI investigations at every level as well that have been kind of in the shadows, afraid to come forward, and have been kind of put kind of squelched by Andrew McCabe in JTTF
    • So it's a very small group of about sixty guys in internal to FBI, that just need to retire
    • Just find it find a nice farm and retire
    • Make a lot of money
    • And that will the sun-shining of documents documents documents is the answer
    • To have a dog and pony show up in Congress is all well and good
    • A couple of press releases saying that you're going to open an investigation is all well and good
    • But these are really just like curtains--putting new curtains on it on a collapsing building
    • What we really need is publication of documents
    • Publish the OIG hack
    • Publish the OPM hack data
    • Publish the IG report in Congress about the 5100 illegal logins
    • Publish the CDW report
    • Published these key documents from key investigations to show that you have good faith
    • Dog-and-pony shows are all well and good and everyone has--to fall on their sword a little bit publicly
    • But that's not really very substantive at all
    • And I'm not gonna just permit Bob Mueller to kind of act like judge and jury when he is a co-conspirator
    • He been a beneficiary as much of the graft as as Comey, McCabe and Rosenstein
    • It's not gonna happen
    • We can't have half well we'll split the Ocean's eleven team up here
    • You've you five guys go over there you be the jury and we five guys will go over here we'll be the judge
    • And then we'll pick one of us amongst us to beat up on
    • It doesn't work like that
    • Everyone should just retire now and move on
    • I'm gonna keep moving on the Uranium One case
    • I've obviously got a lot of new information they're publishing today
    • Keep moving on the reprisal level with Andrew McCabe got new stuff coming in Chappaqua
    • Got new stuff coming from the Mueller Team
    • And how the Mueller team was infiltrated with the Strozek infiltrators
    • So all these things are going to be discoverable
    • So sooner or later if the American people are not savvy enough to demand documents, they're going to get hoodwinked again, like we did in the Hillary investigation server and investigation and the Huma server
    • Lots of smoke all sound and fury signifying nothing
    • We need to move to documents publication of documents documents documents
  • Day 46.1 Need To Eye Dropper a Fusion GPS Dossier? Call Strzok and Page - YouTube
    • I wanna this is Day 46
    • I'm gonna do the comments for the first two videos and I think you'll see how all this is kind of connected now
    • Last night it was great because all the videos I did yesterday were those were the fodder for Carlson Tucker Carlson--The whole hour and that Hannity the whole hour
    • Even Laura Ingraham and Bret Baier have picked up on this as 20 watergates as Kallstrom has said
    • But the first thing is that the mainstream media has to recognize that Strzok and Page are the key to the whole thing
    • They're that the henchman and henchwoman of Andrew McCabe
    • So that was out there last night
    • Now they still have this text message oh they just said nasty text messages about Trump
    • That's where we are today
    • Now I'm going to move everybody a little bit forward again
    • This is Fusion GPS--They're taking the dossier process.
    • You collect it with you Awans
    • You move it to the dossiers with Fusion GPS
    • And then you then you do reprisals with the FBI
    • And this Strzok and Page are that how you do reprisals
    • You forward it as a series of unrelated messages, but you you send a couple of pieces of the dossier over here one day
    • And then a couple more pieces over there
    • And what you're doing is you're you're doing the deep dives
    • You're doing the messages from Flynn to Kislyak
    • You're doing the Jared Kushner messages
    • You're sending them over like you're just picking these up one at a time
    • Like you don't already have this sitting over in a MicroPACT case management system over at Fusion GPS
    • Now I'm not sure if they use MicroPACT at Fusion GPS or what the case management system is
    • But it's going to be a case management system, a lot like Theresa Grafenstine's case management system
    • I'm not saying Theresa Graphenstine's case management system is being used by Fusion GPS, but somebody if you had access to a case management system like Theresa Grafenstine has at Fusion GPS, you could query that system, and then send little bits and pieces of the dossier
    • Like text messages
    • And you could make it look like actual investigative work
    • And if you're a fake enough like Peter Strzok that works out really well because everybody actually thinks you're an FBI agent
    • So the other piece to this is when you find smoke, when you find a conversation between Flynn and Kislyak, you then need a FISA warrant
    • You need a FISA warrant
    • Well you're never gonna go to a three-judge panel actually with the FISA warrant, but let's just say this is Lisa Page here you're gonna go to Lisa Page and say, "hey, Lisa do that FISA write-up and then we're gonna say it's lost paperwork or it never got over to a judge
    • Now if somebody does a warrant like now and does it drill down, then you just run down the street two three three three Constitution in the middle of the night
    • So your favorite judge and he signs off on it and they back-date it
    • And then you're good to go
    • You're gonna find this combination
    • It's not an affair--the reason why there is Zelig
    • I noticed they even use my Zelig there
    • They're the reason why they're Zelig and they're everywhere is because it's a tight system
    • You don't want 18 people involved in this
    • This is what I keep saying it's so few people are involved in this with McCabe
    • These are the two and I'm not this isn't Lisa Page I don't think
    • But this this is how tight it is
    • They're gonna go from place to place to place to place where you need to speed out this Fusion GPS stuff, to make it look like there's an investigation
    • And this has happened over and over again, for the last I would say 20 years
    • Now Lisa Page didn't get involved until 2006
    • There was a lawyer here in town named Megan something that was used before that
    • And I don't think really Lisa Page gets into the full swing until about 2008 2009
    • But--the roles change, but basically you have somebody sweeping up after you and covering you in case somebody finds out you're doing illegal surveillance okay
    • So it's just that simple
    • So that's how that'll come out tonight I think on Carlson and then Hannity picks it up
    • And then Bret Baier says--there's a story going on around here, but I think it's gonna lead to the helicopter and Otay and those helicopter rides they take
    • So I'm only go a little bit of the way you
    • {{ video cuts to long sequence of black}}
  • Day 46.2 Lisa Page, Have You Ever Been To Strongsville, OH? To the EAC? - YouTube
    • It's Day 46 this is part two and
    • Now I'm gonna go into the Strongsville Ohio connection from part two yesterday
    • People are asking me well why is this going so much faster why is this going so much faster
    • It seems like every day
    • Well Task Force is in the DC area and Task Force is helping me now
    • So you met Task Force earlier with the I just wanted to let--that Task Force is helping me at inside professional who's dealt a lot in the law enforcement community
    • And this is about this is about feds coming into a local law enforcement, and basically taking over with their operation
    • And I'm gonna call this a State Department operation
    • And this is going to be an operation I talked about yesterday
    • And it's in Ohio
    • And you can see here that Lisa Page has these offenses of--affair interfering with official business and--doing wacky things with a car--get in front of the police officers and all this
    • You're gonna see all this wackiness
    • Why is Lisa Page doing all this wackiness out instructions
    • I'll play a little bit of it, "hey, this weird European Center there that got raided by the FBI
    • So for ten years we have a colorable operation range color-of-law operation ten years adoption object see if you read down a little bit farther worker it's got all of these kids from all these different countries from this mostly Ukraine
    • Now that would particularly significant
    • Again, a little bit farther into the State Department State Department state or a significant if it wasn't for the fact the State Department says the Sheriff through an adoption options the AC European adoption caucus all work from Bulgaria our handle all these countries and Ukraine Ukraine Ukrainian I realize the last one Ukraine Ukraine's the warrants the funnel for the Russian kids what they're doing is they're giving Russian kids and Russian families Ukrainian visas
    • So this was the Paul Manafort connection oh Manafort Paul Manafort Paul Manafort--okay
    • So they just
    • So the Mueller just took away Paul Manafort its bail conditions or they're against it
    • Somehow they think {{inaudible}} communicated with Paul Manafort maybe I don't know.
    • Wrong!
    • Andy's had a year to figure it out
    • Wrong! Bob Mueller
    • NO. What's happening is
    • Well let me just explain Strongsville
    • First of all Trump raided Strongsville
    • He met with Putin or his people met with Putin--they found out about this kind of breaking this is the Russian baby thing this isn't baby snatching
    • well maybe it is baby snatching
    • But they they raided it and the thing started in December, and then they raided it finally I think in February
    • And what is so beautiful about how this operation is run is you have these really great incredible parents through these religious organizations, trying to adopt these Russian kids
    • And they it takes forever and the the the kids--are older
    • And it just seems like oh my gosh these kids are never gonna get adopted
    • They're seven eight years old and it's these kind of folks here that are just the salt of the earth of Ohio
    • These are my parents...50 yrs ago
    • And these are just incredible people
    • They make what how'd the State Department runs this deal is you have a few people that are media fronting this operation
    • Which they are the most sincere people in the world
    • And then you have the Saipov babies coming in like there's no tomorrow
    • Everytime a Saipov trucker is going for another thing of uranium--taking another thing in uranium out, he's bringing a kid back
    • And you only need about 23 visas to reuse over and over again
    • They finally bust the operation in June this year okay
    • So they're shutting it down but
    • Again, the greed they just want to keep this thing going it's just it's it's amazing actually
    • And the fact that Jeff Sessions hasn't figured it out is quite quite amazing
    • And I wonder if there's any uranium dealings in Mobile, Alabama down there at the Naval Center
    • We'll get to that later
    • But anyway here's the Strongsville adoption agency
    • What they're doing is are bringing them up through Texas
    • And these Texas truckers I hate to go but down to the Texas shooting
    • Again, but Texas truckers there's going to be a network of about 2,000 of these truckers that are using the commercial drivers licenses--the commercial operators licenses for a very few set of trucking companies
    • And a whole bunch of different companies are gonna use those
    • If they get busted they get busted right for not having driver's licenses...
    • But they're bringing them up from the Mexican border and on these truckers, then if anybody ever gets arrested they throw Uzbeki truckers under literally under the truck, under the bus, and get them arrested
    • So you only need about twenty seven visas 23 visas what did Trump say that Saipov had about 23 visas?
    • And then you keep losing your visa
    • We keep printing new visas in in in Kingston, right?
    • And just keep losing visas printing visas losing visas printing visas
    • After well we got about--500 visas
    • These are the visas that are gonna be in the indictments in the sealed indictments
    • Now I'm daring Mueller I'm daring you right now to unseal those indictments
    • Because I know most of them are gonna be because of these duplicate visas the people using the duplicate visas
    • All you have to do is do is go to the TSA
    • And what's funny is Kirsten Kirsten and Nielsen the new DHS--she's from TSA--she knows how to do this match very quickly, and see that these visas have been used by different people
    • This is why the conspiracies collapse so quickly
    • So anyway the the history of abuses goes back a long way with this Center--this European adoption consultants--this EAC
    • I've had people way back when I mean I want to say a hundred day 150 go shoot video at this place after I was there the first time
    • And it's it's pretty much shut down now after the raid
    • But this goes back a long way, where there's all kinds of neglect while these babies are being stored in the Texas area
    • I'm not gonna say it's where the Texas shooting was but that's why it gets close to
    • And then they bring them up here when they have a match in Ohio
    • And I think there's gonna be Cincinnati
    • It's also gonna be Cleveland are the two places
    • And then I also think Minnesota
    • I think it's gonna be in near like Rochester Minnesota
    • They like the out-of-the-way places they don't like to go into Cleveland they're going to places that have a strong presence of law enforcement
    • They like to out-of-the-way places where they kind of control the Sheriff...
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